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When Robin returned from his numb wanderings, he found nothing but pain and misery. Cyborg was lying facedown in the evidence room, his wires strewn across the floor.

Robin tried to fix him... He really did, but as he put the wires back into place and rolled Cyborg over, he knew it was futile. A metal rod had pierced Cyborg's heart. The Titans were finished.

February 14th, supposedly a time of love, laughter, understanding, and happiness... but no. Love was what had been felt for Starfire. She was laying 6 feet under, slowly decaying.

Laughter was for Beastboy, who always had the joke to cheer someone up. Hey was lying in one of the three coffins in front of the church.

Understanding was Raven. She had always understood Robin, always was there for him, but alas, she had died.

Happiness was Cyborg. He was happy... and he made others happy. Robin clenched his fist, why did they have to die? Why? They had never done anything wrong, they had never wrongfully hurt someone, they were do-gooders. He grated his teeth. Someone had killed them.

Robin couldn't take it. He leaned his head in his hands, trying to block out the funeral that almost the entire city had attended.

"I CAN'T DO THIS!" Robin yelled. He felt the eyes of hundred on him. He stood up. This was impossible. He couldn't stay. He had to escape the madness that was gnawing at his mind. Completely unaware of the whispering, he marched out of the pews and through the church doors into the empty city. He put his hands in his pockets, slouched over, and began to prowl the streets.

Destiny walked down the sidewalk, alone in her thoughts. The Titans were all dead... now all she had to do was figure out how to get Robin. She walked into an empty ally-way and sat down, she had to think, she had to plan, and she had to conquer.

She leaned her back against the wet dirty bricks and her chin in her hand. Lost in her thoughts, she did not see the shadowy figure walk into the ally way, she did not hear the crackling of it's foot steps... she was not aware of anything... until it was too late. Until she looked up and saw Robin with a knife in his hand, poised to kill. She began to scream... and scream... and scream.

Destiny trembled when she felt someone behind her, shaking her shoulders. She blinked, trying to see as the remaining mist of her dream faded away.

"Destiny? Are you all right?" Robin asked her, sitting up in bed, looking worried.

Destiny shook her self, trying to rid herself of the dream.

"Yes... I'm fine, I was just dreaming..."

"About what?" Robin asked, concerned.

"They day I met you." She retorted.

"By screaming?" Robin looked puzzled.

She sighed and shrugged.

"Let's just go to sleep."

Destiny nodded and fell asleep in Robin's arms, her wedding ring shining in the moonlight.

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