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Harry Potter and The Best Defense

Chapter 4

Hiei stood up, drawing his katana. He glanced through the trees, loosening the ward around his jagan.

"I can't detect any ki around here." Hiei turned to face Youko. "Whoever it is can either hide his youki very well or is one of those weak humans in this school."

"How wrong you are." The deep voice didn't bother to hide its amusement. "Since you sense me, I might as well show myself to you."

Hiei and Youko went on guard as there was another rustle in the trees. A small figure jumped down, gold eyes gleaming.

Confusion flickered across Youko's face as he stared at the sort figure before him. "Kuro-chan?" he murmured, confused.

Kurama's pet looked up at the two confused demons, amusement in its eyes. "You are pathetic, Youko. Can't you tell who I am?" A flicker of youki flashed across Hiei and Youko's senses.

Youko's eyes widened. "Impossible. Kuronue."

Kuro-chan seemed to grin as a fog enveloped him, clouding his form. Youki flickered throughout the fog, increasing in power with the passing of each second. Eventually the youki faded, fog lifting into the air.

Youko's face showed a mixture of emotions, the stoic mask he usually wore; gone. Hiei glared at the new figure, an odd emotion reflected in his eyes.

Youko faced his old friend, disbelief written on his face, "How?"

Kuronue smirked, straightening his wide brimmed hat. "Is that a nice way to greet an old friend? 'How?'" he chuckled, ignoring the glare he was receiving from Hiei.

Kuronue walked forward and threw an arm around Youko, winking at him. "Do you want the long version or the short one?"

Touya closed his eyes as he relaxed on his bed, the book in his hand slipping to fall on the floor. The dorm room was quiet for once, absent of Jin's usual snoring.

There was a quiet rustle of cloth nearby, which Touya ignored. It's probably someone getting ready for bed. Why bother seeing who it is?

His thoughts were proven wrong when he felt a sudden pressure on his stomach. Opening one eye, he saw Jin grinning down at him.

Recognizing the gleam in his lover's eyes, Touya shifted so he was leaning on his elbows. "We can't tonight. People can hear."

Jin's grin widened. "No, they can't. I've been practicing the silencing charms that you showed me awhile ago. They seem to work just fine."

Touya's eyes widened as Jin leaned forward to claim his lips.

Kuronue lazily stretched as he leaned against the tree behind him.

"Explain," Hiei growled at Kuronue, ignoring Youko's glare of disapproval.

"There's not that much to tell, really." Kuronue smiled as he wrapped an arm around Youko's shoulders once more.

"Just hurry up and tell us." Youko flashed Kuronue a brief smile. "I thought you were dead for a long while. You owe me an explanation."

Kuronue shrugged. "I just did the same thing you did when you died. You forget, I was the one that told you about that little trick."

"Then why didn't you use a human host instead of that animal you're inhabiting now?" Youko asked, curious as ever.

"I couldn't find a pregnant woman. I was running out of time so I grabbed the first unborn host that I could find." Kuronue chuckled and paused. "I guess I'm lucky that this kind of animal has an abnormally long lifespan. In all my years in the ningenkai I haven't had the need to switch hosts yet."

Youko smirked. "I guess this is a good thing. You can help us."

Kuronue raised an eyebrow. "And how will I be able to help?"

"Come on Kuronue! Don't tell me that your brain has completely gone! Who pays attention to an animal? You can easily spy on anyone in the building." Youko seemed pleased at the very idea.

Kuronue laughed. "You haven't changed a bit." He stood up and began to change back into his other form. "I'll leave you two alone for the rest of the night. We can talk more tomorrow."

As soon as he was gone Youko crawled over to a cross looking Hiei and wrapped his arms around him.

"What's wrong?" he murmured into the fire demon's ear, crawling into his lap.

"Nothing," Hiei grumbled crossing his arms and glaring into the distance.

Youko stared into his eyes, searching for a better answer to his question. Suddenly he smirked, tightening his grip around Hiei.

"You're jealous, aren't you?"

Hiei glared at Youko. "Do I have a reason not to be?"

Youko chuckled. "Kuronue and I are old friends, we were never anything more than that."

Hiei growled low in his throat and wrapped his arms around Youko. "He seemed too familiar with you."

"I'm yours forever Hiei. Don't forget that."

"Mine," Hiei hissed and claimed Youko's lips.

Draco Malfoy sat in the middle of the Slytherin common room, deep in thought. That damned transfer student! How could he know that I liked Harry? I never even spoke to him before! Idiotic know it all.

"Hey Draco." Someone tried to get Draco's attention as he thought.
He better not tell anyone or I'll… Draco's eyebrows furrowed in thought. I don't know what I'll do but he'll regret it. My father would surely find out and then I'll be in big trouble. I'm hiding way too many secrets from him already.

"Hey Draco!" The voice was louder this time, but Draco still didn't notice.

If he does find out I like Harry, he'll use that stupid truth potion on me and that could be disastrous. If he finds out I don't want to be a death eater he's going to kill me, son or no son. It was risky enough telling my godfather what I really thought about Voldemort.


Draco jumped and turned to where the voice had come from. He jumped again when he came face to face with Blaise Zambini's dark blue eyes.

"You didn't have to yell like that." Draco crossed his arms and glared at his friend.

Blaise smirked and ran a hand through his short black hair. "I tried to get your attention but you were too far in your thoughts."

"What do you want?" Draco questioned.

Blaise sat next to Draco and wrapped an arm around his waist. Leaning closer he whispered, "I ran into Professor Snape a moment ago. He wants you in his office as soon as possible."

Draco pulled away from Blaise. "I'll take my leave then Zambini."

Blaise smirked as he watched Draco leave, I'll have you yet my dear Malfoy.

Harry looked up from the chess game he and Ron were currently playing. "Where are Jin and Touya?" he asked.

"Touya went up to the dorm to quietly read an half an hour ago if you don't remember. Jin went up to get some sleep a few seconds ago," Hermione told Harry as she stopped reading her book for a second. "Kurama and Hiei are off exploring the castle-- or so they said."

Ron made his move. "Checkmate."

Harry looked at the chess board in disbelief before sadly shaking his head.

Draco arrived at Snape's office a few minutes after he left the Slytherin dormitory. He knocked once and entered without waiting for a reply.

Snape was seated at his desk, his wand on his lap. As soon as the door closed, his wand shot out and he cast a silencing charm on the door.

Turning to Draco, he let one of his rare smiles spread across his face. "How have you been doing?"

Draco sat down across from Snape and smiled. "Fine, godfather. Why'd you call me down here so late?"

Snape put his wand away. "I wanted to ask your permission to tell Dumbledore of you not wanting to get the dark mark."

Draco tried hard to contain his shock. "Why?"

"If someone was to find out about this I might not be enough to protect you. We'll need Dumbledore's help."

Draco was silent for a moment as he thought about it. After a few seconds had passed he gave his answer. "Do what you think is best. I trust you."

The next morning everyone was seated at the Great Hall, waiting for their breakfast to arrive.

"What is going on?" Ron grumbled as he inspected the platters in the middle of the table.

"This has never happened before, I don't have an answer," Hermione murmured, perplexed.

"Maybe the teachers want to make an announcement," Touya suggested.

"Then why would they hold breakfast? I'm starving!" Yuusuke's stomach grumbled.

"They probably want everyone to be here," Kurama commented. "Since some people eat early then leave, holding breakfast is an easy way to make sure everyone stays."

"What would they want to tell us?" Harry wondered.

"You're going to find out right now." Jin pointed to Dumbledore, who was standing.

"Greetings students. I must apologize for the wait on breakfast, but I have an announcement to make," Dumbledore announced.

The hall was immediately silent. After a moment of silence Dumbledore continued on. "Due to some minor problems, we will not be able to hold the Quidditch Cup this year."

The Great Hall erupted into shouts of protests.

"What is with this!" Ron yelled. "We didn't get to play last year too! It's so unfair!"

Harry sighed and remained silent while Yuusuke and the others watched with amusement.

Dumbledore held up one hand for silence. "While contemplating Cedric's death, we of the school believe that it would be better to hold an Inter-house championship. Five students from each house will be taught a new kind of defense and will be competing using it. All applicants can place their names in the bowl at the entrance to the hall. I will choose the students who will be competing myself." Dumbledore paused for a moment. "The new defense we will be using is called wandless magic."

Whispers of disbelief spread throughout the hall hearing this.

Yuusuke turned to Kurama, "Isn't wandless magic just the manipulation of reiki like my spirit gun?" he whispered.

Kurama nodded and replied, "There was a small essay on it in one of textbooks. From what I can deduce, it is."

Jin grinned. "So I guess it we're chosen we're going to have an easy time of it."

Dumbledore waited until the whispers died down again. "One last thing. There will be five teams competing in this. Our transfer students will be making up the fifth team."

Jin let out an excited 'yes' which was echoed by Ron when breakfast appeared on the table.

The next three classes passed quickly. As they headed towards the Great Hall for lunch, Harry, Ron, and Hermione quickly put their names in the bowl outside of the doors.

"I sure hope Dumbledore picks us! Learning a new kind of magic will be so exciting!" Hermione seemed to be in a daze. "Think of the learning experience!"

"Come on Hermione, of course Dumbledore will pick us," Ron assured her.

"And why would that be?" Hiei asked.

"We've already been through so many hardships already. We three are definitely qualified, especially Harry." Ron laughed at Harry's embarrassment.

"I hear a story coming! Tell us, tell us!" Jin excitedly pleaded.

Ron eagerly began telling Jin and everyone else of their adventures, speaking so much that he didn't eat as much as he usually did.

Harry threw his quill down in exasperation. "This potions homework is impossible! Why does Snape have to give us so much on the night we have Astrology!"

"Since you seem to have no intention of finishing at the moment, could I talk to you for a moment? Alone?" Kurama quietly asked Harry.

Harry looked up at Kurama, a quizzical look on his face. "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Your feelings concerning Draco Malfoy," Kurama replied. "If you wish to talk, I will be waiting outside the portrait of the Fat Lady."

Kurama left, leaving a white faced Harry still sitting there in shock.

To be continued….

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