A Dragon Ball Odyssey: Book III

By: Min Farshaw

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'Ulysses son
With Nestor lies,
To Sparta gone;
Thence Pallas flies'
- The Odyssey, by Homer, translated by George Chapman

The sun rose over the ocean in a great ball of heavenly fire, setting fire to the demure Grey caps of waves, turning the ocean into a beautiful confection of rose and golden hues. The clouds were guilded with gold. Gohan broke through the fluffy coolness of the cloud and turned over in a tight spiral, laughing with the pure joy of freedom.

Stop Joking around boy, you have a job to do!

Gohan stopped and hovered, cross-legged in the air wishing the voice of king Kai to go away. He had been nagging at him all evening to stop playing about and get where he was supposed to be going.

I want you to see Krillen; he's an old family friend who went to namek with your father. Talk to the man and find out what he knows.

"Fine King Kai, I will. Anything to help be find my dad" Gohan replied and looked off into the rising son and flew off again. Secretly, he was burningly curious to hear what Krillen had to say, not only about Goku's whereabouts, but also to what he was like, weather he was cruel or kind, cowardly or brave hearted, Even such small details as his height, age, appearance, strength, intelligence etc.

As he flew of he began to see a little island with palms growing in the sand, a few beach chairs, haphazardly placed. Among all this was a petit house, painted all in pink, with the words 'Kame House' written across the top in bold letters. The sounds of outrageous laughter reached his ears, along with some of the worst singing he had ever heard in his life. The pungent scent of cooking meat met his nose, causing his mouth to water.

He landed on the sand and hesitantly walked up to the revelers.

Krillen won't lie to you. He hates lies of all sorts, so I would suggest not lying to him either.

King Kai's voice of wisdom rang in his head, accompanied by an earsplitting note given over a Karoke speaker, emanating from the mouth of a short man with black hair. All of those involved winced and covered their ears. A little girl about 5 or 6 sniffled tears out of her eyes. The Short man saw this and snatched her up from the woman who was holding her in her arms and soothed her tears; half panicked that he had caused his baby pain. The woman cleared her throat loudly and the man stiffened and handed the child back to the woman who was presumably her mother. That's when he noticed Gohan.

He stood tall and proud, only the slightest of misgivings evident in his stance. He clenched his fist unconsciously and stared the man straight in the eye.

"Who are you?" asked Krillen curiously, a sudden sense of foreboding coming over him. He had the uncanny feeling that he had been in this situation before. His wife came and stood beside him, cradling their child in her arms. Curious faces looked out from behind them, one old and wrinkled another looking decidedly like a turtle. A cat that appeared to be flying peaked over the shoulder of a scar faced man. The last face looked a little out of place and was framed by long lilac hair. He had noble features that looked just as curious as the rest.

" My name is Son Gohan, and I've come to ask you about my father"

" Gohan? Wait a minute! Aren't you . . . Goku's son?" Krillen asked, almost in awe as he surveyed the young man before him, straight and tall. " Is there any word?" he eyes shone with an unspoken hope. Gohan sighed and replied,

" I was hoping for the same from you" Gohan replied, " I have to find Goku soon Or else . . ." He trailed of, trying to choke back the tears that welled in his eyes. " My mother will be forced to marry one of those pigs from the village"

" That is so not Mondo cool" Krillen replied. " I'm sorry, but I don't know where he is. I think I might know some one who might. But lets not talk about that for now. Besides, you must be hungry. I know Goku always was"

" Oh really" gohan replied, eyeing the veritable mountain of food that was on the groaning table before him.

" Oh yah, this one time."

And so the story telling commenced, drawing into the long hours of the night. May tears were shed, and many laughs exchanged. They sat round the fire reminiscing about that wonderful man called Goku.

"Well, it's getting pretty late, why don't we turn in for the night. After all, you have a long journey ahead of you if you want to prevent another tragedy like That of Hercule and Serena"

" I've not heard that story Krillen. We have time for one more surely" Gohan said, his interest piqued.

"That's a really sad one. Are you sure that you want to hear it?" Krillen asked nervously

" I'm sure"

Then Krillen told of a great champion of the Budokai, a little self centered, and suffering from a bad case of Hubris, but a generally decent guy, and a pretty good fighter, though he didn't know of Ki manipulation. He had a loving wife, and a beautiful daughter.

That was until Hercule decided to go out and make a name for himself. He started winning Budokais and training all over the world, only returning once and a while to see his family. Unbeknownst to Hercule though, his wife Serena was very unhappy running his estates in his absence.

So she found herself a lover. He was one of the local Rich bums, the kind that live off an inheritance. Together, they plan to take over the estate, and then Serena would divorce Hercule, and they would get away Scott free with all his riches, and his fame. Poor little Videl could do nothing to stop them.

One day, Hercule comes home for a surprise visit after an especially long trip. He comes home, and finds his wife and this rich guy, in bed together. Events follow their regular course and they get divorced, the wife in possession of nearly everything. The poor guy was left destitute.

He kind of disappeared after that. Serena and the rich guy get married, but she dies of a tragic accident nearly 7 years later.

Videl, now 17, takes a few law courses, and voila! Sues the rich guy for everything that belonged to her mother and father. Now Richie here is left with nothing. Him and Hercule meet in a Hotel bar down in the south side, a brawl breaks out and they end up killing each other in a 13 story fall from the roof.

Krillen finished the story to a tense and pensive silence. He poked at the dying campfire, Which sent up a little shower of brilliant sparks in to the night. They illuminated Gohan's face, making it glow. Krillen could clearly see some of Goku's noble features highlighted in the light of the fire. Upon seeing the young man before him, almost god-like in the failing light, Krillen realized that he wanted to help him, not just for his father, and not just for his mother. Krillen knew that he wanted to help Gohan because he needed it.

" You should get some sleep. We'll send you to Vegeta in the morning."

" Vegeta?" Gohan asked curiously

" He was a . . . Friend of your father. As a matter of fact, he's half the reason your father went to kill freiza in the first place. He will probably know more than I do. After all, Bulma is a technological genius!"

"Bulma?" Gohan asked in disbelief. " The Bulma Briefs!" He managed to choke out. " One of my Idols? The woman that started and ended the technological rift of the 23rd Century!" He stared at Krillen in Shock " And you are telling me she is married to a friend of my Father's, and I never knew!"

" Calm down Kid! It's not the end of the world!"


Dawn's Rosy fingers gently caressed Gohan's cheeks, as he awoke from the gentle grip of sleep. He yawned and stretched, pushing himself up off the beach where he had fallen asleep that night. He brushed the sand out of his unruly hair and off of his clothes. He turned to face the sparkling beauty before him, that vast blue expanse that represented the Sea. The swishing sound of the tide was only interrupted by the laughter of the little girl playing on the sand further down the beach.

Krillen walked up beside Gohan and stared at the sea with him, stretching his arms behind his head.

" Vegeta lives over in west City, In the Capsule Corporation building. I'm going to send Mirai trunks with you to ensure that there are no difficulties in finding Vegeta, and you will be sure to be welcomed"

" He's the one with the Purple hair I saw earlier?" Gohan questioned

" Lilac. Not Purple" Trunks said, coming to stand on the other side of Gohan. He extended a hand. Gohan shook it and noticed the firm grip, " Trunks Briefs, Err, I guess here I'm Future Trunks Briefs" he said, rethinking his introduction.

" Gohan Son" Gohan replied.

" No way!" Trunks said. Gohan blushed

"Hey, are you Bulma Briefs son? What's with the future add-on anyway?" Gohan sputtered out, painfully aware that he was blushing.

" Yup, and I'm from the future of an alternate timeline to this one. My invented Time travel, and I originally came back to warn you all about a terrible evil that was supposed to descend upon this land, trying to kill Goku, but when I got here, I discovered that the evil never came, and neither did Goku. Instead I found out that the rest of the gang upon returning discovered Gero's lab, by crashing into it. They activated the androids, who, without Gero's programming didn't proceed to destroy everything." Trunks took a deep breath at the shocked expression on Gohan's face, and sighed, prepared to restart his lengthy explanation.

" Wow, hey, what kind of fuel did Bulma use to power that Time traveling ship. Did circumventing time streams make it? Or did she try to bore a hole through the space-time fabric?" Gohan asked, suddenly enthralled with the sheer mechanics of Trunks' impossible trip through time. It was now Trunks' turn to stare with an expression of shock at the young man standing before him.

Krillen, who was still completely lost, laughed nervously and backed away a few steps.

" Okay, you guys better get going, I'll see you later bye!" Krillen said and retreated back to his house where his beautiful wife was waiting for him.

**** The Flight to Capsule Corporation was quite uneventful, though Gohan and trunks discovered that they had more in common than they had originally thought. Their talk turned to Time travel, and theories, then eventually to their families. Trunks confessed that he had not seen his father since he had last visited, and that had been over 6 years previously.

They landed on Capsule Corps smoothly groomed lawn and walked quietly up to the dome shaped building. Trunks reached out a shaking hand pushed the doorbell

**** * * *

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