A/N: This story takes place in early 2971 which means that Aragorn is approximately 40 years old. I have decided to make Legolas 2897 since Tolkien never gave his specific age. (Also just to let you know, later on in the story I mention that they are traveling across Rhovanion. If you have a map in front of you, then you'll notice that the word Rhovanion is shown across Mirkwood. Legolas and Aragorn are traveling on the outskirts of Mirkwood. Not actually in the Forest.)

Disclaimer: Recognizable quotes most likely belong to Tolkien or Peter Jackson; Universe belongs to Tolkien; Story belongs to me :)


"Legolas, quickly! The tracks have turned southeast!"

It was still early in the day, and the sun had just barely risen, but they could not afford to lose any time. They had finally finished their hike across the Misty Mountains the day before and were now hopefully gaining on their quarry: a large group of Orcs.

The group of Orcs had been terrorizing villages for weeks when Gandalf had told Aragorn and Legolas of the situation. For awhile, they had traveled with the Rangers when a larger problem arose, which the Rangers went to take care of. Aragorn and Legolas broke off from the group to take care of this group of Orcs before they would join the Rangers again.

Legolas ran past the Edan swiftly. Aragorn ran harder to catch up with him, but there was no need. Legolas stopped suddenly and Aragorn ran into him, not foreseeing that was going to happen. "Wha--?" he started before stopping and looking at the ground. It was littered with many goblin bodies.

Aragorn and Legolas stood contemplating the sight in front of them for a few more moments before Aragorn began reading the signs. He began walking around the bodies, bent over, close to the ground.

"It seems there was a great battle, and yet it was only one person who took down all of these Orcs. Or rather, one something I should say, for I know not what it was that did this. The tracks are too big to be human and they seem to have an almost animal like quality to them, yet at the same time, they seem to also have a human quality. I do not know what it was that killed all of these, but it must have been an ally. The rest of the Orcs fled in the same direction we are heading. That is where we must continue; there is no time to look for what killed all these." He stopped in front of a body and looked closely at it, as though trying to figure out just what could have destroyed the Orc so viciously.

Aragorn stood up once again and looked at Legolas, who was still looking at the tracks with a strange look in his bright eyes. Legolas, feeling the humans' gaze on him, sprang lightly to his feet. "Yes, very strange," he mused to Aragorn.

Wondering about the Elf's strange behavior, but not commenting on it, Aragorn said, "Well, we must leave this a mystery for now as we have no more time to ponder this riddle. Come, let us make haste to catch up with the rest of the Orcs, whoever our ally is, hopefully made it easier for us to take down the rest of them."

With that, Legolas and Aragorn once again took up their silent trek across Rhovanion. They did not pause to for the next few hours until the sun began to set. Then they contemplated on whether or not to stop. Finally, they decided to stop for fear of missing the tracks if they changed direction in the dark. They set up camp beside a clear, cold river. Aragorn took a flask of water out of his pack and handed it to Legolas. "Here, drink some water, mellon-nin."

Legolas took the container and drank a little before handing back to Aragorn and telling him to drink. "After all," Legolas teased, "Elves tire much less easily than Men. I am sure you need it much more than I do."

Aragorn cracked a smile and began chuckling. "Well in that case, then, I am sure you don't mind taking first watch, as of course you won't be tired at all." Legolas made a face at him and playfully hit him on the shoulder.

Aragorn took out some Lembas from his pack and threw a piece to Legolas who caught it swiftly. He began eating it. Aragorn also ate a piece himself before lying down on the soft grass. "Earendil shines bright tonight, does he not?" Aragorn said quietly to Legolas, who was also looking at the sky.

"Aye, that he does, Estel."

They were silent for a few more moments before Legolas stood up and spoke.

"You should get some rest. I will take first watch and wake you when it is your turn. Idh mae, Estel."

Aragorn smiled, closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep to the soft sound of the Elf singing quietly to himself in his own tongue beside him.

The next morning Aragorn woke up and shook his head. It was still quite early in the morning, and the Sun was barely rising, giving a soft glow to everything it touched. Aragorn looked around and saw that Legolas had already picked up camp and was nowhere in sight. Suddenly he heard a soft musical voice from behind him.

"So, you have finally decided to wake up and join me?"

Aragorn turned around quickly and saw Legolas standing there with a smile on his face.

"Well, you could have woken me up!" Aragorn said, still grumpy from having just awoken. "Besides, that reminds me; why didn't you wake me up last night for my watch?"

Legolas replied, "You looked so peaceful I could not bear to wake you up and be stuck with someone as grumpy as you after you wake up. Also, you looked as though you needed your beauty sleep."

Aragorn aimed a punch at the Elf, who ducked promptly, knowing what was coming. "Elves!" Aragorn muttered under his breath while throwing a dirty look at Legolas, who just laughed merrily.

Finally, when Aragorn was once again in good humor, they prepared to continue after the Orcs. After making sure they had everything, they erased all signs of having been there and once again set out across the long, endless stretch of land. Dark clouds began rolling in and covering the sky. The terrain was growing rough, and it was getting harder to run.

It took them a while, as Aragorn stopped fairly often to lie down and listen to the earth. Sometimes he would lie there so long Legolas could not help but wonder if he had fallen asleep. The Orcs were near, of that much they were sure, yet even the eyesight of Legolas could not see them. They began wondering if there was sorcery going on, for Arda did not lie. Somehow they were keeping hidden from sight. The Elf and the Man began to wonder if they were traveling through Eryn Lasgalen instead of plain sight, strange a course though that would be.

If that was so, then that would prove yet another obstacle for them. It would be a harder battle for them in the woods rather than on the plains. Legolas knew of this more than Aragorn, since it was his homeland and he had been fighting Spiders and Orcs there for quite a while. At that moment, Aragorn, who had been lying down listening for quite a while, suddenly jumped up at the same exact moment Legolas notched an arrow.

"Yrch!" he cried, falling back into his own tongue. Suddenly, a large group of Orcs hurtled out of the forest beside them. These were large Mordor Uruks. There was a giant red eye painted crudely on each of their armor. Legolas began to rapidly shoot arrows with a speed and grace possessed only by the Firstborn. Aragorn released several arrows before he replaced his bow with his sword. Once the Uruk- hai were near enough, he began to really show his skill with a blade. He fought with the grace of one who has wielded a sword for many years. Though, as many as they killed, more still came.

After slashing down another Uruk-hai, Legolas looked away for a moment and said "Estel, ego!"

Aragorn looked at his friend and said, "Baw! Avon heiram le si na belthoam!"

Legolas glanced away, abruptly stabbing an Orc as he spoke urgently, "Le garo ego!"

"Baw!" Aragorn repeated stubbornly.

Legolas shook his head and began fighting once again with new vigor. Somehow, in the midst of the battle, Legolas got separated from Aragorn and the next thing he knew one of the large Uruk-hai, most likely the leader of the group, said "Drop your weapons, Elf, or the human dies!"

Legolas looked around surprised and called out "Estel, he bor?"

He heard Aragorn reply to his left and he turned slightly. He saw five Uruk-hai holding Aragorn and another holding a knife to his throat. The Uruk pressed it tighter so that a little blood trickled down his neck. His sword lay on the ground about three-arm length's away.

"Legolas, avo!"

Legolas looked at his friend and slowly dropped both his blades and his bow and arrows. Immediately, a group of six Uruk-hai came over and subdued him, tying his hands roughly behind his back. Then the Uruk-hai holding Aragorn did the same to him. The leader of the group growled: "Put them to sleep. We don't need any more trouble!"

The last thing Aragorn and Legolas saw was the Uruk-hai surrounding them before both of their worlds went black.


When Legolas woke it was dark and there was a large fire going, casting flickering shadows around its immediate perimeter. He attempted to turn around when he realized that he was staked to the ground. He squirmed around trying to get a good view of what was going on. He finally found a somewhat comfortable position, or at least as comfortable as you can be while staked to the ground and tied up, where he could see Aragorn and the goings on of the Uruk-hai. He saw Aragorn had his eyes closed, though he was not tied to the ground as Legolas was, and the Elf hissed, "Estel! Estel, echuivo!"

Aragorn seemed to wake up. He opened his eyes slowly, as though savoring the last bit of a pleasant dream.

"Estel, tye le mae?"

Aragorn answered: "Avo iosto, mellon nin, im-"

Suddenly, he was silenced by a kick from his guard. "Be quiet!" his guard said angrily. Legolas retorted sharply, "Antolle ulua sulrim!" He stooped over Legolas, bringing his yellow fangs close to his face. He had a black knife with a long jagged blade in his hand.

"Lie quiet or I'll tickle you with this," he hissed in the Common speech, which he made almost as hideous as his own language. "Don't draw attention to yourself or I may forget my orders."

Then he went into a long speech in his own tongue, "U bagronk sha pushdog glob bubhosh skai..." This went on for a few more moments before he finally trailed off and was quiet.

Legolas struggled, trying to get his bonds undone, but to no avail. He looked at Aragorn who was just raising his eyebrows; his eyes seemed to say 'Was that really necessary, Legolas?'

Legolas did not wish to draw any more attention to himself, yet he could not bear the thought of being captive and submissive to these creatures.

Just being this near to such malevolent creatures made Legolas feel sick. He finally lay still, deeming his struggle useless. They had tied him too tight; and instead, he listened to what the Uruk-hai were saying around the fire. Most of it was, to his surprise, in the Common Tongue.

"Why don't we just kill them? They are only hindering us!" One of them snarled.

"They are the whole reason we came here, fool! If we killed them, He wouldn't be happy, and I wouldn't want to be the one at the end of His anger; unless you would like to be the one to explain to him why we don't have them?" said another vehemently.

Eventually all of their arguing died out. The night was cold and still. Legolas and Aragorn fell into fitful dreams. Sometime during the middle of the night Aragorn woke up and heard Legolas singing softly to himself in his own tongue. After that, Aragorn slept much more peacefully until the morning found them, and with that, the beginning of an endless nightmare.

Legolas was in a dark and troubled dream when he awoke with a start.

Cold air blew on his face. He was lying on his back and the stones beneath him were boring into his skin. He tried to turn and found the dreams were only a little worse than waking up to reality. For a moment he wondered where he was, and then he remembered he was tied to the ground. Then, he recalled the previous day's events and his capture. Beside him Aragorn lay, white faced, with his wrists and ankles tied.

The sky was still dark, as the sun had not yet risen. Clouds were covering the sky, making everything seem darker than it really was. Legolas began struggling again. He actually pulled up one of the stakes that bound his wrist to the ground. He quickly used that hand to free his other and soon he had both hands free. His wrists were raw and red from the bonds that they had tied so cruelly, and his hands were numb with lack of blood. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't untie the knots on the rope. He would just have to keep the rope on, though he desperately wanted to take them off.

He then wondered what to do about this dilemma. He had to come up of with a plan quickly, before the guards returned. For the moment he just tied the rope to make it look as though he was still staked to the ground. If he were to try and escape, the Uruk-hai would quickly find him, since that was why they were in this area; according the Uruk he had listened to the night before. He finally came to the decision of feigning to still be bound up tight to the ground, and when the opportune moment came, he would help Aragorn escape. He figured they would not chase too hard after the human, and Aragorn could not afford to be caught.

Legolas was worried for his friend. If Aragorn was brought before the Dark Lord, then all hope of uniting mankind as a race would be lost. He was the hope for all mankind. The Dark Lord would eventually find out that Isildur's heir is in fact alive, and dwelling in Imladris. Once Aragorn was out of the picture, there would be no dawn for men. Gorthaur would be sure of that.

Legolas shuddered to think of that.

Suddenly, the Uruks that were guarding the perimeter came back and saw Legolas was not in the same place that he was in earlier. One of them came forward and Legolas saw that it was the same Uruk that had threatened him the night before.

"Oi, you!" he snarled roughly. "You're much more trouble than you're worth!"

Then he came closer to Legolas and brought forth his knife again. "Go ahead, scream! There is no one around to save you!" He brought the knife to Legolas' neck and it started cutting into his skin.

Legolas winced as blood started oozing out when suddenly another Uruk, the one who was guarding Aragorn, saw what was happening. He yelled angrily, "Drushnak! What do you think you are doing, fool?!"

Drushnak did not pull his knife away; instead he merely growled, "This elf is up to something! I think we should just kill it now before it causes us any more trouble!"

The other Uruk said, "No! Bagronk bubdash, Drushnak, skai u-glob!"

Drushnak reluctantly pulled his knife away though he looked repeatedly at the other Uruk in anger. Finally, he stepped away after giving Legolas a hard kick in the head, nearly causing him to fall unconscious again.

The sky was growing lighter and the clouds began drifting away. A red sun rose over the horizon. Now the camp began to wake up and Aragorn was one of the first. The first thing he did was turn to look at Legolas. What he saw made him take in a breath sharply. Legolas had a bloody gash on his head and blood was seeping out through a wound in his neck.

"Legolas?" Aragorn whispered quietly; he knew the Elf's keen hearing would catch his words. Legolas moved his head slightly to look at Aragorn, the human said: "Mani marte? Manen nar tye?"

"Im triw, Estel; ceru u fuio nia anim, mellon-nin."

Aragorn began to shake his head and say something else, but before he could answer, some Uruks came over and began dragging them both to their feet. The Uruks released Legolas from his hold to the ground and roughly pulled him to his feet. Aragorn saw the Elf stagger a little as he stood, then he once again regained his equanimity.

The Uruks started jeering cruelly at him, and one of the Uruks behind him grabbed his hair and jerked him backwards. Legolas lost his footing and began to fall, but his bonds that the Uruk-hai in front of him were holding jerked him to a stop, and Legolas and Aragorn heard a sickening crack! from one of his wrists. He somehow pushed himself back up and spat at the ground in front of the Uruk-hai.

"Amin feuya ten'lle!" Legolas hissed, between clenched teeth at the Uruk-hai that were holding him.

A couple more Uruk-hai came over and roughly grabbed Aragorn away from his friend. Aragorn began violently trying to get out of the Uruks grips and he actually pulled free of two of them. He began trying to get to Legolas, but his guards came up and viciously pulled him away. The last thing Aragorn saw was a scuffle breaking out between a bound Legolas and his guards. He saw more Uruk hai gather around the Elf and he realized Legolas was once again restrained. He wondered how Legolas even had managed to attack them in the first place.

The last thing he saw before the circle closed on him was Legolas in the center, being advanced upon by the Uruks. His father had told him what Uruk-hai and Orcs did unto the Firstborn, the Fair Ones, when they could catch one. Aragorn closed his eyes in anguish and tried to block out the screams.


Mellon-nin - My friend
Idh mae - Rest well
Ego! - Go!
Baw! Avon heiram le si na belthoam! - No! I will not leave you here to die!
Le garo ego! - You must go!
Baw! - No!
He Bor? - is this true/trustworthy?
Echuivo – Awaken
Tye le mae? - Are you well?
Avo iosto mellon-nin, im - Don't worry my friend, I
Antolle ulua sulrim - Much wind pours from you mouth
Mani marte? Manen nar tye? - What happened? Are you all right?
Im triw; ceru u fuio nia anim - I'm fine; do not worry about me
Amin feuya ten'lle - You disgust me