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Chapter 1: I Will Make You Mine

Her feet pounded on the slick wet cement as she ran from her assailant. The sky was dark and clouded over, no moon. The pavement was cracked and dotted with potholes, the buildings were crumbling and sagging. Bricks showed through the peeling paint and plaster, almost all the windows were cracked or boarded over, if there even were windows. The sole street light buzzed, flicked, and went out with a nearly inaudible "pop".

Her heart pounded in her ears and a stitch formed in her side. She couldn't run much longer, and she could hear him gaining on her. She took a sharp turn into an alleyway, hoping she could loose him. To her dismay she realized that it was a dead end. She had fallen into her own trap.

She heard his heavy footsteps behind her. She whirled around to see him looming ahead. She backed up, her spine pressing against the wet, dirty bricks. He came closer and closer, his leering grin glowing in the darkness. Every step he took caused her heart to beat faster and faster, louder and louder. She sank to the ground, covering her face with her hands, curled up into a little ball, protecting herself. He came so close that she could see his rotting teeth, smell the beer on his breath. He reached his hand to her, grabbing her hair; she let out a whimper, like a hurt bird. She shrunk back, covering her face, closing her eyes, and looking at the sky, one last time.

Out of the darkness, on the roof, leapt a figure. It bounded off the dumpster, and slammed her assailer against the side of the alleyway. It pounded the man's head into the cement, dodging punches.

"Get off me kid!" the man cursed in a rough, slurred voice. The figure continued its attack until the man ran off, screaming.

"Don't let me EVER see you here again!" the figure shouted, and stepped out of the shadows. It was Robin.

Robin looked down at the girl. Her long brown hair was tangled around her face, her normally pale complexion was even paler, and her black tank top clung to her back from a cold sweat. Robin reached out his hand, and gently tipped her face towards him. She looked up at him, frightened. Robin gasped a bit, taken aback by her large, green eyes. They were the greenest he had ever seen. Greener than Starfire's, more beautiful as well.

"It's OK," he said softly, "I'm not going to hurt you, you're safe." He reached out his hand to her, she trembled. "It's OK," he said. "I'm Robin, I'll take you home, just tell me your name." Her mouth opened, but no wards came out, she wasn't scared. She knew he wanted to help her, but there was something about him, something different, beyond the obvious. He had an aura around him that made her want him to hold her and protect her forever, even though she had just learned his name. Robin looked at her with Sympathy.

"Don't worry," he said, more to assure himself than anyone else, "I'll get you home."

"YO! Robin, where are you?' a voice called. Robin turned, and saw that the other Teen Titans were looking for him. "Over here!" he called back. He turned around to face the green-eyed girl.

"Are you sure you won't tell me your name?" he whispered, she shook her head. She knew that even if she could make the words come, she would still sound stupid. He looked at her sympathetically.

"Alright, then." He gave her a kind smile, and stood up to face the rest of the titans.

"We finished off the rest of the gang." Raven said in her usual, dull monotone.

"YEA!" Beast Boy shouted joyfully, "We kicked their butts!!" he began to dance around wildly. "Whoa," cyborg said, "calm down, you're scaring me." "Well Sor-ry!"

"Robin," Starfire said, concern in her voice, "I do not understand why those men were chasing that girl. Did she do something wrong?"

"No, Starfire, don't worry about it." Robin replied, "I'll tell you later, but now we have to get her home." He indicated towards the Green- eyed girl.

"We can't if we don't have any information about her." Raven said, logically. She glanced down at the girl. "I tried to get her name." Robin said, lamely. "Trying doesn't do much, does it, Robin?"

"Robin." the green-eyed girl whispered thoughtfully, but no one heard her. 'So that's his name.' she thought.

"Dudes," beast boy said, looking down at her, "she looks scared, maybe we should just take her to the tower and question her tomorrow."

"You don't know who she's working for, she could be a threat." Raven replied.

"Raven, how could she be a threat! I mean, just look at her!"

"You, Robin, are easily influenced by weepy or weak-looking females. I, for one, am not taking any chances. She is not coming to the tower." Raven narrowed her eyes and shook her head, defiantly, challenging Robin to argue with her.

"But Raven," Starfire questioned, "if she does not come with us, where will she go?" "We will take her to the hospital, leave her there with money for a cab. Then she can go home when she knows what her name is."

Raven had made up her mind, and no matter how hard Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, or Starfire tried to change it, her ideas remained firmly planted in her head.

"Fine," Robin said, giving up, "we'll take her." "I will be the transportation!" Starfire cried joyfully, and went over to pick her up. Robin imagined her fright when flying over dozens of buildings, at least 50 feet off the ground.

"NO!" he said quickly and sharply, Starfire looked hurt. "I'm sorry, Star, it's just, look at her. Can you imagine being scared, and then hovering 100 feet off the ground?" Starfire looked thoughtful for a moment. "But on my planet, even the smallest of babies can fly."

Raven looked annoyed. "We're not on your planet. People here don't fly." "You fly." Starfire said, flatly. "I am half demon. Listen to Robin." Starfire pouted.

"How are we gonna get her there if we can't fly her there?" Cyborg asked. Everybody thought for a bit.

"Hmmmmmmm" beast boy said, "OH! WAIT! I have an idea!" and promptly turned into a horse. "Oo, good one." Cyborg said, laughing.

"Azarath, metrion, zinthos." Raven muttered softly. The girl levitated slightly, and Robin put her on the horse.

"There" he said to her, "I told you I'd get you home."

As they were walking, a thousand thoughts raced through her mind. 'Who are these people?' she thought, 'why are they saving me?' 'Why are they so kind?' and while she watched them walk off through the window in her hospital room, one thought stuck out the most.

'I will find you, Robin' she thought, 'and when I do, I'll make you mine.


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