Love Hina – Power of the Heart

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

Chapter One – Unleashed

Friday Morning.

"(I am so happy. Today is the day I fulfill my promise. I've finally made it into Toudai! Everyone is congratulating me and asking me for a date. I gently turn them down, for the one that I promised is awaiting me. We will live happily at Toudai, playing tennis, eating lunch in the park, and then a student wedding! All my friends are here. I hear my voice being called and I turn around. A small, wrinkled old woman tries to kiss me. Oh no! She has a mustache! Grandma! Get away from me! Get away from me!)"


A voice calls from the kitchen.

"Oh, are you finally awake?"

"Yes, mother."

"Why are you still trying to get into Toudai? Some things are just impossible. Couldn't you try for an easier school?"

"I can make it. I'll try a lot harder!"

In the background, the phone rings.

"We can't afford to keep feeding you forever, you know!"

"I'll get a job and move out, okay?"

"You will really do that for us?"

A man's voice calls out.

"Hey, the phone is for you Keitaro. It's Granny Hina."

"Why would she be calling me?"

"Well, ask her yourself!"

He gets up to answer the phone.

"Hello, this is Keitaro."

"Hello child, could you come by Hinata-sou? I have something that I want to talk to you about."

"Okay Granny Hina, I'll be there before I head to prep school."

"Fine, see you then."


Keitaro replaces the phone.

"(I wonder what she wants.)"

He remembers his dream.


Keitaro quickly dresses and has breakfast before catching the train to Hinata-sou.

At the Inn, Motoko finishes packing her bags in preparation for her training camp. She looks out the window and watches the clouds drift by. The other girls went to the airport to see Granny Hina off on her vacation, leaving her alone.

"This is so tedious. I do not actually mind assisting the kendo club, but I would prefer to remain here to continue my own training. Also, those girls shall most assuredly be waiting for me outside. It is most uncomfortable to have them following me like puppies. They are good spirited and are my friends, though."

She pulls on her blue uniform jacket and ties her hair back. She carries her bags downstairs and places them in the common room before going to prepare a glass of tea. As she reaches the dining room door, shouting from the front of the inn catches her attention. She walks through the foyer to see what is happening and spots her young friends barring the door.

"What is the problem here? Why are you blocking this door?"

The three girls turn to her.

"Aoyama-sempai! There is a strange man trying to enter your home!"

"We thought it best to stop him from getting past us!"

"All men are animals! We won't allow one to soil this place."

Motoko moves past them and looks at the young man standing there. She places her hand on the hilt of her sword.

"What do you want here? Speak quickly before I am forced to remove your presence!"

"I'm Urashima Keitaro. I'm here to see my grandmother."

Motoko's eyes begin to smolder.

"That is a most unlikely story. If you were indeed related to Granny Hina, then you would know that she had left for a vacation this morning."

Keitaro shakes his head.

"Left? That's impossible! I just talked to her two hours ago. She asked me to come here."

He begins to move past the girls.

"Let me see for myself. I think that you're lying to me!"

Motoko draws her sword and bars his way with it.

"You dare accuse me of uttering falsehoods! I am Aoyama Motoko, twelfth-generation sword master of the Shinmei School!"

Keitaro pushes the sword aside and shoves his way towards the door.

"I don't care what kind of kendo-girl you are! Let me see my grandmother!"

Flames leap from Motoko's eyes and her friends quickly move back off the porch.

"K-k-kendo-girl! You foul, lying, deceiving male! SHINMEI SCHOOL SECRET ARTS! AIR SPLITTING SWORD!"

A presence inside Keitaro senses the power of Motoko's attack.

(No! I shall not allow you to harm him! I bound myself to him years ago to protect him and I shall not fail him now! Keitaro-kun, the power is yours once more! I release the lock!)

Chi from her sword gathers into a vortex and hurls at Keitaro. Instinctively, he raises his hands to block, only aware at the last instant that his power has once more been released. The sword master's attack is engulfed and shredded in an instant, but his defensive reflex roars uncontrolled and rips the porch apart. Motoko is flung backwards into the inn, debris tearing through her uniform. Keitaro moves into the yard and strains to master the power before it destroys Hinata-sou and everything surrounding it.

"No! Please don't let it happen again!"

Haruka looks up from her counter, sensing a power she has not felt for years. She rushes to the door and up the steps. As she reaches the top, she stands next to the three girls and sees the remains of the destroyed porch, dirt and rocks swirling around Keitaro in an impenetrable vortex. He fights to draw the power inwards as sweat pours from his brow.

"Oh my god! Keitaro!"

Pain from his exertion etched in his eyes, Keitaro looks towards her.

"Haruka-san! Help me! It's happening again!"

Motoko appears in the shattered doorway holding her left arm.

"Spirits! What manner of being is he?"

She spots Haruka through the maelstrom and yells to her.

"Haruka-san, what is happening?"

Haruka dodges past the swirling debris and scrambles to the hole in front of the Inn.

"That's my nephew Keitaro! We have to stop him or he'll destroy Hinata-sou!"

Motoko stares at him.

"Impossible! Even the entire Shinmei School could not penetrate such power!"

Haruka moves and stands behind Motoko.

"We don't have to get through it. Forgive me Motoko-chan, this is the only way to save him. Keitaro! Look at me!"

As Keitaro turns to her, he falls to his knees. Straining, he raises his head and looks towards his aunt. Haruka reaches around and rips Motoko's jacket and shirt off, exposing her breasts. Keitaro stares at the round, firm globes for a few seconds before blood spurts from his nose.


As he falls backwards, the vortex hurls into the air, tearing a hole through the clouds before dissipating. A light rain begins to fall on the now quiet inn as the wind returns to normal. Blushing, Motoko falls to her knees and wraps the remains of her jacket over her breasts.

"AAAIIIIEEE! Haruka-san! Why in the name of the spirits would you do such a thing?"

Haruka rests a hand on Motoko's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I'll explain it as much as I can. But first, we need to rescue Keitaro."

Motoko looks up and sees her three young friends kicking Keitaro's unconscious form.

"Aoyama-sempai! We'll save you from this strange man!"

"We won't let him get past us!"

"All men are animals! We won't allow one to soil this place."

Haruka helps Motoko to her feet and they move into the yard.

"The Urashima's have an ability that has been inherited by the women generation after generation for hundreds of years."

"But, he is a male."

"That's true. However, he is the only male Urashima ever to inherit the ability. The power is stronger in him than anyone has ever seen. If he can't learn to control it, or if we can't remove the power, it'll kill him. But, removing it may kill him as well."

End of Chapter One.

Sorry for such a short first chapter. I thought I'd take a shot at explaining Keitaro's abilities. Review and let me know if I should continue.