A/N: This is just a quick two-part poetic story focusing on Beastboy and Raven. Not a first, I've been writing for a while so feel free to yell at me if I mess up.

Broken Lamp, part I: I Broke a Lamp (a.k.a. Raven's Love)

I should not feel, yet I do.

Like that day you were hurt and I healed you.

You smiled and said, "Good to know there's a doctor in the house."

You looked so cute just then, like a little baby mouse.

Then again you broke into my room

and for anyone but you, that would have spelled doom.

By way of my mirror you entered my mind

and for a while I was scared of what you might find.

For you see while meditating one day I realized, "I'm in love."

Then a lamp exploded somewhere up above.