Gohan the Gryffindor, Part 1
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, if I did, it wouldn't be FanFic!

All was well at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; except for one thing. Lord Voldermort was coming back to power, and only Harry, Ron, and Hermione knew it.

Hermione: (nervously) "What should we do, Harry?"

Harry: "Beats me!"

Hermione: (now, rather excitedly) "We COULD try going to Dumbledore!"

Harry: (dully) "How could Dumbledor believe us?"

Hermione: (Disappointed) "Oh I forgot nobody would believe us! We're only 3rd year students!"

(Gohan walks over) [Yes that's right, Gohan from DBZ!]

Gohan: (in his own, rather normal fashion) " Hey guys! I couldn't help but overhear, but You-Know-Who is coming back to power?"

Harry: (Thinking deeply) "Not now, Gohan, we have to think, don't bother us!"

Gohan: (exitedly) "But I can help!"

Harry: (Shocked) "How can you help? You're only a first year!"

Gohan: (casually) "I'm a member of the Z-Fighters. I've saved the world so many times, how much harder could it be to save the Wizarding world?"

Hermione: (Rather Scared) "A lot harder!"

Gohan: (full of great ideas) "Well, we could send my owl, Nomel to my friends and they could come help us too!"

Harry: (breathing a sigh of relief) "Really?"

Gohan: "Sure! I'll write the letter right now!"

In the letter, which was scribbled very sloppily, it said:
Dear dad and friends,
It's me, Gohan! I am having a great time here at hogwarts, except for one thing! The evil dark wizard who is feared by all is coming back to power! We need desperate help! I was wondering if you can instant transmission everyone over here so you can help us! I've been sensing his power for a while, but he's not the only one! There are 2 others with him! They are Cell and Freiza, and the combined power is INCREDIBLE! Please respond soon! Hurry!


And so Gohan sent Nomel off to go to find his dad!

Authors Note: This next section will be on Nomel's journey. He will go through many Hardships on the way. Also, where it says Nomel, that is what the owl is thinking, not saying!

As Nomel left the castle, he started to encounter a hardship already; it was raining extremely hard and the wind was incredible. It was so incredible that it was lifting rocks extremely high into the air and holding them there!

Nomel: Why do I do this for this boy? I cant stand having to come out in such bad weather, especially when there are rocks in the air threatening to hit me on the head!

As the thought ran through his mind, a light beam shot at him. Just barely dodging it, he started to be more cautions.

Nomel: Someone is trying to stop me from delivering this letter, but it is NOT going to work. I will deliver this letter for Gohan for the sake of our world!

And with that, Nomel began to fly faster. Down below he heard what sounded like KA-MAY-HA-MAY-HA! And a large beam of energy shot at him from the ground. Barely dodging that one, he realized that these people would have him dead if it was the last thing they did! Finally, Nomel reached the edge of magic grounds and was out!

Nomel: I'd better be more careful! These people are trying to kill me and they won't give up!

All of the sudden he heard a very familiar voice! It was a voice he had heard in knockturn alley, and the same cold laugh as none other than................................. The Dark Lord himself.

Voldermort: (speaking coldly) "I'll be back in power, just as soon as that pathetic owl is dead!"

And with that, he said, "Adva-Kedvara!"

A shot of green light came up towards Nomel. He had barely dodged it when he knew what would have happened had it hit him. It hit a bird above, and the bird, without a trace, fell from the sky. Nomel began to fly as fast as he could.

Nomel: I bet those were the three Gohan was talking about!

The rest of the journey was peaceful, until the arrival of Nomel at Dende's place. Vegita had looked up and said, "Masenko-DA" and a shot of yellow energy came towards Nomel. Dodging it quickly, he flew strait for Goku.

Goku: "What's this?"

Dende: "It's a letter from Gohan. I was suspecting he would be sending one soon."

Goku: "Why would you expect that?"

Dende: "Read the letter and find out!"

And so Goku read the letter and, after scolding Vegita for a long time, he finally spoke.

Goku: "Gohan needs our help, and very badly!"

Vegita: "Why? I thought the shrimp could fight for himself!"

Piccolo got angry, and he fired a Masenko-DA blast at Vegita, who was knocked out for a moment, but eventually woke up.

Goku: "The Evil and Dark wizard is coming back. He has killed thousands, and Gohan's friend is next. His friend defeated the dark lord once and is afraid to do so again, for fear of the full power!

Vegita: "So what Kakkarrott? I thought your son could defeat anybody!"

Goku: "Shut Up, Vegita and let me finish! As I was saying, the dark lord is coming back, but he is NOT ALONE! He has two of our worst enemys with him! Frieza and CELL!"

And with that speech, everyone looked horrified.

Goku: "I know it sounds scary, but we have to help him guys!"

They all nodded in approval of Goku's speech.
Goku: "I will go tell him we will be there, and find out when this will all happen. If I think the power is great enough, I will check them out myself!"

And with that, he took Nomel and Instant Transmissioned over to the Hogwarts castle... To be continued in part 2!