Love Hina – Power of the Heart

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

Chapter Eight – With This Ring . . .

Sunday Afternoon

Seated at the dining room table, Yohko nods her head as Keitaro explains for the third time all the events of the past few weeks, focusing specifically on what had just transpired.

"You shouldn't have taken such a risk. What if you and Motoko-chan failed? I don't think I could bear losing you twice in such a short time."

Keitaro smiles at his mother and reaches over to take Motoko's hand.

"Everything turned out fine. I trust Motoko-chan completely."

Keishi leans over and whispers to his son.

"Come on, you can tell us the truth. If you and Aoyama-san did something, that's okay!"

"Dad! Please don't even joke about something like that!"

"Well, I believe you anyway. But, you gotta admit, she is a stunning woman. And her older daughter is quite a sight also!"

Yohko's left eye twitches and she turns to smile at her husband.

"What does that make me? Chopped sushi?"

He raises his hands and stutters a reply.

"N-no, not at, at all! You are still lovely! Just like when you were young!"

She folds her arms across her chest and taps a foot on the floor.

"So, you think that I'm an old woman now!"

Keitaro whispers in his father's ear.

"Tell mom that she's in her prime."

"Thanks, son."

Keishi smiles broadly at his wife.

"My dear, what I meant to say is that you are in your prime, that's all!"

She leaps to her feet and draws her arm back.

"What a horrible thing to say to a woman!"

Motoko pulls Keitaro away from his father as his mother unleashes a Yohko-punch. Keishi sails out of his chair and through the door, crashing into a pillar in the common room. Motoko looks at Keitaro and smiles.

"Please heed this lesson well; you may not survive if I were to unleash myself in such a manner."

Keitaro shudders and bows his head.

"That's what I'm afraid of. Dad said that grandpa was the same way with Granny Hina. I'm doomed!"

Aoyama walks in the door and turns her head from the common room.

"Did I miss something important? Will your husband be all right, Yohko-san?"

Yohko blows on her knuckles and smiles sweetly at her.

"Oh, he'll be right as rain in a minute. It's been a while since I've done that, but he deserved it."

Aoyama turns to her daughter.

"Motoko-chan, it is time for you to prepare for your wedding. Tsuruko-chan has brought all the items you require and is waiting upstairs."

"Thank you mother. I will accompany you in a moment."

She stands with Keitaro and kisses his cheek.

"I shall see you at the ceremony, my beloved."

Keitaro watches as the three women leave the room. His father enters the door a moment later and walks over to him.

"I'm really happy for you Keitaro. I know your married life will be as interesting as your mother's and mine has been."

Keitaro watches as his father absentmindedly rubs his cheek. He bows his head again.

"He's just passed the curse to me. I'm doomed!"

An hour later, everyone gathers next to the hot spring. Motoko wears her mother's wedding dress. A blue-stoned broach belonging to Tsuruko is pinned over her left breast. Granny Hina loaned her a pearl bracelet and Haruka gave her a new, gold necklace. Properly attired with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, she waits near the door as Keitaro takes his place in front of the minister.

Haruka's friend, Ishido Hikari, a local doctor and ordained Shinto priestess, presides over the ceremony. She nods her head and Su press a button on a remote control. Music begins to play and Motoko slowly and gracefully walks beside Aoyama. They make their way between the residents of Hinata-sou and arrive at the natural alter at the end of the spring.

Aoyama takes Motoko's hand and places it in Keitaro's. She takes her place to the side and bows to Hikari. The priestess smiles and begins.

"Blessings upon all gathered here today. We bear witness to the union of these two young people, who bond themselves together, sharing life, love, and all the trials that will come before them. Though none can foretell the future, we all wish for great happiness and bounty for this couple. May the Father of all creation, in His great wisdom, bestow his blessing upon them for all time."

She looks at Motoko.

"Aoyama Motoko, do you promise to share your life with this man; to cherish all that he has to give; to honor his love and protect him; to care for him in sickness and share joy in health; to become one with him in mind and in body; to remain faithful to him for as long as you both shall live?"

Motoko turns to Keitaro and looks into his eyes. A smile graces her lips as her cheeks blush bright red.

"To this and more, and with all my heart, I do."

Hikari bows to Motoko and then turns to Keitaro.

"Urashima Keitaro, do you promise to share your life with this woman; to cherish all that she has to give; to honor her love and protect her; to care for her in sickness and share joy in health; to become one with her in mind and in body; to remain faithful to her for as long as you both shall live?"

Keitaro faces Motoko and smiles.

"Yes, forever and always, I do."

Hikari bows to Keitaro and then faces the gathering.

"Be there anyone, with just cause and truth, here among those gather to witness this union, that has any reason as to why this couple should not be joined?"

The crowd is silent. As Hikari is about to continue, a sneeze breaks the silence. Naru blushes and places a tissue to her nose.

"Excuse me."

Hikari faces Keitaro and Motoko.

"Let there now be the giving and receiving of a gold ring, symbolizing oneness and unbreakable faith, a sign to all that this love is eternal and never tarnishing."

Keishi holds out a small silk pillow. Two simple, gold rings lie next to each other on the white cloth. Motoko takes one and gently places it on Keitaro's finger. Keitaro takes the other and places it on Motoko's shaking finger. Hikari smiles and bows to them as they turn to her.

"Then, by the power given to me by God and man, I now proclaim Urashima Keitaro and Aoyama Motoko to be husband and wife. Before all now present, you may seal your bond with the kiss."

Through their bond, Keitaro speaks to Motoko.

[I love you, my wife.]

[I love you, my beloved husband.]

They lean towards each other and kiss. After a few moments they pull apart and turn to bow to Hikari. Hand-in-hand they face the crowd and walk away from the alter. Flowers and ribbons fly though the air as they make their way towards the inn. Suddenly, an object crashes into Keitaro, sending him sprawling to the ground. He rubs his head and looks at the sack of rice lying next to him. Su jumps over and bows to Motoko and Keitaro.

"My bad! In all the excitement, I forgot to take the rice out of the bag!"

Motoko helps him to his feet and they both look at each other. Keitaro smiles and starts to laugh. Unable to resist his joy, Motoko joins him, covering her mouth as peels of laughter escape her. The crowd breaks up and everyone rushes to the new couple to offer their congratulations. Yohko and Aoyama hug each other, crying out as all mothers do at these occasions.

After a few minutes, Keitaro and Motoko go up to the manager's room to prepare for the reception. Motoko's belonging have all been moved and arranged in the room, so she had no trouble finding what she needs. She turns her back to Keitaro and blushes as she looks over her shoulder.

"Beloved, would you assist me? The clasp and zipper are beyond my reach."

Keitaro finishes removing his haori jacket and walks over to her.

"Sure, it's no trouble."

He releases the clasp and pulls the zipper down. Motoko turns to him and lets the wedding dress fall around her feet. Keitaro stares at her for a few seconds and then crashes backwards. Blood gushes from his nose as he falls.


Motoko, her naked body exposed as the dress fell, smiles at him and whispers.

"Thank you for that piece of advice, Tsuruko-san."

She dons her traditional gi and waits as Keitaro changes into his sweater and a pair of slacks. Hands clasped, they walk downstairs and into the common room.

The celebration lasts until late in the evening. Kitsune and Tsuruko spend most of the time drinking sake and hanging onto Keitaro. Motoko, between listening to advice from her mother and Yohko, continuously rescues Keitaro from one situation after another. Moe, before anyone notices, innocently drinks a glass of sake and immediately passes out. They place a pillow under her head as sleep sleeps soundly next to the couch. Kitsune, full sheets to the wind, grabs Naru and asks Hikari to repeat the ceremony.

Eventually, Keitaro and Motoko wish everyone good evening and retire to their room. As Keitaro slides the door closed, Motoko take a futon from the closet and places it on the floor. Blushing, she kneels next to the bed and looks up at Keitaro.



He walks over and kneels in front of her. Slowly, they lean towards each other. Their lips meet and time seems to stop. Reluctantly pulling apart, they smile at each other.



Swallowing the lump in his throat, Keitaro stands and helps Motoko to her feet. He slowly removes her gi, and she reciprocates and disrobes him. She reaches up and pulls the cord to turn the lights down and they crawl under the covers. Motoko closes her eyes as he kisses her again. She breathes heavily when he pulls away.




"Uh, ah, okay!"

The door slides open. Moe, the stuffed rabbit given to her by Shinobu in her hand, rubs her eyes and walks into the room.

"I guess that this is my room too now. I'm so sleepy!"

Motoko's wide eyes look towards Keitaro.



A few minutes later, Moe is sleeping quietly between the now dressed Keitaro and Motoko. Through their bond, they speak to each other.


[Yes, Motoko-chan?]

[We should have foreseen this.]

[You're right. But I never expected to need a babysitter on our wedding night.]

In the darkness, Keitaro can hear his new wife sniffle. He wipes a tear from his eye as she speaks.



The End.