A Dragon ball Odyssey

By: Min Farshaw

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' Tell Me oh muse of a man of many ways, who was driven
far journeys, after he had sacked Troy's sacred citadel.
Many were those whose cities he saw , whose minds he learned of ,
Many the pains he suffered in the spirit of the wide sea,
Struggling for his life and the home coming of his companions.'
The odyssey By Homer, Translated by Richmond Lattimore

In a plane of existence, oft speculated about by men, however, not realized by all until it is too late. The immortal gods sat in speculation.

"Poor man, he has suffered so many hardships for his sin, Do you not think that it is time we sent him home, for he has traveled far, at the loss of many companions to get home to his dear wife Chichi"

" Ah, yes, how could I forget Goku, the good hearted, yet I fear that the ice lord himself might be inclined to take revenge if I lift a finger in his aid"

And so the argument raged, on for days, the wise Kiao Of the North, battling for the gods to aid his friend and one time companion. Though the great Supreme Kai favored him, he couldn't change the fate of the brave warrior without incurring the wrath of the Cold himself, lord of Ice.

" Please, let him go, for even now, Cold is distracted. He will never know until it is too late, and Goku is well on his way home to earth"

" Yes, but we must make haste! Kibito!" called the Kaio, summoning his faithful servant. He informed him of their plan.

" But I am worried about Gohan, the boy has been so sheltered! He needs to get some experience under his belt if he's going to help Goku get rid of all those suitors."

"What Do you propose we do about it King Kai?"

" I Know! I'll send him on a little quest of his own! That way he can grow up a little."

~Later, Earth~

* Crash*

" Damnit Anthony! That's the second vase that you've broken this week! Have you no respect for my mother's property or mine! If My father could see you now he would destroy you where you stood for disrespecting my family so!" Cried an outraged Gohan Son. They were destroying his home, and eating all of his food! They had no respect.

" So what Kid? You know we aren't leaving until your dear mother chooses one fine fellows to marry! Goku's been gone for 15 years!. Admit it! He's dead! He's not coming back!"

" I'm with you Anthony! But you know that Chichi will never pick you! I've gotten her the nicest presents out of all of you!" Cried another drunken suitor, by the name of Eugene.

Gohan kept his rage just under the skin. He knew that he couldn't kill these pathetic weaklings; they all had powerful families that could hurt him or his mother, politically, Financially, even physically. It wasn't as if they were eating him out of house and home or anything! Gohan growled lightly under his breath as the men roared in laughter as one of their comrades fell off a chair.

" Psst! Gohan!" He turned around quickly, but didn't see anyone

" Don't bother looking for me you fool! I'm not really here! It's me your old buddy King Kai! I'm talking to you telepathically!"

" King Kai?" He whispered under his breath, trying to remain inconspicuous.

" Yah, it's me kid! Okay, listen up. Despite what you may think, Goku's not really dead. Just kind of stuck with no way out. I want you to go and look for him. Visit some of his friends to, you know, so you can get a good Idea of where he went Kay?" The Kaio's voice echoed in his head.

" But Goku's been gone for 15 years! How can he still be among us as one of the living?" Frowned Gohan, " Besides, what if I can't find him? I can't just leave my mother here, unprotected against these beasts that call themselves suitors!"

" Okay, here's the deal. You go for one year and look for him, and I'll make sure that nothing happens to your mom. Got it? If Goku doesn't show, or you can't find him, let one of these bozo's marry Chichi. That's as far as my protection extends however" King Kai's voice sounded again. Gohan frowned and but agreed. Who was he to question the will of the gods?

Gohan looked up as a hush suddenly descended over the crowd of unruly suitors. For there, at the top of the staircase, was the object of their affection, the lovely Chichi had descended

" Oh What Vision of Loveliness has assailed me!" cried a Suitor named Evan. The others erupted into a fit of unsightly giggles.

"Have you no respect for a Woman's Grief?" Chi chi's voice rang out, silencing the suitors. One or two shuffled nervously, " Here I am, my husband dead, and all you care about it your drinking and your feasting! You claim to care about me so much, that you all live for my favors, but you cannot grant a woman her Grief?"

" But your Husband's been gone for. . ." voiced Anthony, who grew quiet when he found that no one else had raised a cry.

" Mother, go back upstairs, you don't need to look at these beasts of suitors!" Gohan urged, glaring at the men who were defiling his home. Chi chi was shocked at his bold words, for he had never been quite so daring before. She turned quickly and retreated up to her room, her tired brain complying with the order given.

" And you, I'll have you know that I don't approve of you in my house! You spoil the land around us, and you clean out our pantries. You destroy our property, and you are disrespectful to my mother! Go on and feast at your own houses! All that you do is bring ruin upon my family! The least that dignity could have you do is to carry on with your drunkenness somewhere else, and leave us alone. You are unwanted, and unwarranted! For all you may know my father is still alive!"

Silence followed his speech.

" That's all fine and well lad, but we aren't leaving until the mother you speak so highly of picks one of us to marry. I've given her too much to just give up now because of a pretty little speech! You have no right to out us out just like that!" Argued Eugene, foremost among the suitors in gifts.

" Fine then have your stupid Party. Tomorrow I'll make an announcement that should change all of this!" Gohan stormed off to his room, trying to ignore the sounds of the party that still kept raging on in his very home. He had to refrain however, from hitting the wall, as he would most likely end up damaging it, and then there would be hell to pay from his mother. He sighed. He would most likely have to call in a cleaning service again, in order to get all of the mess made by the suitors cleared away. He frowned.

Though he used that service often, he had a sneaking suspicion that some of the maids were really sleeping with the suitors on the side, who clearly didn't mind a little side action while they waited for his mother, in essence, the main dish. Oh well. It didn't really matter. Tomorrow would change all of that. He was sure of it.


End A/n: In case you hadn't already guessed, this story is based on an epic poem by the great ancient Greek poet, Homer.

Of course, we are talking about the Odyssey, probably one of the greatest stories of all time. This is my own strange Dragon Ball Z version of it. You would be surprised at how easily the characters and plot fall into this tale.

This chapter, I admit is in essence very very short. Of course, I want to follow all 24 books of the Odyssey, and this one comprises the first of them all.

Now I would I like to ask: What do you think? I'm trying to keep it modernish, but still have the original flavor of the story. (All of the names have been changed, some DBZ characters are substituted for the ones in the original. However, I've had to add surprisingly few original characters to the plot in order to make it work. The suitors of course, I all made up, because I couldn't picture any one from DBZ filling this role) Now stop me before I babble on and on and on . . .

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