Name:  Rock-a-Bye, Baby

Author:  VirginSuicide

Rating:  R         Just to be sure.

Summary:  SLASH!  Draco is turned into a child and Harry has no choice but to look after him.  Will Harry survive?  DM/HP in later chapters.  R/R

Disclaimer: I own nothing!  Not one character!

Chapter Two 

Harry started to wake up due to some sort of disturbance.  Something wet pressed against his cheek.  Harry fuzzily wondered what it could be when he felt it again, this time on his lips.  Eventually, his brain remembered the events of yesterday and he groaned. 

Blinking his eyes open, Harry came face to face with baby Draco who was sitting beside his head, leaning over him.  Apparently, the 'wet' thing was Draco giving him open mouth baby kisses on his face.  It had been a while since he had seen a baby and he had forgotten that annoying trait all babies seem to have. 

Draco giggled and leaned forward to do it again, so Harry quickly scooted out of his reach as he wiped the rest of the baby slobber off of his face.  Draco laughed and clapped his hands; this had just turned into a game.  He started to crawl after Harry who was hurriedly moving back every time Draco got closer. 

"Go 'way," Harry scowled, "I don't want anymore kisses – you've prob'ly got mornin' breath."

Draco giggled again as he pounced towards Harry, who, in turn, threw himself backwards to keep out of reach and promptly fell off the bed with a yelp.  Flopping back and closing his eyes, he groaned.  Maybe if I stay down here, he'll leave me alone.   He opened his eyes when he heard another giggle from above him. 

Draco was lying on the bed; with just his head peering over the side, looking down at Harry and his two chubby hands were casually holding onto the edge.  His short, blonde hair was mussed up something shocking; however Harry couldn't help but think how adorable he looked.  Disgusted with himself, he got up off the floor and walked into the bathroom, throwing a "Stay on the bed" over his shoulder.

Did he listen?  No.  He had just flushed the toilet when he felt Draco grab onto his leg from behind.  Sighing, he placed Draco on the toilet so he could do his morning business.  Once their bladders were empty, their hands washed and their teeth brushed, he wondered how they were going to go about showers. 

Deciding to worry about Draco first, he stripped him and placed him in the shower.  Quickly washing him (including the copious amounts of toothpaste off), he turned the water off and wrapped Draco in a big fluffy towel.  Picking up the tightly cocooned hyper child and walking back into the bedroom, he decided that he had ended up wetter then Draco.  Maybe we'll just stick to the evening baths.

Standing him upon the unmade bed, he picked up his wand and cast the spell to dry him.  Looking through the clothes trunk at all the miniature robes, he decided a little revenge was in order.  The green robe with silver lining turned into a red robe with gold lining.  Feeling artistic, he charmed the Gryffindor logo onto the back.  Smirking, he dressed the bouncing Draco before picking him up and taking him through to the main chamber. 

Harry placed Draco into the playpen.  He only just made it back into his bedchambers before Draco started calling his name desperately, on the verge of crying.  Harry moaned piteously as he banged his head against the door.  When the pleading reached a new pitch, he decided he'd have to do something.  Grabbing his wand, he marched back into the room.  Ignoring the arms that were reaching towards him, he levitated the playpen (with Draco still in it) and floated it into his bathroom. 

Stripping his boxes off, behind the shower curtain he had just transfigured, he gratefully turned the water on.  He listened to Draco garble in mixed English and baby language, as he stood relaxed under the spray.  At least Draco's obsession with me is getting better, he thought, relieved.  He still had to be in the same room with the ankle-biting brat, but at least now he didn't have to be continuously holding him.  He just hoped it would stay that way. 

After Harry had finished washing and soaking, and no longer able to justify why he was still in the shower, he quickly turned the water off and wrapped his towel around his waist.  Grabbing his wand, he cast the drying spell over himself, before levitating the playpen into his bedroom.  Draco giggled and clapped his hands.  He thought floating in the air was fantastic now that he wasn't worried about Harry leaving him.

Harry smiled briefly, before landing the playpen near his bed.  He then summoned his transfigured shower curtain and propped it around him, as he got dressed.   After magically making the bed, putting on both their shoes, respectively and packing his bag, Harry was finally ready to face the day.  Well, as ready as he could be considering he was carrying his de-aged arch nemesis. 

Stopping at the top of the main staircase, he put Draco down.  Motioning for the kid to follow he made his way quickly down the stairs, just out of Draco's reach, who was trying to grab a hold of him.  Walking briskly across the foyer, he entered the Great Hall, Draco trotting in his wake – reaching out for Harry and whimpering quietly.  All noise in the Great Hall ceased as he made the long walk to the Gryffindor table. 

When he reached Ron and Hermione, he swirled on his heels to face Draco, who had just lunged at him and wrapped himself around both of his legs, burying his face in his robes and breathing heavily.  Harry sighed miserably as he bent down and picked him up, plonking him on the bench seat before sitting down himself.  Still nobody broke the silence.  It was starting to really unnerve Harry and he was thankful when Hermione came to his rescue.

"Good morning, Harry," her voice strangely nervous and amplified in the quiet hall.  However, it was enough to break the students out of their stupor and whispers broke out from all tables, gradually growing louder.  

A few moments later the hall was once again rambunctious and Harry smiled gratefully at Hermione while he returned the greeting.  Draco had taken hostage of his left arm and was hugging it in a death grip as he leaned into Harry, peering at all the strange new kids.  People craned their necks to get a look at the unlikely duo – some sniggering and pointing, others giggling and cooing.  Draco thought they were all weird as he tried to scoot closer to his Harry, however that was now physically impossible short of sitting in his lap. 

Draco contemplated crawling into his lap when the arm he had been holding was wrenched from his grip.  Whimpering, he looked up at Harry, his eyes brimming.  Harry smiled gently at him, rubbing comforting circles on his back as he directed his attention to the bowl of cereal in front of him.

Once Draco had begun eating, Harry helped himself as he started conversing with his friends.  However, their conversation was broken many times by the other Gryffindors'.  Most had already heard what had happened by the time they had gotten to the Great Hall, thanks to a loud mouth Ron, who had ranted last night in the common room about the injustice of the situation and the revenge they could inflict. 

Like all gossip in Hogwarts, the news had travelled from common room to common room quickly and by the time it was curfew, all of Hogwarts upper classmates knew of the disturbingly funny situation. 

People congratulated him on his artistic streak with the robes, sympathized for him, or cooed and tried to coddle Draco who shied away and buried his head into Harry.  This, of course, set them off into a fit of giggles and the cooing increased tenfold.

By the time breakfast had finished, Harry could feel the beginnings of a nasty headache.  He was ready to go back to his rooms and stay in bed all day, however that wasn't possible.  And it was just his luck that the first class of the day had to be Double Advanced Potions; a combined class of all the houses due to the limited amount of students who passed Snape's admittance level on their O.W.L test. 

That was why he was making his way down their now with Hermione rambling about the surprise Potion's test that Snape had mentioned last class (though he didn't mention when it would be held) and what subject she would get as everybody's subject was to be different and all the studying she had done last night and whether it would be enough; Harry was only half listening by this point, reassuring her she would do fine at regular intervals when he thought he should. 

On his left, baby Draco was trotting beside him, Harry's hand clasped firmly by Draco's who was determined not to let Harry go.  He was staring wide-eyed around him at the scary new scenery, which he thought was much darker, and forbidding then his and Harry's rooms.  He was very glad Harry was there to protect him if he should need protection. 

Draco looked up at his Harry and swelled with love and devotion.  Yes, his Harry would protect him should he need it.  Too caught up in his worship, he didn't notice that they were at the end of a corridor so when Harry stopped, he kept going.  He was startled when his leg hit the back of Harry's and he fell forward.  His right hand renewed the grip on Harry's as his left hand instinctively came forward to break his fall.  However, before he could hit the ground, he was hauled upwards by Harry.

Harry pulled him up by the hand in his as his right came round to grip the kid under the arm to keep him steady on his feet.  After a few moments to get his bearings straight, Draco beamed up at him and threw his arms around his legs giving him a big hug. Yes, his Harry would always protect him. 

Potions started off without a hitch, much to the surprise of Harry.  Draco sat on a stool beside Harry and played with the toys Snape had placed there for him that included a miniature Dragon, Unicorn and the Wizard Merlin.  He was relatively well behaved, while Harry (and the rest of the class) copied down the Potion instructions from the board.  The only noise from the class was the 'roaring', 'snorting', and 'neighing', from the toys as well as noises from Draco as he played with them.  He would occasionally tell Harry to watch some thing he would make one of the toys do, excitedly, or ask Harry to play with one of them with him. 

Once they were finished copying the instructions, Harry realised that it would be unsafe for Draco to remain beside him while he completed the potion.  As everyone else started getting out their cauldrons and potion supplies, Harry swivelled towards Draco, and turned Draco's stool so he was also facing Harry.  Draco galloped the unicorn in a circle over his and Harry's knees as he thrust the Dragon into Harry's hand, thinking Harry was ready to play with him now.  

Harry gently placed the disgruntled Dragon back on the desk, where it snorted haughtily, before curling up and going to sleep.  Draco looked up at Harry with a frown.

"Draco, I need you to do some thing for me," Harry asked, as he smoothed back a bang of hair that was falling in Draco's face.  Draco beamed; at both the loving gesture and the swelling importance and pride that he felt because Harry was asking some thing of him.  He nodded, enthusiastically.

"I need you to take your toys up to Professor Snape's desk and play with him for a little while."  Draco's smile dimmed slightly.  Harry quickly went on.

"It's just that I need to make this Potion now, and I don't want you to be hurt.  I'm not leaving the room; you'll still be able to see me and as soon as it's finished, you can come straight back and if we have time, I'll play with you," and now for the cherry on the cake, "Can you be a big boy and do that for me?"

Draco beamed again and nodded, though more uncertainly this time.  He held his arms out to Harry to pick him up, hoping he would carry him up to the front of the class so he could spend as much time with Harry as possible. 

Harry hoisted him up and settled him on his hip before picking up the toys and walking up to Professor Snape's desk.  Once he got there, he realised he hadn't even asked Snape if he could leave Draco with him.  However, Snape simply looked up from the parchment he was reading, before charming a big squishy armchair beside his own for Draco.  Harry walked around the desk and placed Draco in the armchair with his toys.  Making his way back to his own desk, he couldn't help but smirk at how easy it had been to get Draco to do some thing he didn't want to.  Hmm.  I wonder if I could convince him to spend the night in Snape's chambers.

Draco idly looked around the room.  He was by himself now, as Professor Snape had gotten up to do his rounds across the room.  He spied his Harry who was looking between his book and potion with a frown.  He didn't look happy. 

Maybe his book isn't very pretty, Draco wondered.  Searching the desk in front of him, he found a book sitting closed next to some scrolls.  Never mind, I'll make him a pretty one.  Draco smiled happily and climbed into the Professor's chair.  Balancing on his feet and leaning against the desk, Draco pulled the book to him. 

Opening it to a random page, Draco grabbed the red ink and quill the Professor had been using earlier.  Picking up the expensive (though Draco didn't know it) Eagle Feather quill, he dunked the feathered end into the ink.  Swirling it across the page, he made a pretty red picture, occasionally re-dunking the end of the quill; splattering the desk and surrounding scrolls of parchment in the process.  After about a dozen pictures, he dropped the bedraggled, ruined quill onto the table and dipped his fingers into the ink instead.

After a while, Draco sat back and admired his art work, immensely pleased with himself.  Looking up to where Harry was still working, he beamed.  Harry would love it and therefore, love him.  Climbing down off the chair, he pulled the book closed and held it tightly against his chest as he made his way to Harry; only dropping the heavy book once.

Standing beside Harry, he tugged on Harry's robes to get his attention.  Startled, Harry looked down to see Draco standing there, beaming up at him.

"What is it?" Harry asked.  Draco held up the book.  Harry took the book and gulped, noticing the ink stained fingers and fingerprints and smudges' littering the cover of what was obviously one of Snape's potion books.

Draco was trying to pull himself up onto the stool he had been sitting on at the beginning of the lesson.  Harry, still staring in horror at the book in his hand, idly wrapped his other arm around Draco and hoisted him up.  Draco, misplacing the look of horror for shocked delight, declared proudly,

"I made it for you!" which was loud enough to catch Snape's attention, who had been close by.

Striding over, Snape snatched the book from Harry's lifeless fingers.  Looking at the smudges' on the cover, he glared at Harry before flipping the book open.  The pages turned in sticky, red clumps where the copious amounts of red ink were starting to dry; gluing the pages together.

"Dat's us!" Draco beamed pointing to an unidentified blob of red on one of the random pages Snape had flicked to.  Harry looked up from the horrendous mess to Snape's face.  A vein was throbbing at his temple and he looked to be grinding his teeth together to stop the angry roar that no doubt wanted to escape.

Harry hoped he would win, however if the white knuckles and straining fingers were anything to go by, then the majority of his concentration was on restraining himself from strangling Draco and, most probably he, Harry as well. 

"Do ya like it, Harwy?" Draco asked, anxiously.  Snape's nostrils flared.


"You will remain behind after class, Potter, and I will deal with you then," Snape growled so low that the eavesdropping students from neighbouring tables had to strain to catch it.  With that, he swirled on his heel and stalked towards the front.

"Hey!  Dat's Harwy's!" Draco called after him, getting a growl in response.

"That's alright," Harry whispered to the pouting, indignant child, "I'll probably get a good look at it after class."

With Draco under one arm, and his school bag thrown haphazardly over the other, Harry made a mad dash for Transfiguration.  Snape had kept him after class for a full ten minutes – yelling at him for his incompetence in looking after Draco and allowing him to destroy one of his books.  Harry didn't think it prudent to point out that Draco had been in Snape's care while he made his potion, lest the reprimand get physical.  He had clearly seen Snape's fingers' twitching towards his wand every time Harry opened his mouth in defence.

He gritted his teeth.  He didn't want to look after the brat.  He didn't tell him to destroy the book, nor did he think Gryffindor should be the house to lose points over it.  And by god – if he didn't shut up, he was dumping him behind a suit of armour and leaving him there. 

Draco was voicing a continual 'eeeeeeeeeeeee…' only stopping to draw in breath.  He was fascinated by the way his voice changed with each of Harry's footsteps.  Harry remembered a time in his childhood when he had done the same thing.  The Dursley's had gone to London for the day and he had been left at Mrs. Figg's.  When she had been on the phone, Harry had snuck home to try out Dudley's new bike.  He remembered going over the bumps on a little dirt, side road and listening to his voice vibrate on each one.  He wondered if it was irritating to other people – or if it was just bothering him because he was in a bad mood.

Eventually, he reached the Transfiguration room and paused outside the closed door to catch his breath.  He put Draco down and straightened his robes before entering.  Draco clutched his robe and pressed himself into Harry's side as the whole class went quiet and looked at them when they walked in. 

"Mr. Potter, why are you ten minutes late to my class?" Professor McGonagall asked, peering at him over the rim over her glasses.

"Sorry Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape kept me after class." Harry replied, trying to keep his anger out of his voice.

"Very well, take your seat," she said, as she turned back round to face the class.  Harry began to walk to his desk when he was stopped by a hand tugging on his robes.

"What?" he asked waspishly, as he turned around to glare at the child.  Draco gulped and looked around, before motioning with his finger, for Harry to come closer.  Harry sighed irritably but, never the less bent down so that Draco could whisper in his ear.

"I need ta go potty," he whispered, with his hand cupping his mouth to Harry's ear.  Harry groaned.

"Can't you wait?" he almost pleaded.  Draco shook his head in the negative, while bouncing from foot to foot.  Harry looked extremely displeased while he turned his eyes to the Professor.  McGonagall's lips twitched before she answered the unasked question. 

"You may go, but hurry up."  Harry sighed again before rubbing his eyes tiredly.  He started walking back towards the door and wasn't at all surprised (though highly peeved) when he felt a smaller hand sliding into his to clasp it firmly. 

By the end of Transfiguration, Harry was ready to strangle Draco.  They were set to the task of turning their desks into pigs – reminiscent of their very first class in First year, when McGonagall had demonstrated the art of Transfiguration with the very same spell.

Draco had started crying when Harry hadn't gotten the spell right and his pig squealed, running around the room while dragging his wooden back legs behind him.  Trying to comfort the pig, Draco chased after it and threw his arms around its neck, getting hurt in the process as the pig tried to get away. 

By the end, McGonagall managed to corner the pig and turn it back into a table before turning to Harry, lips in a thin line and hands on her hips. 

"Take him to the infirmary,' she barked at him, before turning to Neville's workstation and trying to figure out how he managed to create a peacock. 

Harry walked over to Draco who sat on the ground, one hand holding his face where he was scratched, the other reaching out to Harry.  His wailing managed to be heard over the squealing and snorting of the pigs and the squawking of the peacock as Neville and McGonagall chased it around the classroom.  Harry winced as he picked Draco up, who continued to bawl beside his ear.  Sighing, he rubbed Draco's back as he made his way to the infirmary.  

Draco was happily munching on a chocolate frog he had gotten from Madame Pomfrey for being a good boy as he trotted along side Harry.  By the time they had finished in the infirmary, Transfiguration was over and they were making their way to the Great Hall where lunch was just starting.  He tugged on Harry's hand (which was firmly clasped in his) to get his attention.  When Harry looked at him, he held up his other hand, offering him some of his chocolate frog.

Harry looked at the half eaten frog.  Chocolate was smeared all over Draco's hand and mouth and the frog looked more like an unidentified melting blob then anything edible.  Harry shook his head before pulling Draco into the Great Hall, and swiftly making his way over to his friends.  Once he sat down, pulling Draco onto the bench as well (who was licking the chocolate off of his hand with large swipes of his tongue) he quickly reached for the coffee pot and poured himself a mug full. 

Gulping that down, he loaded a plate for Draco, then himself before saying muted 'hello's to his friends.  Harry never thought he would say this, but he wished for Malfoy back.  At least when Draco was Malfoy he only had to put up with him for a few minutes at a time when Malfoy would instigate fights in the corridors or a few whispered remarks during class.  Baby Draco was going to drive him mad and he couldn't even fight back!  The problem was Draco wasn't trying to aggravate him, and, of course, he couldn't hex a child even if he was.  At least the day was nearly over; Defence and dinner.  Then he could retire to his rooms – a pity he was sharing them. 

"Hey Harry, I heard what happened in Potion's," Seamus grinned as he sat down beside Harry, "I wish I'd seen his face!"  Laughing at the mental image, Seamus slung his arm around Harry's shoulder.  "Don't worry mate –oi!"  Draco, who was sitting on the other side of Harry, was glaring at Seamus while trying to pry the other boys' fingers off of his Harry.  Seamus leaned forward on the table and looked around Harry at Draco.  Seeing the glare, he grinned and slid his arm down to Harry's waist.

"Looks like I've got competition!" he crowed as Draco scowled harder and tried vainly to pull the offending arm away. 

"Seamus," a blushing Harry intoned in warning.  Seamus just sent him an innocent look before sliding up closer to Harry.  Sending a quick look at Draco whose eyes held a possessive fire in them; he leaned in close to Harry's ear and whispered,

"I think some one might have a little crush on you mate," before moving around so Draco could see and firmly planting a kiss of Harry's cheek.

Harry was about to respond indignantly, when a growl from his left stopped him.  Draco had seen Seamus lean in close to Harry and then kiss him and the anger and jealousy was palpable.  He quickly gave up on his attempts to pull the arm away and scrambled into Harry's lap. 

"Wha?" Harry quickly lent back, bewildered, before he could be hit under the chin by Draco's head.  Draco sat with his arms wrapped around Harry's torso, while glaring heatedly at Seamus. 

Seamus smirked; his eyes alight with amusement, before leaning in again to kiss Harry.  However, he was stopped by a small, chubby hand pressing against his chest, trying to push him away. 

"Oh! It's like that is it?" Seamus questioned the growling child.  Sending him another smirk, Seamus lent back out of Draco's reach, before quickly leaning forward again before Draco could stop him.  Just as he was about to kiss Harry on the lips a stronger, larger hand pushed at his chest.  Looking up into Harry's scowling face; he sent him a sheepish look before sitting back in his seat.  He glanced at Draco, who was looking very smug from his seat on Harry's lap.  Seamus poked his tongue out at him, and Draco poked his out back before snuggling into Harry's chest.

When will this day end!? Harry thought, shaking his head among laughter from his friends.

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