"Sailor Angel and Sailor Phosphora - The Fight Against Catastrophe"

By M'Lila Cronk and Angel Sentier

Chapter One

Somewhere far off in the Galaxy Cauldron, in a beautiful field full of blossoming butter-yellow flowers, a young woman in a pastel yellow dress with long, flowing golden locks stood alone. She was smiling gently at something which glowed pink in her hands.

In a soft voice she spoke, "Please, dear friend, come back."

She lifted her hands and the pink rose into the air, transforming into a butterfly. It fluttered about the flowers for a while before the young woman spoke again. "Aren't you ever going to forgive me?"

The butterfly's form shimmered then turned into a pink crystal which glowed for a second then disappeared. The next moment, another young woman appeared in a flurry of silver sparkles. Her long hair which nearly brushed the backs of her knees appeared brown, but the sunlight picked out bright hints of red and gold, her eyes were a lovely blue-green, and white wings protruded from the back of her silver and white sailor fuku. This was Sailor Angel.

"Of course I forgive you, Galaxia," she said. "I know it wasn't really you who took my starseed."

"My friend," smiled Galaxia. "Always polite and forgiving. How I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. How did you ever escape the clutches of Chaos?"

Galaxia smiled and looked up into the light blue sky. "I was saved. By a girl made of love and light, Sailor Moon. She is the true Light of Hope and she saved us all with it." She looked back down at Sailor Angel, her expression now turned serious. "This is another reason why I specifically found your starseed, Angel. Chaos has gone back to where it belongs, but now a larger evil is coming to take its place; I can feel it."

She looked at the horizon, shivered, and then continued. "The Starlights have returned to the stars and the remaining ten Sailor Scouts will not be enough to combat this evil."

"You wish for me to help them?" asked Angel.

Galaxia shook her head. "Even with your power it will not be enough."

Angel was taken aback. "What is this evil?"

She looked at her friend, her expression gone dark. "It is the father of Chaos and all evil, Catastrophe."

Angel gasped. "I thought we locked it inside Nobulous, many galaxies away, years ago."

"We did, but what we failed to realize was that it could slowly eat the planet away, from the inside. It took it over, ravaged its people and ultimately destroyed it. From its position over Nobulous, it could see the Light of Hope shining in the universe and the purity that galaxy held."

"And Catastrophe feeds on purity," remembered Angel.

"Exactly. It is approaching there, and soon, and the Sailor Scouts need to be informed so that they can be ready when it appears."

"But you said that even with my help, it will not be enough."

"It won't, that's why I want you to stop at the Veidan galaxy on your way to the Milky Way."

Angel smiled, Galaxia's plan coming together in her mind. "Sailor Phosphora!"

Galaxia nodded. "She's strong enough to more than help. I'd ask you to gather the other Starlights or the protectorates, but they've just returned to their own stars and galaxies. I think they're entitled to a little rest. I'd come with you, but since I am now the Guardian of the Starseeds, I have so much work to do."

Angel nodded. "If you leave your post, the Starseeds might get lost, but don't worry. I can take care of this. I won't fail you."

"I know. You never have."

The two friends embraced each other. They knew it would be a while before they got to see each other again.

"I'll miss you," said Sailor Angel. "It seems like I just returned and now I have to go away again."

"That's because you have!"

They laughed together before looking sadly at each other. "I... I may not come back," said Angel, somewhat nervously.

Galaxia shook her head. "Don't say that, I have faith in you and the other Sailors. Of course you'll come back."

Angel smiled. "Since you're usually right, I'll believe you."

Galaxia raised an eyebrow. "Since you forgave me, I'm going to let the implications in that statement slide. Now, you've got to go. Every delayed second brings Catastrophe closer to Earth."

The girls embraced each other one last time before Sailor Angel stretched her wings and flew into the pale blue sky, finally disappearing altogether.

Galaxia's arm was still raised in farewell. "Good-bye, my friend. Take care."


Meanwhile, on Earth, Usagi was sharing a peaceful moment with Mamoru. Sitting on a quiet bench in the park, they watched the sun go down, turning the horizon shades of gold, red, and pink. She sighed and snuggled closer into his embrace.

'I love being with Mamo-chan. I feel so safe in his embrace,' she thought contentedly.

"Isn't the sunset beautiful, Mamo-chan?" she asked him softly, almost afraid to break the calm.

He looked down at the odango headed girl next to him and smiled. "Yes," he said, his eyes only for her. "Almost as beautiful as you."

Usagi buried her head more into Mamoru's chest at his compliment as she blushed furiously.

Mamoru looked down at his adorable Odango before a violent shiver surged through his body and he sat up straight. The feeling he had felt left as suddenly as it had come. He placed a hand to his head. 'What the heck was that?' he thought.

"Mamo-chan? What's wrong?" Usagi asked, turning to him in concern.

"I... don't know. I felt something... something bad. Like something's about to happen."

Her brow furrowed. "Something bad's about to happen? That's impossible! The Sailor Wars and everything are over!"

"I don't know, Usako, I just know that I felt something just now, and it wasn't good."

While Usagi babbled about how this couldn't be happening, Mamoru continued to think to himself. 'The Earth must be in danger, otherwise Usako would have felt the presence too. I've got to be on my guard for whatever's coming.'


Sailor Angel was still en route to the Veidan Galaxy to meet another one of her old friends, Princess Zara. She hadn't seen her since they were children and everything had been peaceful in the galaxy. She had just landed on the planet and was approaching the castle when a guard stopped her at the gate.

"State your business," he commanded in a gruff tone.

"I am here to see Princess Zara," Sailor Angel supplied in a regal voice. "I am Sailor Angel, also Princess Celeste, ruler of the sky."

The guard made a brief bow of respect to the princess before turning to his intercom to inform the palace of Sailor Angel's arrival. He said a few words into the two-way speaker before smiling and turning back to Sailor Angel. His gruff voice was now replaced with a friendlier one.

"You are welcome your highness, welcome to the Veidan Galaxy. Someone will be here shortly to escort you to the palace."

"Thank you," Sailor Angel said, flexing her wings to relax them.

She was then escorted by another guard into the palace, through several large hallways filled with old paintings and fine gold and black-gold tapestries, until she was told to wait in another large room with golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and finely decorated furniture that was a light pink color with carefully stitched black embroidery on the ends.

'It would probably be more appropriate for me to be wearing something a little more uncomfortable,' she thought with a grimace. So she took a moment to raise her star wand over her head and whispered, "Sky Princess Configuration." She was enveloped in a warm white light and suddenly her sailor fuku was replaced by a full length satin gown of pure white.

She had only been waiting for a few moments when the door on the other side of the room opened to reveal two guards with a bored looking princess standing between them. Her green eyes were gazing this way and that, with an air that said that she had seen all this before and desperately needed diversion, her long red hair brushed the ground and looked almost as depressed as the princess herself, her pink silken dress with the crest of the Veidan Galaxy looked as uncomfortable as it surely felt. The princess, once realizing she had entered the room, looked up and a bright smile lit her face up like a star in the night sky. She looked at her two 'bodyguards,' gave a brief snort and rolled her eyes.

Sailor Angel, now Princess Celeste, hid a small giggle at Zara's obvious displeasure of having two bodyguards around, but then she figured that she wouldn't like it that much either.

Overriding the urge to scream at the top of her lungs and run over to her old friend she calmly stated, "Well, long time no see Zara, how have you been?"

Understanding what Celeste was doing she, in an equally calm voice, stated, "My kingdom and I have been well, thank you. Ever since we were returned to our home by Galaxia, everything has been going smoothly." She then turned on her heels to her guards and said quite forcefully, "I am fine, you don't have to follow me around wherever I go! SHEESH! You'd think that a PRINCESS and a SAILOR SENSHI could talk to her best friend that she has not seen in FOREVER with a little privacy!!!"

Celeste watched the hilarious scene in front of her and couldn't hold back any longer. She burst out laughing.

Zara turned to her friend and instantly was thoroughly ticked off! And of course, whenever she would get mad, who would she take it out on?

"Okay, that's it. GET OUT!" she yelled at the guards. "Get out right now before I do some real damage!"

The guards, recognizing that tone of voice and not wanting to go through another one of the princess' temper tantrums, instantly vacated the room as quickly as possible.

"Now where were we?" Zara asked, all traces of anger leaving her face in a flash. "Oh, yeah!"

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" They both screamed as the two friends ran towards each other and embraced for the first time in a long while.

Both laughing at their immature antics, they pulled apart and smiled at one another. "I haven't seen you in ages!" cried Zara. "Where have you been?"

"Floating in oblivion as a Starseed, how about you?" replied Celeste.

"Same here! What a coincidence!"

And they both started laughing all over again.

"Time really flies when you're floating in nothingness, doesn't it?" asked Zara.

"No comment. It was NOT a happy time for me."

"I know what you mean. There were NO other cute Starseeds around."

Celeste rolled her eyes. "So, what's with all the bodyguards?"

"Oh, Daddy's been overprotective ever since he realized that I actually have curves to my figure. He's driving me crazy! I would do anything to get out of here right now!"

"Well... That's actually why I'm here," said Celeste. "Galaxia has informed me of a new evil approaching the Milky way, to the planet Earth. It is even stronger than Chaos and it will take all of our power to combat it."

Zara looked at her friend with a stunned expression. "So what you're telling me is that you're going to drag me all the way to Earth to save a bunch of people I have never met from the strongest force in the Galaxy?"

"Yeah, that's about covers it."

She did an impromptu victory dance while screaming. "Halleluia! I'm getting out of here! Finally some real action!"

"Well, gee, Zara, could you show some enthusiasm?" Celeste asked sarcastically.

"When do we leave?"

"Well, I do believe you have an entire galaxy to inform."

She snapped her fingers. "Rats. Daddy's going to have a fit... again."

"Simply tell him it's for the good of the galaxy."

"Yeah, like that's ever worked."

She held up a hand. "I'm not finished. Then put a spell on him."

Zara's face lit up with realization. "Oh, yeah! I can do that, can't I?"

Celeste laughed and smiled. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," Zara laughed back.


Mamoru was walking to the Hikawa Shrine to see Rei about the strange feeling he had the other day. As he got closer, he thought maybe this wasn't such a good idea. 'Maybe Usako was right and it was just indigestion,' he thought. 'I don't want to worry the Scouts... And I don't want to face the Fire Warrior's wrath for making her sit at the fire for nothing.'

But he figured it was worth a shot. If there was something out there, they should be prepared.

As he entered, he saw Rei in the courtyard doing her usual chores and sweeping up the cherry blossoms. Just then, Rei looked up and saw him. 'Well, no turning back now,' he thought.

"Hello, Rei-chan. How have you been?"

"Hello, Mamoru-san. I'm fine? What are you doing here?" She knew that he wouldn't come down here unless it was important. 'Not to mention leave his precious little bunny alone for more than two seconds,' she thought with disgust.

"Well, I had a weird feeling yesterday and I wanted to know if we should worry about it."

Rei dropped her broom; a flash of worry crossed her eyes at the idea of having to fight again. "Come in. I'll do a fire reading."

"Thank you."

And they both went inside the temple.

Mamoru sat down on one of the floor mats as Rei kneeled in front of the fire. Looking deep into the fire, she called out to it.

"Great fire, tell me who it is that is disturbing our peaceful time. Tell me that we may fight against it."

The fire sprang up and became immense in size, making Rei begin to sweat from the heat and concentration. An image began to come through, when unexpectedly, the fire went out. Rei looked up, shocked. "What's going on? This shouldn't happen, the fire hardly ever blows out."

"Should we be worried?"

"I don't know," Rei said uncertainly, even more concerned than before. "But we should definitely be careful and I'll try again later."

He nodded, understanding, and got up quickly to leave. "If danger does come again, we'll have to fight it, no matter what. Should we tell the other senshi?"

"We could tell the others, but I don't think we should tell Usagi. I'm not sure how she would take it."

Mamoru nodded. "She's been so happy, now that things have been peaceful for a while. I don't want to upset her on a 'maybe.'"

"I understand, we'll all be more alert and watch out for her. I'll tell the others."

"Thank you," said Mamoru before leaving the temple in a hurry, wanting to see Usako and make sure she was okay.

Rei watched him leave with emotionless eyes. Whatever happened next, they would protect their princess.


Minako and Makoto were shopping and checking out the guys downtown.

"Isn't this the CUTEST orange sweater you've ever seen? And it's in my size too!" cried Minako.

"Isn't that the CUTEST guy you've ever seen?" cried Makoto. "Brown hair, brown eyes, tall, buff..."

"Okay, girl! Calm down, I see him! I see him! Although I do prefer the blond haired blue eyed type better," said Minako, beginning to get all starry eyed.

"He looks just like my old boyfriend..."

Minako suddenly halted and sighed. "Why do you always say that? It totally ruins the moment!"

"No, it doesn't! And besides, it's true!"

Beep... beep... beep...

They both stopped arguing when they realized that their communicators were going off. Minako sighed and grabbed hers. "Venus and Jupiter here, what's up? Any trouble?"

Rei's tired face appeared on the little screen. "No, nothing's wrong, but I'm calling an emergency Scout meeting. I need you guys here, on the double... Oh, and don't tell Usagi, we can't have her there."

"Why not?"

"I'll explain when you get here."

Minako pictured Andrew in her mind while Makoto looked longingly at the cute guy one last time before they shook themselves out of their reveries and Minako said, "Duty calls!"

They both took off for the temple.


Ami was sitting at her desk, working on her calculus homework when her communicator went off. As professionally as possible, she answered, "Mercury here, and this better be important, I was in the middle of my calculus homework."

"Hey, Ames," Rei said over the speaker. "We need you at the temple for a Scout meeting, pronto."

"I'm on my way," Ami said before turning off her communicator and finishing her last problem. She then got her coat and left in the direction of Cherry Hill.


It was nearing sunset when the girls arrived at the temple. Rei was waiting for them on the porch. Makoto spoke up, "Hey, girl! What's with the meeting? Is there any trouble, 'cause I haven't been able to pound something for a long time!"

"Yes," Ami said calmly. "Is there something wrong?"

Rei ushered them inside before relating to them what had happened earlier with Mamoru.

"And you don't know why the fire went out?" asked Minako, nervously.

"Maybe you should try it again. Maybe you did something wrong."

"WHAT?! I have been doing this for nearly my entire life! I'd like to see YOU do a fire reading and get it right!"

"Okay, calm down, Rei! We don't think you did anything wrong, but just to make sure, you should try it again," said Ami, ever the voice of reason.

Rei mumbled under her breath for a moment before kneeling before the great fire and calling to it for help. "Oh, great fire, I ask you again, what is happening to destroy our peaceful time? Who is our enemy? What can we do to defeat it?"

Suddenly a picture formed itself in the fire of two Sailors. One was wearing all white and silver and had wings; the other wore black and pink and carried a long golden staff. The other girls gasped.

"MORE sailors? Sheesh, how many of us are there, anyway?"

"Are they the enemy?"

"I don't think so," replied Rei. "I don't sense any negative vibes from them, but I can feel them coming nearer to the Earth. They may be coming to help us with whatever new evil is coming."

"How can you be sure?" asked Makoto.

"I just KNOW, okay?!"


Meanwhile, Sailor Angel and Princess Zara, now in Sailor Phosphora form, were approaching Earth.

"It's so pretty!" exclaimed Angel. "It's so... blue!"

"Yeah, it's a nice change from the constant black, pink and gold I see all the time," said Phosphora.

"This is why I like my job. I get to travel and I'm not stuck with seeing white and silver everywhere."

"So what are we supposed to do until this new enemy comes?"

"Prepare the other Scouts and disguise ourselves as normal humans."

"All right! I haven't been able to do that in so long! We can go shopping!"

"I know! You should come on missions with me more often. It makes everything so much more fun."

"Thank you, I just seem to have that effect on people."

"Why do you always try to be conceited when you're not?"

"I LIKE being conceited!"

"But you're not, you just pretend you are."

"That's why I do it, because it's fun. You should try it sometime."

"Maybe..." was the last thing she said before entering the atmosphere.


Rei was ushering everyone outside. "We'll start checking things out tomorrow. Everyone be sure to stay on your guard."

Suddenly, a bright flash of light streaking across the sky stopped everyone in their tracks.

"What the heck?!" cried Rei.

"I don't know, probably a shooting star."

"All right. We'll meet at the arcade tomorrow at noon," said Minako. "I'll call Usa-chan and tell her."

"Fine, just tell her it's a routine check," said Ami.

And everyone said good-bye and went their own separate ways.

To Be Continued...