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Chapter2: Getting over it...

It was around 8p.m. and the sky was full of twinkling stars. It was unsual since the streetlights placed all around the city usually dulled that beautiful sight displayed in it. But today it was different. Not even a single cloud was up there to cover the little 'diamonds' twinkling up there.

Kagome sat on the porch of her backyard and found herself just staring at the never ending shinning sky. Today hadnt been the best of days for her; first, she found out her Spanish teacher had left a last minute essay, then she remembered she had to finish that History assignment with Sango; well at least that was done already. A slight smile appeared on her face as she remembered how Sango's annoyed expression appeared on her face every time she couldn't find those quotes they needed to complete it. Then her expression changed.

The smile on her face disappeared as she remembered what had been the hardest and most painful thing for her to find out that day. A quick image of that girl kissing Inuyasha flashed in front of her eyes; she narrowed them a little as she felt how little by little her heart broke into pieces.

"Hey Kago-chan! Look what I found on the fridge!" yelled a happy Sango from behind her. " I hope you don't mind I went through your fridge but I was starving!! Lucky me I found the last two pices of Souta's birthday cake! Yummy!..."

Her happy expression quickly turned into a slightly saddened one as she noticed Kagome hadnt turn around or said anything. "Kagome?..." Sango asked while sitting next to her and placing the cakes on top of a napkin and next to them. "Hey..."

" Hey..." replied Kagome with a soft tone of voice. "It's ok, they were gonna throw those pieces away if no one ate them anyway..."

Sango stared at her from the corner of her eye and noticed how her eyes shone as they seemed to reflect the thousand shinning little diamonds in the sky. Then she turned her glare towards them. " Pretty scene up there huh?..."

"Yeah... Do you think it was stupid of me to get all excited about that date?..." Sango turned her head towards her. " Of course it was... how stupid of me to think that after two years of practically not even knowing that I existed he was going to show interest in me just like that..."

"No it wasn't..." Sango stated camly as her eyes went back to staring at the sky; now Kagome was the one staring at her. " It's not your fault... any girl would've been thrilled to have a guy ask her out... you just happened to be asked by a jerk... those things happen all the time..."

"Not by the guy you had a crush on for the past year..."

" For the past year??..." Sango asked in surprise. She noticed how Kagome had a light shade of pink on her cheeks now as she nodded.

"I didn't want to tell you... I guess I was kinda embarrassed to admit I had a girly crush..."


Kagome gigled a little before she continued. " I know it was nothing serious, I mean... just because we went on a date didn't mean anything... but I cant help feeling this way... like I had been cheated on or something..."

Sango smiled a little. " I know... Same thing happened to me too..."

"Eh?..." Kagome looked at her in surprise.

"Remember that guy I was dating a couple of months ago?... The one with the pony tail?..."

"Ah! Takeda-kun you mean?..."

"Yeah... he was always telling me how much he liked me and stuff like that... I found it hard to believe since we had only gone out a couple of times, but... I felt, I don't know... I guess I was excited as well, just like you... Until one day I found out that he was doing the same thing with another girl as well..." Sango got a huge red vein popping out on her head as a funny angry expression appeared on her face. " That jerk!! Lucky me I found out soon or I would've looked like a fool!!..."

Kagome smiled awkwardly at her. "So that's why you were so cranky back then...why didn't you tell me?"

Sango's face softened as she stared at the sky above them. "I was embarrassed... I thought to myself 'Sango you're such an idiot, once people find out about this you're gonna look like a fool'... That's why I didn't tell you, 'cause I thought I had been stupid..."

"But you werent..."

Sango turned to her with a smile on her face. "That's right... It wasn't my fault he turned out to be a complete jerk..." Kagome widened her eyes. "Anyways... what I'm trying to say here is that even though I seemed upset about all of this, inside I was hurt... 'cause it hurts deeply when you think you've found the right person for you... and it turns out that you were wrong..."


"It's hard getting over this feeling... because... ok fine I admit I had a crush on him... that's why it's hard to get over this feeling... But as hard as it may look, it will happen eventually you know..."

Kagome drew a smile on her face as she went back to staring at the sky once again. " I know you're right... and I know I'll get over him eventually... but it hurts you know..."

"Hai... but you know what they say... good things always come after bad things happen... you just have to wait..." Sango noticed from the corner of her eyes how her friend started nodding in agreement. It sure was gonna be hard for Kagome to get over this whole thing, but she was sure she was gonna be alright. "Hey! You know what'll cheer you up?"

"What is it?..."

"You know I'm on the dance committee don't you?..."


"Here's what we're gonna do, you're gonna help me decide which decoration we should put up in the gym, then help me choose which band should perform and lots of other stuff! It'll be fun and you'll forget about that ass once and for all... Plus, I really need the help because the dance is next week and we're really late with the decoration and so, you'll be like... like my assistant!"


"Yeah! It'll be fun! Come on!..." Sango stated with a smile on her face.

"Sure" replied an also smiling Kagome.

"Great!! Thank you Kagome! Now let's eat these yummy cakes before they go bad!" she stated while picking the cakes.

" 'No, thank you... Sango-chan...'" Kagome thought to herself as she watched her friend.

"Here!" a happy and smiling Sango said while handing a piece of cake to Kagome.


"Don't worry Kagome-chan... everything will be ok... I swear to God I'll KICK that ass' butt tomorrow!! Ugh!! I just cant stand even to think of that STUPID ASS!! But if he thinks he's gonna get away unhurt he's got it all wrong!!" Sango shouted with a funny angry face. Kagome only smiled awkwardly.

In some other part of the city, Inuyasha layed on top of his bed with his hands behind his head. He had an angry expression on his face as he remembered what had happened that afternoon. The image of Kagome witnessing the whole thing just wouldn't go away.

" Atchoo!! What the hell?..." the hanyou said with a funny face. Then he went back to staring at the ceiling and got a thoughtful expression. "'...Grr... it was just a date! It didn't mean anything!...'" he thought to himself with annoyance. But then his expression softened and seemed somewhat saddened as he continued. " '...but then why do you feel like a complete jerk...'"

He was suddenly brought back from his thoughts when the phone started ringing. He decided to let someone else pick up since he didn't feel like leaving his spot. His ears started twitching as he heard the deep tone of voice coming from outside. It was his half brother Sesshoumaru; for some reason he just couldn't stand him and vice versa. Probably 'cause he was better than him at baseball and lots of other stuff or so he thought.

"Yo Baka! It's for you!..." Sesshoumaru shouted.

Inuyasha growled and walked towards his desk, then he picked up the phone. "I got it hang up now!!" his annoyed tone of voice replied.

A harsh click was heard and also the sound of someone hanging up the phone roughly.

"Yeah hello?..." Inuyasha asked still with an annoyed tone of voice.

"Hey it's me..." Miroku's fresh tone of voice came from the other line.

"Oh, hey Miroku what's up..."

"Still not getting along with Sesshoumaru huh?..."

"Yeah well, he's not so nice either... what do you want..."

"Oh, right... I ran into Kagome today during Spanish class..." Inuyasha's eyes widened at the sound of her name. "Is it true you went on a date?? Geez man I didn't know you liked her that much!"

"What?? No I..."

"Anyways, she seemed happy, guess you guys had a great time yesterday..."

"Eh... yeah well..." Inuyasha was interrupted once again by his friend.

"Geez! I was surprised! I mean you just met her like what... a few hours ago yesterday and next thing I know you were already going on a date with her! I was wondering when you'd get over Kikyo..."

"That's the thing I..."

"It was about time man! I thought..." Miroku was interrupted by Inuyasha's pissed tone of voice.

"Will you shut up and let me talk?!!..."

"Geez Inuyasha! Why are you so upset?!"

"Will you let me talk or will you keep interrupting me damn it!"

"Fine, go on... what is it..."

Inuyasha's face softened as he started explaining everything to Miroku. " I... I did go on a date with her... and yes we had a great time..."


" I ran into Kikyo today... and she told me she wanted to get back together..."

There was a brief pause before Miroku spoke, now with a serious tone of voice. " Don't tell me, you're back together... again..."


"Geez Inuyasha! What, you have rocks inside your head instead of a brain!!?"

"What the hell?? What is that supposed to mean??" Inuyasha's angry tone of voice replied.

" How can you be back together with her again?? What is it, like the fourth time she's done this? Don't be a fool Inuyasha! She's just toying with you! And you keep going back to her like a dog follows its owner..."

"No I don't!!"

"Yes you do! She keeps dumping you and you keep going back to her like nothing happened! What the hell are you thinking man?..."

"Shut it you big ass! You don't know anything! I care for her very much!"

"Oh really? You care for her or you feel like you owe her something?"

"Not just something Miroku... I owe her my life remember??"


Miroku and Inuyasha were playing ball at the park. Inuyasha threw the ball way too fast for Miroku to catch it.

"Wow! Easy man! You're gonna break one of my bones here!" Miroku stated with a smirk.

"Feh! If you werent such a sissy there'd be no problem!" he replied, also with a smirk on his face.

Miroku turned around and spotted a man next to the base ball. "Hey dude! Toss the ball would ya!"

"What kind of manners are those you punk!" the man answered with an evil smile on his face.

"Oh come on! Just throw it!... ass" Miroku yelled, thought that last part in a lower tone of voice.

"Stupid teen..." The man picked up the ball. " See if you can catch this!!" he yelled, and after that, he threw the ball really high in their direction.

"Gee thanks..." Miroku's annoyed tone of voice replied. As he turned around following the ball's direction, he noticed how Inuyasha had already jumped and was about to catch it. "I should've thought so..." He said with a smirk on his face.

Inuyasha landed with a smirk on his face as well. "Keh!! Get that you fat pig!"

Miroku's eyes widened in shock as he noticed where Inuyasha had landed. A car was coming his way at high speed. "Look out Inuyasha!!"

Inuyasha turned his face around slowly only to notice the car approaching him. Suddenly, he felt someone pushing him out of the way and they both landed on the sidewalk.

"Argh!..." Inuyasha growled as he felt a stinging pain coming from his side. When he opened his eyes, they widened at the sight of a girl laying next to him.

"Hey... Eh?... are you ok?..." asked the long raven haired girl. Inuyasha blushed when he met her eyes.


"You gotta be more careful where you land next time..."

*End of Flashback*

" I know..." Replied Miroku with a serious tone of voice. "But what I'm not sure of is if you really have feelings for her or if you just feel like..."

"I do have feelings for her jerk!... Besides, I promised her I'd be there for her whenever she needed me..."

"And what is it now? Does she need a date for a dance or is it that she needs you to go shopping with her?..."

"What the hell is the matter with you Miroku! Why are you being such a freaking ass!! Do you have something against her or what??"

" As a matter of fact I do... I cant stand it when she just calls you to join her for a dinner party or to go shopping... you're more like a servant to her than a boyfriend... you're an idiot for not realizing about that, listen I'm your friend and I don't want you to go through this when you don't need to..."

"Well if you're my friend then you listen to me now... I care about Kikyo ok?? I love her! So just bear with it! I'm not a kid anymore I know what I'm doing!..."

"Fine then... you're on your own, I've done everything I could possibly do to make things clear to you, but you're obviously too stubborn to understand..."


"What about Kagome..." Inuyasha's eyes turned sad.

"That's another thing... earlier this afternoon she saw us..."

"You and Kikyo?..."


"Well that's a shame... so how'd she take it..."

"I don't know... she walked away... I bet she's angry..."

"You're damn right she is..."

"I know... I mean after I kissed her..."



"What??!!" Inuyasha had to pull away the receiver for Miroku's tone of voice was way too loud. "The hell! You kissed her on your first date and you had only met her that day??!"

"Yeah!! So?... I couldn't help it..."

Miroku sighed. "Well I have to agree with you on that... she's cute..."

"Damn it... I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow..."

"You gonna explain things to her?..."

"Yeah, you think I shouldn't?..."

"I don't know... you've surely gotten yourself into a huge problem here..."

"God damn it!... It wasn't like I told her I liked her! We were just on a date!..."

"Yeah, but you know how girls are... she was probably all excited about it..."

"Yeah probably..."

"Tell me something... did you ask her out 'cause she looks like Kikyo?..."

Inuyasha's eyes widened. "What??... No! She... well she does look like Kikyo a little, but it wasn't because of that..."

"It wasn't?..."

"No... we had a great time together during Chemestry, I guess I could say I got to know her a little..."

"I see... well I don't know how you're gonna fix this problem..."

"Yeah, me neither..."

"Geez man your skills with women are damn lousy... better stick with baseball..."

"Keh! Yeah right..."

"Hey, gotta go now... hope you can fix your little problem..."

"Yeah... see ya then..."

"See ya..."

Inuyasha clicked the end call button and threw himself on his bed. He stared at the ceiling and got a thoughtful expression. " 'I'll talk to her tomorrow... just hope she's not too pissed about this...'" he thought to himself as he closed his eyes and pictures of Kagome's smiling face flashed through his mind. " 'I'm sorry you know... I really am...'"

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