Three times had they defied the Dark Lord, them and the Longbottom's both, and three times they had survived, and now on the twenty-firsts day of July eleven years before our story begins in truth a boy was born. The son of James and Lily Potter, Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived who would grow up without his true parents and no friends for eleven full years until he began to attend Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It wasn't long after that before another baby boy was born, Neville Longbottom, whose parents were attacked and driven mad by one of the three un-forgivable curses. He grew up with his Grandmother and it was either he or Harry to be chosen by the Dark Lord to satisfy a prophecy of which he only knew half.

But it was the Potters that he chose and a man once thought of as their friend, Peter Pettigrew, betrayed them. The impending swish of a dark cloak, the hissing breath of that deformed evil being, a thin wand raised by a bony white hand that blasted the door aside.

Black hair riffled and brown eyes gazed momentarily in horror before being stuck by a green light that sent him to the floor screaming in agony to his death. Coal black robes billowing behind the thin figure as it ascended the stairs, the sound of hurried, panicked even, movement drew him to a nursery to see a beautiful woman with streaming red hair and bright green eyes standing before a cradle in which lay a wailing baby.

"Stand aside," the voice hissed from beneath the hooded cloak pointing the bent and crooked line of wood that was his wand at her chest.

"No, not Harry, please, not Harry!" the woman pleaded, falling to her knees in fear.

"Stand aside you silly girl and I may spare you," the Dark Lord taunted hissing like a snake and blood red yes glowing beneath the frame of the hood.

"No please, kill me instead," she was sobbing now but whether it was over the death of her husband, the life of her child or pure undiluted terror no one was to know. The flash of green light the high-pitched scream of agony, she was dead before her body hit the ground.

"And now, for you," defenceless though he may have seemed, Harry Potter, who was at that time a wailing baby survived where hundreds of other wizard's so much older than he had not. The love from his mother, the strength of his father and the innocents that surrounded him was something that even the greatest Darkness the world have ever known could not defeat.

The Dark Lord had been defeated, though not forever, yes he would return, but until then, Harry Potter had relinquished the world from that unworthy grasp.

But he was not the only one with a destiny to fulfil, after saving her own world many times to the point where no great evil could ever be conceived or developed she was born into the same world as Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

She was Princess Serenity of the Luna Kingdom, a legend amongst the Wizarding World. And there were people in that city of crystal and silver innocence that polluted and corrupted its heavenly aura. Death Eaters, they were faithful only to the Dark Lord, stealing Serenity from her mother Selene in the dead of night and smuggling her to Earth.

The power of this baby less than six months old would be enough to revive their Lord, but intercepted were they by none other than Albus Dumbledore. Who took the peacefully slumbering child under his cloak and made his way to number four, Privet Drive. There was where Professor McGonagall met him, who was then informed by the only man the Dark Lord had ever feared that James and Lily were dead.

Soon the half giant Hagrid arrived on his motorcycled and gave Harry Potter to Dumbledore who left him in the care of his Aunt and Uncle, with the company of his Cousin, none of whom would ever like, or understand, him because of his 'abnormality'. Harry was a Wizard and would find that out in eleven years when it came time for him to board the Hogwarts Express and learn exactly why he was in the position he was in.

But what of our young heroin Serenity, where would this leave her? The Death Eaters of course were relentless and Serenity was such an obvious name, they couldn't get her back to the Moon Kingdom without it being obvious. They had no choice but to hide her hear on Earth; why not leave her with the Dursleys? Because that would interfere with both her destiny and Harry's so what to do, she had to be protected.

Dumbledore vanished from Privet Drive and reappeared at the hidden palace of Earth, two large blue eyes blinked at him. A small boy about a year and a half old, with raven black hair and bright blue eyes, was picking at the small flowers in the long rows of beds that lined the paths. Then a woman appeared in a silken blue robe came and swept the small boy into her arms, her eyes were the same shade as that of her son but her hair was auburn and ran in wavy curls to the small of her back.

"Dumbledore is something wrong?" she asked in a soft voice, smiling lightly.

"Yes, I must insist that you protect Princess Serenity," Dumbledore commanded bringing out the bundle from within his robes. The sounds of the child awaking called the attention of all three present, Mamoru, for that was the small boys name, was gawking in wonder.

"But why, what is wrong?" the woman inquired.

"The moon has been corrupted by Death Eaters who in turn took Serenity here from her cradle-" but he was interrupted.

"Oh no, is Serene alright?" Darien blinked, worried at his mother's fear and distress but confused in his own because he had no idea what was making her upset.

"Selene is fine and Serenity is here, you must take her, raise her in secret and call her Usagi Tsukino, tell her what you must but she must not be found!" what Dumbledore, the woman and Darien were unaware of was that they were not alone.

Crouching upon the height of one of the high hedges that lined the outside of the palace gardens was a cloaked figure. Some locks of black hair protruded from the bowls of the hood, and a pair of deep purple eyes, almost black flashed in recognition.

"The second child," a voice whispered, a girl's voice, pouring from beneath the cloak, "Usagi Tsukino, feelings are not involved."

Then with a mighty leap the girl jumped from the hedge to right in front of Dumbledore, her cloak swished and swayed with the wind and moving of her movement, but the hood did not move or rise. She snatched the baby from the arms of Dumbledore and made another staggering leap over Dumbledore's head and through the archway entrance.

"Stop!" Dumbledore roared bringing out his wand and aiming a stunning spell at her but she dodged it and ended up on the edge of the ledge beneath which was a direct fall the surface of the Earth but it was a long way down and something no human should ever attempt with some sort of flying equipment, a parachute perhaps?

"This no longer concerns you foolish mortal human," she called over her should before jumping; I said no human should ever attempt and I never said she was human.

They were about to hit the ground, it was coming ever closer, faster and faster and…there was no impact, she and the baby, wailing now, simply drifted through the ground to resurface about a minute later. There was a light tap as the cloaked figure's booted feet came into contact with the ground and she began to run, until she came upon an apartment in a sleeping town.

The figure then split in two, the one holding the baby remained the same, whereas the other began to shrink, until it had become an infant of a year old, the other form, merely a shadow copy laid the two down in a cot and went to bed. After, eight years had passed the shadow form disappeared and became one with its 8-year-old counterpart once more. Usagi, who was now 7, had long blonde hair cascading from two buns upon her head and she had brilliant shining cerulean eyes.

From that day onwards, Usagi grew up thinking that her mother was dead and the only other relative she had was her older sister, her short black haired, deep purple eyes, taller, older sister, Hikage.

And now, our tale may begin.

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