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Willow, Oz and Cordelia were walking toward the group after they saw Wesley be taken care of by hospital personnel.

"Duh! It's just that I don't get it. Why are you two coming with me to tea bag central?"

"Tea is cool."

Willow flashed a smile and quickly nodded. "We like tea."

The brunette frowned. "You are kiddin' me . . ."

Willow shook her head while Oz nodded.

The former cheerleader rolled her eyes. "Am I being mocked by a geek?"

Willow flushed red. "No, no . . . I swear. I mean, I . . ."

"I wanted to talk to that nice police officer and you kicked my leg. What was that about then?"

"Uh . . ."

Cordelia looked at Oz and then back to Willow. "Jealous?"

"No, no," she hastily denied. She quickly tried to recover, but had some difficulty to say the truth to Cordelia.

Lucky for her Oz came to the rescue. "Telling the police about how we have defeated a giant snake is . . . it's cool, but not smart."

Cordelia looked between the two and saw Willow nodding. She sighed a little. "You can tell me that without the obvious hints . . . and damaging my skin."

Willow bit her lower lip. "Sorry . . ."

Her spiky-haired, guitar-playing boyfriend, frowned almost invisible. He felt and even smelled that something was bothering his girlfriend. Then there was this sudden decision from her to become a Watcher. He first thought it was the upcoming fight, and took that desire from her as a positive view into the future. But it only had increased after that. He wrapped his arm around her, worried. "Hey, you're not to blame," and he flashed a narrowing frown towards Cordelia as she was about to protest.

She rolled her eyes. "Young and helpful boyfriends . . . They are the way to go for an ambitious gal . . . Really," she spoke to herself. She sighed. "Where can I get one of them . . ."


The two sisters of destiny were rolling over the ground with laughter as Xander tried to steal the gun back, they constantly moved it out of his reach, when Cordelia, Willow and Oz arrived. They both looked at the scene in front of them and turned their head to each other and frowned.

"Have you all gone mad?" Cordelia asked.

The trio ignored her question, while Giles, still not ready polishing his glasses stared at her, blinking. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. The only one able to speak was Angel. "How is Wesley?"

Cordelia flashed a short smile, but it faded quickly. "He is alright." Her attention went back to the playing three on the ground. "He is very brave, but just as crazy as those three. I mean, how in god's name do you think you're able to stop a vamp with such a stupid line and stretching out your arm into a stop sign?"

Angel chuckled and Willow laughed, still a bit nervous, as they had witnessed Wesley's strange defense method. Oz as usual kept his cool, but grinned inwardly as only a slight smile appeared. The two slayers had heard Cordelia's words and found themselves a new victim; Oz almost lost his cool while Willow fainted as Cordelia stared into the PPK.


Faith and Xander had left the group and walked away from the battlefield. The enigmatic girl was wearing her black leather outfit and her hair was still not completely dry. Even though she still was very hot looking, the flush on her cheeks had faded away. There was silence between the two, while the wild Slayer stared at him, caught up in thoughts. His face was dry now, except for one last drip rolling over his temple. It reminded her of how this all began a few days ago. How drastically her and his life had changed. Xander felt that there was some unexplainable tension between them and it was coming from Faith. "That was great fun, X."

Xander chuckled as he nodded. "Yeah, it was." He was glad she was happy, because he felt a bit uncomfortable with her silence.

A cold chill ran through her body as she remembered how she wanted to shoot him dead, 'cause she had lost all her will to face life. Two murder attempts hadn't been enough to stop him. She was willing to accept his help, giving it a chance to built a friendship, but got more as she fell in love for with him and vice versa. She shook her head. #I always thought I could read people. Damn, what was I wrong about him.#


"What is it, Faith?"

"Yep . . ." Faith chirped as she snatched the cigar out of Xander's mouth and brought it to her own. ". . . It smells like a Havana." #And then he survived this day alone two times. The thought made her skin crawl.# She chuckled with him and continued to walk. #Damn!# Apologizing for what she had done wasn't her thing, even though she felt a terrible need to do it. "X . . ." Xander faced her again and Faith snickered. "C's wet face was priceless." Xander looked at her with a grin on his face and nodded and was about to turn his head again. "Xan, I . . ." Xander waited. "I-I . . ." #Fuck! Why is this so damn difficult?# "So what about you? What was your thrill?"

"Well, the cigar was," Xander said, a bit annoyed now.

"Hey, I like a cigar too!" she playfully exclaimed. #Shit, he knows something is up with me . . .# Xander turned his head to her again.

"I guess you do."

Faith opened her mouth and closed it. She saw him frown a little. "What?"

"Faith, what is it?"

"You don't think that I don't like one? They are stiff and with a burning tip."

"Faith . . ."

Faith flashed a sexy smile, hiding her feelings again. "They remind me of something else, ya know."

"That's nice to know."

She added a wink to her smile. "Something a gal like me really likes to play with." Xander rolled his eyes. "And suck . . ." she said as she blew a cloud of smoke in his face.

Xander was tired of it and went to the point. "Faith, you did excellent. If you think you . . ."

She beamed him a glance. "Damn, X, I am glad that this whole fucking shit is over, but . . ." She thought for a moment. "I still need to learn to control myself . . . I mean, I still have these urges of pure anger when things don't go my way." She paused for a moment. "I've dealt with my past, Xander. It' just that there is so much shit going on in the world. And I am afraid that I won't always be able to withstand these killing urges."

Xander simply stared at her as he didn't know how to help her. Faith saw this need to help from him again, something she most appreciated of him. Even though it made her very uncomfortable at times as she wasn't used to it, she learned the hard way that he means it well. It caused a little shiver of warmth running over her skin. She quickly gave him a kiss in gratitude. Xander looked a bit surprised. "Faith . . ."

"I love you very much, Xander, and you are incredible, but even towards you I can get angry." He only keep looking at her. "I went furious when I thought B had snatched you away from me . . . And then the Mayor thing. I was only able to betray him when I snapped."

Xander nodded slowly, understanding her reasons.

"You reached out to me as a person to a person . . . As a friend wanting to help a friend." She stared him intensely in the eyes. "That Buffy thing today just made me want to rip you apart." She sighed and looked to the ground. "But even when B would have gotten your heart today, doesn't mean that I had the right to hurt you. We only had friendship." She paused for a moment and looked at him again. "I really don't want to know what I would have done when I thought that you did betray me."

She laid her hand on is shoulder and looked sincerely at him. "I'm scared as hell that I would harm you. I don't want you to get hurt . . . ever. And especially not over B."

Xander ignored how her words reached his heart and forced himself to think with his brain about her words, not getting away from the subject. And not about her off-sided comment about Buffy. "What do you want to do about it, Faith?"

"I don't know?"

Before Xander could say something Faith interrupted him. ". . . shit, Xan, we completely forgot the professor!"

Xander still felt that she was hiding something, but decided to let it wait as he could understand that this was getting way too emotional for the girl.


"This is your motor?" Xander asked pointing at the

"Yep. All brand new and shining. And ready to roll." She gave him her own helmet. "I don't really need one."

Xander took it, but Faith saw a protesting frown on his face. "Don't worry, X, I'll steal one . . ." She chuckled as the protest increased. Xander took his place behind Faith and she started the engine. "Hold me tight, X. I'm gonna let this baby rock." With one hand she dragged from the cigar. "Hail to the Queen, Baby!" she shouted as he grabbed a fistful of throttle and rocketed forward while pulling the front tire off the ground. She raced a few seconds like this and then hit the breaks.

The raven haired biker heard his heart going crazy. "Wow!" he managed to get out as his grip around her automatically tightened and he pressed his body against her. Faith grinned as this was precisely what she had aimed for. She hit the gas again and the motor rushed away.

The two drove outside Sunnydale to a ranch and stepped off. Xander stretched his clothes and his limbs and sighed in relief as he pulled off his helmet. Faith smiled as she saw the boy's relaxing features which belonged to someone who had looked into the eyes of Death itself too many times in way to short a period.

"You liked the trip?" Faith jokingly asked.

"Oh, well. It was nice."

"That's all?"

"Well, it definitely suites you."

"My wild kick-ass Slayer thing?" the Boston bad wondered.

Xander shook his head. "More like the color of your clothing . . ."

She grinned. "You were scared . . ."

"No . . ."

"Yes! You were."

"No. It was tame."

Faith rolled her eyes. "Tame . . ." she drawled and she laughed.

They both started to walk as Faith grinned wickedly. "Ya wanted to go on a trip, didn't ya?" she asked.

"A road trip, yes."

"Ya still wanna go?"

"Well, I had saved my money for this, but I haven't . . ."

"Don't rumble, X, I've got money and we have transportation."

Xander blinked. "You mean that thing we just road on?"

Faith smiled as she nodded.

"Uh, I-I don't know. I mean . . . you have a driver's license?"


Xander shook his head. "Just making sure it's legal, ya know, you driving and all."

Faith nodded as she grinned at his denial. "Yep, I have one."


Faith shook her head.


Faith nodded.

"I don't believe it." Faith pulled out her wallet and showed him her driver's license.

Xander blinked and sighed. "Ok . . ."

Faith smiled wide, but she quickly frowned as she thought about the professor. "Fuck! I hope he is still alright."

"What have you done with him, Faith?" Xander asked worried.

"I put him in one of the stalls. He can drink from one the water dispensers for the horses and stuff."


"Hey, I needed to make sure he wasn't talking around, remember?"

Xander stared at her and nodded, he had asked for it.

They walked into the stall she had locked him up. "I hope he won't sue us," Xander commented.

"Don't worry, I still have connections from being the Mayor's assistant."

"You have?"

She nodded. "He was very powerful and there are no witnesses alive who have seen me betray him."

"What kind of connections?"

"Laywers, mages, assassins, you name it and I can find them."

"The Mayor and all his vampires are dead. You are alive, don't you think that's is a little suspicious to them?"

Faith shrugged. "Maybe, but there are enough 'relations' who are glad to see him dead. Can always get a favor from them."

Xander stood still and frowned. Faith turned around. "What is it, X, don't like it?"

"I don't like it, Faith. Fighting evil with evil isn't the way it should be done."

"Whatever it takes, Xander, you said it yourself."

Xander thought for a while. "Look, Faith. I'm willing to go far, but we aren't above the law and we can't have darkness helping us a hand. Sooner or later that will need to be payed by a price. A price we can't afford."

"And who stole the rocket launcher?"

Xander sighed. "That was a one time occasion. And I'm not saying that we can't bend the law sometimes, but only when absolutely necessary. We just can't do it structural." Faith rolled her eyes. "Look, Faith. You are powerful. You have a great strength as a Slayer and you have apparently connections. But with great power comes great responsibility. We need to be very careful with that."

Faith stared at him, realizing that, but still not accepting.

"And we can't depend on it. Look at the Mayor what happened. He was sure that he would win, he had planned this for over a hundred years and used all kinds of those connections."

"Okay, X, you're right. But we can't exclude it either."

Xander nodded. "Precisely." He paused for a moment. "And bending the law is one thing, but playing with demons who kill who know how many people is not only very dangerous but also unacceptable." She knew he had a point and could only agree with him. He looked around in stable. "Now, where is the poor professor?"

Faith looked at the place she had bound the professor, but realized it was empty. Instead her Slayer hearing picked up a little noise coming from the stalls at the other side.

They quickly moved towards the sounds of groaning and moaning. "Shit, I hope nothing went wrong."

"You didn't do anything beyond tying him up, did you?"

"No, I swear. I was wicked, sure, but I didn't hurt him."

Xander frowned as they entered the stable were the noise was coming from. They both looked around and blinked in stunned surprise. Xander chuckled while Faith remained stunned. The professor saw them and smiled at Faith. "Hey, look, it's the Mayor's assistant. Thanks for your advice," he said and turned his head to his female companion and was about to kiss her again. Instead of accepting the kiss she quickly faced Faith. "That's her?" she asked.


"Hey, I'm sorry . . ." Faith tried to apologize.

But instead of being angry the woman smiled. "Thank you, I was alone and with my age its not easy to find a decent man, but then I suddenly found him in one of my stables."

Faith's eyes widened as Xander started to chuckle louder. "Uh . . ."

"And you're right, he is a cutie."

Faith closed the door and stared at Xander, who now tumbled over in laughter as Faith looked at him in anger, waiting until he was finished. He was barely able to respond between giggles. "Faith, I think you have a gift for coupling life-long bachelors."

The dark Slayer scowled. #Damn, Faith, you really should do something about your urges,# she thought before she saw the humor of it and joined his laughter. #I will get you back for this on the motor, mister . . .#


Sunnydale High, or what is left of it

Giles had brought Buffy home and was searching for Xander who had been talking with the last of the Sunnydale police before they had left the scene. The Brit was strolling over the battlefield while scanning the area for the young man. "Xander!" he shouted and after a moment her heard a soft sound coming out of the blown up school. He walked over to the wreckage and wrinkled his nose in disgust of the smell caused by the fire. "Xander!?"


Giles went into the direction of Xander's voice and quickly found him as the boy was checking out black blathered piece of equipment.

Xander heard the watcher approach and looked up with a saddened face. "My pride," he softly said.

Giles traced carefully the rocket launcher as he pressed on his glasses. He frowned, wondering. "Is it destroyed?"

"I don't think it's that bad. Maybe Willow can have a look at it."

Giles nodded. "Good."

Xander stared at it as he slid his hand over its surface. "It has changed color though. Probably Buffy likes black."

Giles couldn't hide a small chuckle as watched Xander face. "I thought she was like most teenage girls, all in for those sharp ugly colors which gives one only a headache."

Xander nodded. "Maybe she took over Faith's taste."

"They seem to get along fine," Giles admitted.

Xander looked at Giles, more serious. "Willow, she asked me today if I could get her to Cambridge too . . ."

Giles blinked. "She wants to become a watcher?"

"And Oz . . ."

Xander was interrupted as a proud grin flashed in Giles features for a moment. "I think that can be arranged," he simply said after he had regained himself.

"That leaves us without a witch, Giles."

Giles twitched his head towards his as he thought about Xander's comment. "There was this other witch . . . Amy I believe her name . . ."

"She is a rat. And Willow can't turn her back."

Giles nodded, remembering the incident. The old man was silent for a while as Xander watched him thinking. "I know a coven in England," he finally said, "Maybe they can help."

"Coven? Are they witches?"

Giles nodded. "Experienced and powerful . . ."

"Can they help Wills too?" the boy interrupted.


"Yeah, with her power. Learn her how to use it, control it."

Giles stared at him for moment. "That is an excellent idea . . . I think they would like to help her."

"They have helped young witches or mages before?" he asked a bit worried.

"I don't know. Probably they did."

Xander smiled. "Great!" he shouted, "Oz is not Harry Potter, but that won't be of any problem."

Giles frowned. "Who?"

"Oh, it's this new book. Willow is complete crazy about it . . . I just can't see why."

Giles helped Xander with the rocket launcher and together they walked outside and both settled themselves on one of the chairs which laid still scattered over the place. For a moment they looked over the school yard and both sighed. "It has turned out all excellent, Xander."

Xander smiled as he nodded. Giles pointed at the rocket launcher. "That thing was useful twice already. Maybe we should get more of them."

Xander grinned. "Yeah, I only don't see how we could get our hands on more of them."

"Well, if you have any idea, let me know."

Xander chuckled a bit inwardly and nodded. He absently scanned the area and turned his head. "I had a talk with Faith . . ." Giles looked at him to continue. "She thinks she still has moments of fury and anger." He stared the Brit in his eyes. "Can't we do anything for her?" he asked hopefully.

"She has a natural temper, Xander. Added to the bitterness of the recent weeks. The last one will fade away, but the first lies in her character. Those urges won't go away easily. I don't know if there is quick way to deal with it, if there is any way at all."

Xander thought for a moment. "Well, I don't know. I thought maybe she is a Slayer and . . ."

Giles looked confused. "What do you mean?"

He hit with his fist on his hand. "They all have this power within them. You see, I thought that they could learn to control it. And if they can . . . then so could maybe Faith control her own emotions. Meditation or something . . ."

Giles saw the logic of the boy and thought about it. "That's a good point, Xander. I had heard rumors of a vision or dreaming that could connect a Slayer to her power directly and learn how to use it better. Make her stronger. That might be of help. I'll look it up."

Giles and Xander sat for a moment and Giles looked at Xander. The respect he had of the boy had raised enormously the last couple of days. To a point that he found it even difficult to correct the boy. "X-Xander, I, uh, I saw Faith just before I came here. Well, I saw her on a motorcycle, so I think it was her."

"Probably . . ." Xander mildly growled. #License? My ass! Connections . . . Evil connections.#

Giles nodded and simply continued. "She was heading for the cemetery. Did she tell you what she was doing there? I-I mean there is not a real need for patrol and it's not dark yet, you see . . ."

Xander looked up at him in surprise. "Cemetery? I haven't got a clue." He stood up. "I've got to check this out, G."

#Damn!# Giles thought as he hastily stopped him. "I-I wanted to speak with you about another subject which got my attention." He relaxed a bit. "I got a telephone call just right now, from the Council. They apparently have had a call from Mr. Summers. He, uh, was rather pissed about them . . ." Xander blinked. "He claimed that he had a phone call with one of Buffy's friends, who seemed to have explained certain detail about Buffy being not only a nice girl, but also a vampire Slayer."

Xander swallowed as he heard the disapproval in Giles' gentle tone as he spoke the last two words. "I-I . . ."

"He seemed to be very reluctant about your story. But you praise about his daughter made him think differently and after the call with the Council he decided to pay us a visit."

"Giles . . ." Xander tried to defend himself, still calm.

"Look, Xander. I know you mean it well. But not everybody can know about this. It's better . . ."

This made Xander angry. "Giles!" he snapped. "This is her father you are talking about. He has all the right to know what is going on with his own daughter. And the dirt they have said about her and her mother to keep him away is just *outrageous*."

Giles blinked. "What did they tell him?!?"


The boston girl sat sitting alone at one of Sunnydale's cemeteries in front of her father's tombstone. The sun was just about to settle and it was completely silent on the graveyard, except from some birds who were chirping. She was thinking about the last few days. Suddenly the thin fog which had surrounded the cemetery was thickening above her father's grave. The fog formed into a misty cloud and Faith's eyes widened. #What the fuck!?# Then her jaw dropped as the cloud shaped itself and started to move slowly towards her. Then she was distracted when she suddenly felt the presence of someone standing next to her. She quickly moved her head and saw a young Chinese woman standing who had appeared out of nowhere.

The woman stood almost 5'8". Faith was struck by her beauty. She had delicate, almond-shaped eyes, full-lipped mouth and raven black hair. And all her curves screamed woman. A round badge hung tightly around her throat on a black leather cord. It was an blue/white amulet, symbolizing ying- yang. In all the woman's mysterious presence Faith knew at least that much. She wore a black silk outfit that barely clung on her and a long skirt at the bottom with generous pleads that dropped to soft boots. A sort, shapeless cape with a high collar draped from her shoulders to the backs of her knees, fluttering in the breeze. She carried a sword on her back and to Faith's surprise also two guns. The dark Slayer sensed that she was not some ordinary human and beyond that she radiated vibes of a strong female. As soon as she had arrived, she walked away out of sight, into the shadows . . . Without a word.

Faith stared after her in surprise, but got almost a heart attack as she suddenly felt something touching her shoulder. She spun her head towards the grave again and saw the cloud in front of her, forming itself into what appeared a human imagine. "What?" she whispered, bewildered. Within moments her eyes widened further as she recognized the cloud as the ghost of her father. "D-Daddy?" she stuttered, "I- Is that you?"

"Hello, Faith." The dark worrier looked around again, confused and not believing. Her father smiled at her surprised face. "It's me, Faith."

She looked back at him. "D-Daddy?"

"It is me, your Daddy . . ." he assured her, gently.

Faith was stunned. "H-How?" she stuttered.

"The Chinese woman was so kind to lead me through the Ghost Roads, so that I could talk with you. She is a Guardian Spirit for her people and has a lot of experience and apparently knew the way to Sunnydale."

Faith swallowed as she was scared, nervous and happy at the same time. She wanted to respond, but surprise still took her from forming decent words.

"I don't have much time, Faith. I have followed you from that day . . ." Tears appeared in his eyes. "I felt so helpless all this time . . ."

Faith's eyes watered as she realized that her own father was really standing in front of her.

". . . I couldn't help you. Higher powers forbade me to interfere with your life . . ."

Faith shivered at the thought of him having followed her every deed.

"I love you, Faith. No matter what you did, I always loved you."

"Faith, I . . ." He laid his finger on her lips when he saw Faith open her mouth to speak, ". . . I only came to tell you how proud I am."


Her father nodded as he transformed slowly into a cloud again. "I have found peace again . . ." he said.

Faith swallowed. "P-P . . ." she stuttered.

"Yes, Faith. My spirit couldn't find rest when I died. I followed you all the time, I was forced to watch you . . ." Faith blinked. "Don't feel ashamed, Faith. I almost felt the same despair you were feeling . . . I wanted to help, but I couldn't . . ."

"Daddy, I-I didn't know, how . . . how can you be here now?"

"They gave me one last chance to talk to you, before I finally can go to . . ." He raised his hand, ". . . heaven." He stared at her with gentle eyes as he started to fade away. He hastily said his final words. "You have to let me go, Faith. I'm in your heart and will always be, but I'm your father . . . Someone else has taken over that place . . ." He said as he was about to lose the final stages of his form. ". . . Open it for him . . ." he whispered in the wind and shifted into mist, quickly dissolving in air. . .

The mysterious black-clad swordswoman walked back again and watched Faith's face. The shock of her father's presence was still there. The dark Slayer stared straight into her hazel eyes and then her eyes scanned her quickly, nervously, struck by her mysterious aura. "T-Take care of him . . ." she softly spoke before she vanished as fast as she came.

Faith stared in the air where the woman only a few seconds ago stood and suddenly burst out in tears as realization finally hit her.


The dark girl sat there for a while before her boyfriend arrived. Without a word he settled himself next to her and read the inscription on the tombstone. Xander turned his head and scanned the features of her face as she continued staring at it with a blank face. He wanted to ask the natural questions, but decided to keep his mouth. Both were satisfied with the silence. She laid her head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. Faith new his questions and she wanted to thank him, explain her past to him. To give him the answers he was seeking for. But it wasn't necessary as their mutual love of each other overrode every desire for talking. She was very grateful for that. Together they sat peacefully and silent, until the sun had settled down hours earlier and the darkness had taken over.