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Chapter 30

His eyes fluttered open slowly and he groaned groggily. The light was blinding his eyes so he squinted a little to get a better view.

'Is this how Mandos Halls looked like? Blinding white light?' he thought to himself he tried to plopped himself up.

"Hey, you're awake. How are you feeling?" a rather soft but familiar voice asked him.

He squinted his eyes more to take a better look at the one speaking to him.

Suddenly, the idea struck him," Elladan?" he asked cautiously.

Then Elladan came into his view and smiled at him," Yes, tis I."

Suddenly, he burst into tears held out his hands to Elladan. Elladan took Legolas' hands and sat down beside him on the bed.

"I thought I'll never see you again," Legolas cried softly as Elladan embraced him.

"I'm here now. We're both here now. All is well. Don't cry now," Elladan tried to sooth Legolas.

Legolas pulled away slowly and with his teary eyes, he asked softly," Here? But Where's here? Are we in Halls of Mandos?" Legolas felt a twinge of pain in his heart. He was sad because he could not see his family members again.

But Elladan chuckled lightly and said as he cupped Legolas' face with his hands," No, silly. We're not dead. We're still in Mirkwood. The palace. This is your room. Don't you recognize it?" At the last question, Elladan was beginning to get worried.

Legolas looked around and for the first time since he had woken, he saw the room clearly. Everything in the room was indeed his.

But he was confused. "We're not dead? But I saw you died in my arms. How could it be?" Legolas asked with a frown on his face.

Elladan smiled and said," I did not die. I merely fainted."

"But how?" Legolas asked again.

A voice from the door interrupted them," I can answer that."

Legolas immediately recognized the voice," Romion!"

Elladan moved from Legolas bedside to let Romion embrace his brother. After giving Legolas a bear hug and a kiss on the forehead, Romion began to explain.

"He did not take any poison, my dear brother. It was never my intention to kill him. It was only a sleeping potion."

"But the pain? Did Elladan faked that?"

"No of course he didn't. You forgot we have magic, and I only used a little to give and control the pain that he felt," Romion said with a sly grin.

Legolas was amazed but he tried to put on a stern face and scolded his brother," That was not a very good thing you did Romion. You nearly gave me a heart attack. I really thought you killed Elladan."

"Legolas!" Several voices called out to him from the door. All three of them turned their attention to the door and found that Legolas' and Elladan's family along with Haldir rushed into the room.

Everyone was asking for his well-being and Romion practically had to ordered his brothers off Legolas for they were too anxious to see how did their little brother fared.

"Oh, I am glad you are fine now, my son," King Thranduil said as he kissed his son's forehead.

"Me too, Adar," Legolas replied with a small smile.

He was happy to see all of his family members and friends were happy and well. But he could not help but feel because he knew he had not much time with them any longer.

King Thranduil noticed the frowns on his son's face and asked as he gently caressed his son's hands," What's the matter little one? What is bothering you?"

Legolas smiled at his father and answered in a small voice," I'm just sad that I'll be leaving you soon."

But the king was confused," Leaving us? Soon? What do you mean?"

"You don't have to put on a brave face for me, Adar. It is not necessary. I have accepted my fate," Legolas said with a sad smile.

"Legolas my son, what are you talking about?"

A lone tear dropped from the corner of his eyes as he answered softly," The curse, Adar."

Even though King Thranduil was heart broken to see his precious son cried but at that moment he just couldn't help himself. He laughed and the others joined him.

Legolas looked somewhat confused at the emotion they were displaying and then was hurt when he thought they were glad that he was dying.

Seeing the hurt expression on his brother's face, Romion coughed and the laughter died down.

Turning to looked at Elladan, King Thranduil asked," Elladan, did you not tell him?"

But Elladan smiled sheepishly and replied," I forgot. I was too happy when he woke up and I just forgot."

But King Thranduil only smiled at him affectionately and then he turned towards his son, took Legolas's hand to his cheek and said," Oh my little one, the spell is broken. You're no longer dying, my little one. You're fine now."

Legolas stared at his father for a while before he found his voice and asked cautiously," Really? I don't have to die now? I am well now? The curse is really broken?"

When his father nodded at him, Legolas jumped and wrapped his arms over his father neck and laughed happily.

Then Legolas let go of his father and asked with a confused expression," But how?"

"You should have seen it, Legolas. It was amazing. When the two of you were crying and hugging, and after Elladan passed out, it's like, some kind of black light were emitting from you and your brothers. That's when Adar said, the spell had been broken. Then suddenly, you passed out, from exhaustion most probably," Elrohir explained excitedly.

Then Taelas spoke," We don't care how was it broken, as long as it's done now." And everyone agreed.

Legolas smiled again but then he turned his attention to Romion and asked with a serious tone," Romi, how did you come up with your plan? I mean, to let us think that you wanted to kill Elladan?"

Romion took his brother's hand in his and explained," It just happened. I mean, we have nothing to lose because you were dying. I just had to try. Something drastic to prove your love was true. You know, the saying that people tends to tell the truth when they're dying. I guess it worked. Besides, Adar and Elrond knew it was just a hoax."

Elrond laughed and said," Of course I knew. You don't think I'd send my son to his death, do you?"

Arwen snickered and said," So Ell, how did it feel to be the receiving end of a trick?"

Elladan smiled sheepishly and knelt beside Legolas' bed. Gazing lovingly into Legolas' eyes, he answered," It feels great. I don't mind being tricked a thousand times over, if it was my beautiful angel."

That statement caught the younger elves attention. Some snorted while some made gagging sounds.

"That's enough," Elrond commanded but he too, chuckled.

As Elladan tried to leaned towards Legolas for a kiss, Legolas pushed him away.

"Just because we're fine now and I'm not dying now, that doesn't mean that I've forgiven you. I'm still mad at you," Legolas tried to sound angry.

"Ooopps, You're in for it now, Elladan. Just so you know, my brother is quite known for his temper in this family. Spoilt I say, spoilt," Kaimion teased as a pillow was thrown at him.

"Yeah, like you didn't play a part in spoiling this brat," Haifirion said. Legolas lunged another pillow at his brother.

But Elladan only smiled lovingly at his lover and said," Well, this brat looks very attractive when he's angry. I do not mind at all." Legolas bit his lip to try to contain his grin.

More snorting and gagging sounds.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere," Legolas said while trying to suppress a giggle.

"Oh but it does. I know you loved it when I do this," a kiss on Legolas's left cheek, " or this" a kiss on the right cheek," or this," a kiss on the forehead," or maybe this," a kiss on the nose," or maybe this," a kiss on the chin.

Legolas tried very hard but he couldn't helped it. He giggled loudly.

"And I definitely know you love THIS," with that, Elladan kissed Legolas passionately, his lips demanding entrance to Legolas' mouth. Legolas relented and opened his mouth for Elladan and both share a kiss that was as sweet as their first kiss.

"Ewwwwwww.... We don't have to see that."

"I think it's rather cute."

"Can't they keep their hands off each other?"

"Somebody stop them!"

"Come on, elflings, we should leave them alone now."

"Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean things could get out of hand here?"

"Yeah, someone should stay and supervise them or something."

"No, no, everyone, out."

"Yes, do as the king said. Out now."

With that, King Thranduil and Elrond ushered the younger elves out of the room.

As the king closed the door behind him, Elladan broke the kiss and now, they were both panting heavily.

"Am I forgiven now?" Elladan asked as caressed Legolas' cheek.

"Hmmm... I'll have to think about that," Legolas said with a mischievous grin.

"Really? Will this change your mind?" Elladan leaned in for another kiss.

A moment later, Elladan broke the kiss with a silly grin on his face and asked," So? What say you?"

Legolas eyed Elladan thoughtfully before saying," Ell, do you remember the three things that you promised me?"

Elladan thought for a moment and answered," Yes. I'll always love you. I'll never leave you. And I'll never lie to you. Ever."

Legolas smiled for he was happy that Elladan had remembered," That promise will start as of this moment."

Elladan smiled happily for it had meant that Legolas had forgiven him and embraced Legolas with a bear hug.

"May I have my kiss now?" Legolas asked sheepishly.

"You bet you may," Elladan said as he pulled back from the embrace.

And our story ends with our favourite couple sharing a hot passionate kiss.

~The End~

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