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Selene walked out, Hikage lounging behind her in the shadows, onto her balcony, she held of the Moon Crescent Wand and with a wave and a flash from the Silver Crystal the Luna Kingdom was restored to its full glory before Beryl came with the intent to destroy it.

Slowly people crept out of their hiding places, Serenity, who was up by now, looked up at her mother from down below where she was resting in the palace botanic gardens.

"Lunarians, guests, I stand here now to tell you of the reason of this ball," Selene started, as she did so a hush fell over the gathering crowd.

"What was that again?" asked someone in the crowd.

"To marry off the Hime no Tsuki," another member of the crowd who was standing near the first replied.

"Serenity…I think," another said hesitantly.


The blonde princess sighed dejectedly; she hoped it wouldn't have had to come to this, I mean she really loved Harry. But what did that matter now, he was dying and she was going to be engaged if and when he woke up.

Serenity looked up at her mother imploring, almost wishing her mother would call the whole thing off right there and then. Not that there was any chance of the Queen, who was so far away, to see her puppy eyes or here her desperate thoughts.


"As you all know my daughter has only recently been brought form Earth," Selene paused to let a smile dawn on her face, "where she met…a most intriguing young gentleman."


The princess paused in her silent crying to listen closer, why was her mother mentioning Harry? Shining blue eyes looked up at the Lunarian Queen with a look of hope in her eyes that, if crushed, could be life destroying. Such was Serenity's love for Harry.


"That was Harry Potter, the one, as some and now all of will undoubtedly know, who is destined to save the Wizarding World," Selene smiled serenely, "and has just saved ours as well."

There were many gasps of awe and surprise from the adoring crowd, "How so my Queen?" cried one.

"He defeated Beryl," there was a moment of silence before they broke out in mass clapping, the noise was almost deafening.


The wide-eyed princess was shaking with suppressed emotions, all this mention of Harry could very well mean that her mother had picked him, but what if this was just about Beryl?

Serenity felt she would die if her mother didn't proclaim Harry her emotions were so strong.


"And also won the heart of my daughter, now I know some of you will object," there was indeed some subsequent booing, "but he is the Prince of Meteors and is born royal," the booing stopped.

"Hence forth, if he will accept, he shall marry my daughter," the crowd erupted with cheers, hats went up, husbands swung there wives, children cheered. But none of them could compare…


The Hime squealed and jumped up and down a total of five times on the spot, she was practically bouncing off the ceiling, if there has been one.

"Yes, yes, yes!!!" she chanted as she bounced, then she stopped suddenly, a light bulb turned on in her head. In mere seconds she was gone form the grove and speeding towards her mother's room, she arrived their out of breath, doubled over panting and she fallen over a couple of times.

But that didn't stop her flinging herself on her mother as the white haired Queen came out of her bedroom door. "Oh thank-you, thank-you, thank-you mother!" Serenity cried joyously her arms wrapped around her mother in a tight bear hug.

"Serenity, shouldn't you tell the groom?" Serenity paused again, blinked and was off, well, she would have been had she not tripped up immediately.

Selene gave a wave of her wand that magically set Serenity back on her dainty feet, "Thank-you mother," the princess said with a lot more grace than the previous three 'thank-you' s.

"You are welcome my daughter," the Queen replied softly as her daughter took off at a more successful run to the healing halls.

"Well done," Selene turned to look for Hikage but the shadow was long gone.

---Healing Halls---

As Serenity was about to open the door to enter it was opened form the inside, Serenity lost her footing for the umpteenth time and fell right into the arms of…Darien? "Well, well Princess," he said smirking menacingly, "it would appear that you have fallen for me then eh? We could always make your mother change her mind, I, after all, was her original choice."

His eyes glinted and didn't look very blue in this particular light.

"Never," Serenity declared with as much dignity as she could muster as she straightened up and dusted herself off. "I would never marry you," with that Serenity marched around him and into the healing room where she found Zoicite sitting on a bed, crying.

"Zoicite, what's wrong?" Serenity asked the quivering blonde, Zoicite lifted her head, there was a huge bruise forming over a red mark on her left cheek. Serenity's eyes widened, "Zoicite, who did this to you? Was it Darien?" Zoicite was about to answer but she fainted almost instantly, Serenity sighed and laid her down.

One of the healers would find her soon.

Serenity then rushed over to the bed that Harry was in, well, the bed that Harry had been in. Her first thought was that he was better but from the looks of the ruffled sheets and still fresh heat in it that couldn't be right.

Serenity then thought of what Darien has said, could he have done something? Serenity gasped at the thought.

But then she remembered something, something Harry has said before the battle, Meet me at the crystal fountain we passed after the battle. Serenity got up from where she has been kneeling by Harry's bed and ran out of the room and towards that fountain.

---The fountain---

A cloaked figure turned when they heard the hurried sound of quickly approaching footsteps. He lowered the hood to reveal messed up black hair, glasses, emerald eyes, scar and all. Harry held out his arms and Serenity ran into them, her arms wrapped around his back, hugging him tightly.

"Harry did you here her, did you here what my mother said?" Serenity asked; her voice was fast, her words were slurred and there were tears of joy streaming quietly and constantly form her eyes.

"No, what was it?" he asked looking slightly worried; he thought her tears were of sadness; then he remembered, he engagement. He'd kick himself if she was now engaged to Darien, he really would kick himself.

"It's you Harry, she picked you," Serenity had to wait a minute for the information to sink in, then a grin spread fully across Harry's face.

"You mean we…" he trailed off as she held up his right hand in hers, silver twinkling sparks surrounded the individual ring fingers, a spiralling silver band with a crescent moon attached to it.

"You and me Harry, we're getting married," she cried joyously flinging her arms around him and kissing him hard. He responded immediately and adequately, wrapping his arms around her waist he kissed her back with more passion than she.

"This is a dream come true Harry," Serenity squealed, she giggled and kept kissing Harry over and over again as though she needed to remind herself that he was real and was still there. She held up there hands again to admire the rings lovingly, "They're beautiful aren't they?" she asked him.

"Not half as beautiful as you are my love," Harry replied.

"Remember how you were when we first met?" Harry blushed at Serenity memorable look, "when I was Usagi Tsukino and you the angst teen who had a go at anyone."

"Yes I remember," he blushed darker, "but I'm not proud of it."

"But then again Harry, if you hadn't been depressed I wouldn't have become so attached to you," Serenity explained a smile on her face, a smile so radiant he couldn't stay sad for long.

"That was so long ago," Harry said wistfully.

"We've come a long way since then, all our dreams have come true haven't they?" Serenity asked.

Harry was about to answer but they were both distracted when they heard Hotaru screaming.


"What is it Hotaru?" Argon asked looking at the girl who was clutching her head desperately.

"It's him, he's escaped, he took over Darien and he's gone to Earth, it's…"

---Harry and Serenity---

"Voldemort," the both said at the same time, they looked at each other.

"It's up to me to stop him, I want you to stay here," Harry said sternly.

Serenity puffed out her cheeks for a moment before she consented, "I understand Harry, you must go," he nodded and ran towards Hikage whom he had just spotted.

He grabbed her by the front of her uniform, "I want you to take me back to Earth NOW is that clear?" he demanded, he merely raised an eyebrow at.

"Alright, I suppose in five minutes or so," she said nonchalantly.

"No, now," he said venomously.

"Alright, alright, come on," she grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him off towards and round portal/archway.

"Isn't that the one from the Ministry of Magic?" Harry asked looking at her.

"No, it only looks that way," she smirked, she jumped through and disappeared, she failed to reappear on the other side.

On a whim Harry followed, he found himself surrounded by many more of these archways.

"Come on boy," Hikage called form where she was sitting on top of the base of the neck of a long black coloured dragon that issues menacing, acid green coloured smoke from it's nostrils.

"You sure that thing's safe?" he asked, she nodded in response to his question, "can't we use some other way?"

"Unless you want to jump of the Astronomy Tower on your own then no," she said bitterly.

"Why the Astronomy Tower?" Harry asked as she help him up.

"Because that's the Hogwarts portal," she replied as if it was blatantly obvious and Harry was just being stupid.

"But why arte we going to Hogwarts?" Harry inquired.

"Because that's not only where Dumbledore is, but your friends are there and you're not, Hogwarts is one of the few remaining magical strong holds, when it and Dumbledore is gone, nothing stands between him and you," the portal glowed blue and with a kick the dragon was off.

Harry grabbed the oily scales of the dragon's neck to try and keep himself on as he went from halls to open air, right above the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower.

He gasped, not only was the view magnificent but this type of flying was completely new to him. His legs were further apart; the powerful beating wings send gusts of air at him from all directions and he didn't have to worry about being aerodynamic.

It was a bit like riding Buckbeak but a little bigger.

They looked down to see a mass hoard of black cloaked figures in white masks moving towards Hogwarts, at the main doors stood Dumbledore and the faculty, behind them the V years and above, the rest were hidden in the castle, well what was left of them.

"Can this dragon breathe fire?" Harry yelled into Hikage's ear.

"What sort of a question is that?" she yelled back, "of course it can!"

"Then fire at the Death Eaters!" Harry ordered.

"What did you last slave die of?" she demanded but she kicked the dragon and then squeezed its neck, hard. It roared and the entire contents of the Hogwarts grounds looked up as the burning green and yellow flames were emitted from the dragon's mouth destroying the middle of the Death Eaters.

Hogwarts charged, "Fire again!" Harry yelled.

"And risk hitting innocent people, no way!" Hikage replied, she flew them down behind the students, Harry gasped when several others landed beside them.

"You didn't really think we'd let you fight alone, did you son?" Demanded James as he, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Tom, Ginny, the Senshi and Argon jumped down from their transport.

"Not a chance," he replied and they all ran towards the fighting.

It took a long time and by the time it was just Harry and Voldemort standing the sun was speaking up over the horizon. "Give up now Voldemort," Harry called out to him, "your army is no more!"

"There are always blackened hearts that are willing," the Voldemort infested Darien's voice hissed.

"Not here, there are none," Harry closed his eyes and when they opened they were burning with the fire of determination, he raised his wand to point at Darien's bruised and battered form. "I gave you the chance to change, but now," and with that Harry let forth the curse that destroyed Voldemort. Darien's body fell to the floor smoking slightly.

"Oh no!" Zoicite cried as she ran to him and turned him over, he groaned and his blue eyes opened.

"Zoicite?" he asked sounding confuse, "where am I?"

"Oh Darien," she cried, flinging her arms around him, he patted her back, still a bit dazed.

"It's over now," Hikage said.

"Good," Serenity replied.






"And that, my little darlings, is how your daddy became a hero," Queen Serenity smiled at her son and daughter, her son had the hair of his father and deep blue eyes, her daughter had pink hair, surprisingly, with red eyes. Neither needed glasses which was odd because as far as King Harry knew the entire male population of the Potter family needed glasses.

"Oh tell us again mommy," pleaded their son James Henry Potter.

"Yeh, it's the best story," Usagi, or Chibi-Usa, agreed.

King Harry chuckled, "How many times have you told that story love?" he asked.

"Not enough by the sounds of things," she replied as he leaned in gently and kissed her.


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