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In 'Lorien

It was the annual young warrior camp. Young elves that were becoming warriors met here to train and compete against each other.

Near the archery field, three elves lazed around talking with each other. They were none other than the famed twins of Imladris, Elladan and Elrohir, and Haldir of Lorien.

All three were senior at camp and this year was their last.

"She did what?!" Elrohir exclaimed loudly as he was too surprised to hear the news from his twin brother, Elladan.

"Yes, Elrohir. She broke up with me," Elladan answered solemnly. He was still too shocked from the news itself.


"This is it, Elladan. I don't think we should see each other anymore," Halirien says as she looked directly to her former lover's eyes.

"But why Lirien? I thought we were good together, you know. Besides, everyone look forward to our engagement. Why?" Elladan asked.

He's not really in love with Halirien but he knew their relationship is envied by others. And a very beautiful maiden at that. He believed they were meant to be with each other. A handsome Lord and a beautiful Lady. But now the girl wants to break up with him. For whatever reason, he had no idea.

"I'm bored with this okay. I need something new. A NEW relationship. You just can't give me the things that I want anymore," Halirien answered.

"But... But I gave you EVERYTHING you ever wanted. Whatever you want, I bought it for you," asked a very confused Elladan.

"You know what... I just can't continue this...relationship of ours okay. Besides, I've got someone new now. And I like him better than you," she answered again, this time without a bit look of feeling guilty.

This angered Elladan, "If it's because you've met someone new, you should just let it out and say so. Why act as if it's my fault?"

"I don't care whose fault it is. I just want to break up with you," she hissed as she turn and walk away.

"Fine, but don't ever say I never gave you a chance. Besides, now I'm free to have anyone I want," Elladan hissed back.

"Fine, do whatever you want," Halirien answered without looking back.

/*****End of Flashback******/

"You know what? You're better off without her anyway, right Haldir?" Elrohir try to cheer his brother up.

"But it's Halirien we're talking about right? The most beautiful elf-maiden alive? Hello? How could you just let her go?" Haldir exclaimed.

Elrohir shot his friend an angry look. Even Elldan is furious now.

"So what? She's not the only maiden alive. I can get ANY maiden to fall inlove with me. I'm too charming," Elldan hissed to Haldir.

Indeed, it was true as Elldan and Elrohir was very good-looking. Both tall, dark and handsome. They could steal any elf-maiden heart if they wanted to.

"Right. Halirien's only beautiful when she stands beside me. Now she gave up her position, there's a lot more other who are more than willing to take her place," answered a very confident Elladan.

Haldir snorted. 'Too confident for his own good,' he thought.

"What? You don't believe me? Care to bet?" Elladan challenged his friend.

"Okay. Bet how?" asked Haldir, always ready to accept a challenge.

"Wait, I want in on this too," Elrohir said, feeling left out in their bet.

"Let me think," Elladan said as he stopped to think about the condition.

"I've got it," Haldir said, "You have to make someone fall in love with you before the Last Feast and bring that person to the feast. You must also have something that you can take as a prove of token of affection."

The Last Feast was the annual parting feast for the young warriors before they head on home of their dwelling. It was indeed the grandest feast that will be held every year.

Elladan pondered about this for a moment. "Fair enough," Elladan finally said.

"Wait... We get to pick the person that you must court," Elrohir added in.

"What??!!! No way. You'll pick those ugly beast for me to court. Absolutely not," Elladan said.

"I agree with Elrohir. Okay, you will have to agree with the...'candidate'... before you start. Deal?" Haldir said, agreeing with the younger twin.

Elladan frowned but he knew this is an argument that he cannot win. "Fine!"

Haldir and Elrohir smiled at each other in victory.

"So, who's the lucky lady that you have in mind?" Elladan asked.

"Who says anything about a lady?" Elrohir smirked. He knew what was playing in Haldir's mind. Even though he felt bad for his brother, it was just an opportunity that he cannot missed.

"WHAT??!! Whatever do you mean? You can't have me falling in love withan orc can you? And you can't find a human lady around here," Elladan exclaimed as he fear for the selection.

Still, Haldir and Elrohir continue to look aound the field in front of them. Novice archers were practicing their skills. When Elladan noticed where the two was looking at, he frowned.

"No... No.... You can't do this to me. I can't court a male-elf. I'm not into guys. No!" Elladan exclaimed as he knew of their intentions.

"Come on. We know for sure that you can court an elf-maiden. There's nothing to bet for. But a male-elf, Now that's something new," Elrohir said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey, I've got a target....Look," Haldir said as point to a rather young elf with golden hair and a slender body.

"Him? Come on. He's like ice. I don't even think I can get him to talk to me. No," Elladan rejected their candidate, now standing with his arms crossed, indicationg he is not giving up.

"Hmm... nice choice Haldir. A Mirkwood Prince. You know El, if you can get in, you might get in to history or something. You know, as the guy who managed to break the Mirkwood's Ice shield with their princes. They're famous for being cold," Elrohir said in admiration with the possibility.

"No.......No!" Elladan still refused. Haldir turn to his friend.

"Take the advice,El. He's the most beautiful male-elf around. You might even forget he's a guy. Look at him!" Haldir said as he pull Elladan and turn him around to see the prince.

And he was right. The elf was slender in built, not too tall, with porcelain skin, red lucious lips and beautiful green eyes. One might mistaken him for a maiden if not for his three warrior braids and straight chest.

Elladan knew they would not let him go this easily, and they were right. This elf is so much better than other male elves that they might suggest.

"Fine. What do I need to do?" Elladan said, finally giving up. Both Haldir and Elrohir grinned.

"Okay, first you'll need to court him, of course. Then get him to confess his love and then bring him to the Last Feast," Elrohir explained.

"What about his token of affection?" Elladan asked.

"Every Mirkwood prince has a ring of royalty that I heard they gave it to the one they love," Haldir answered Elladan's question.

Elrohir nodded and finished the sentenced, "Get him to give you the ring and then bring him to the feast. Then you win the bet."

Elladan took a moment to digest the information before he nodded.

"Now, what do I get if I win?" Elladan asked.

"Anything your heart desire. And if we win, anything we desire," Haldir said.

Elladan looked at both of them and then towards the prince. With a deep breath, he nodded.

As he turned to the direction of theprince, he muttered under his breath, "Let the games begin, Legolas of Mirkwood."


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