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[Epilogue] The One Who I Love

"Hey, Hilary?"

"OHMYGOD! Tyson! Is that you?!"

"Yeah, I'm at the airport, I…"

"I'll come and get you. Don't MOVE, all right?! Oh gosh, I've missed you… Kenny said that you were in-"

"Thanks Hilary!" Tyson cut her off. "I gotta go, the bags just came in!"

"Oh!" Hilary's voice was high-pitched from the payphone making the world champion wince. "Okay, I'll meet you at what Gate?"


"All right." The girl's voice hardened and she sounded very determined. There was a jingle of keys in the background. "I'll be there in a little bit."

"Thanks, Hil…"

"Oh, and Tyson?"

"Yeah?" He asked confusedly.

"Did you find him?"

Tyson smiled. "Maybe." He replied teasingly and hung up.

Kai was reclining against a wall in the waiting area when Tyson jogged up to him, weaving through many travelling people. Immediately, the shorter teen's hand grabbed him by the wrist. "Let's go, I called Hil. She's picking us up."

"I got the bags." Kai said in his smooth voice. He twisted his wrist so that Tyson and he were holding hands instead and pulled the other closer to see.

Tyson smiled. "You even got mine! Oh, Kai, you're so strong!" He said jokingly.

Kai blushed.


Hilary's car pulled up in front of the Kinomiya residence.

Tyson breathed deeply as he took in the familiar scenery and, well, he just felt home.

The petite girl shut off the engine and hopped out while Tyson bounded out of the backseat. Kai got out of the car more slowly, his slate coloured bangs gently wafting in the breeze as he stood. His burgundy eyes trailed over the recognizable residence and he couldn't help but smile.

Of all the places he'd stayed on his trip – good or bad – Tyson's house would always be the one he felt the most safe in.

"Feels great to be back!" Tyson cheered happily and Kai nodded in agreement.

Smiling, the pony-tailed teen poked Kai in the ribs. "You have no idea how much trouble I went through to get you."

"Well!" Hilary interjected, shooting extremely curious glances between the two. "You can tell us all about it."

"Us?" Tyson questioned. He threw the door of the house open and was instantly hugged by three pairs of arms.

"TYSON!" Ray, Max, and Kenny shouted as they hugged him tightly.

The midnight haired teen's hat was knocked off and he fell backwards, his friends landing on top of him in a large heap.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"Buddy!" Max yelled, making Tyson go deaf. "You're back!!!"


Ray tightened his hold around Tyson's neck, nearly choking him. "Hilary called us and told you were in Japan!"


"TYSON!!!" Kenny's voice was shrill in his ear. "Do you have ANY idea how crazy it's been without you here?!"

Shaking himself out of his daze, Tyson sat up. "Guys! Wha-… What are you all doing here?!" He laughed.

Hilary shook her head. "When you called me, I told them to come over!! She joined the group hug, patting Tyson on the head.

"We missed you, silly!" She giggled.

"GANG WAY!!!!" And old but loud voice shouted and everyone let go of Tyson as a grey and blue blur came streaking out of the dojo.


"Grandpa!!" Tyson squawked and then he was suddenly under siege. His grandfather attacked him with his bamboo kendo sword.



Everyone sweatdropped again.

"I missed you little man!!!" The geezer bellowed, dropping his sword and hugging Tyson to him tightly.

Tyson laughed, surprised. "I missed you too!" His turned to glance over his shoulder. "I missed all of you!"

"AW! My little dude's not so little anymore…! Group hug!!"

Everyone hugged him again. Kenny around one of Tyson's arms, Hilary on the other, Ray embraced Tyson around the waist and Max slung one arm around Tyson's back and neck. Grandpa was wiping away tears of happiness.

"This is da bomb, little dude!! Lemme go to the kitchen and whip us up some primo digs, hommies!"

"'Kay Gramps!"

As the old man sauntered back into the home and low cough was heard.


Everyone turned from their happy reunion to Kai who was currently leaning against the wall of the dojo, arms crossed. He shot a short glare at Ray, not liking where his hands were. The Chinese teen began to sweat.

"Mind letting him breathe, Ray?"

"S-Sorry…" Ray replied, eyes wide. He gave Tyson a questioning glance.

Tyson chuckled, prying himself out of the tight group hug. "Guys, you remember Kai don't you? The guy who didn't talk a lot? Our old team captain? The one I chased around for two months? Y'know – My crush?"

Everyone's eyes bugged out.

Tyson walked over and grabbed Kai by the arms, slinging them over his shoulders and leaning back so that his head rested against that hard chest. Kai smiled, folding his arms so that Tyson was pressed close.

Tyson turned his cheek to softly lie against Kai's collarbone, closing his eyes with a large grin on his face.

"Oh My God." Hilary squeezed out, her eyes wide.

"Well whaddya know," Max placed his hands on his hips. "Looks like you guys found each other after all!!"

Ray nodded in agreement, his mouth wide. "Kai, sorry man." He smirked waving his hands in apology. "I'll never do that again."

Kenny looked sceptical – deviously sceptical. "I dunno you guys… I still don't get how you manage to rope him in, Tyson. I always thought you'd always stay single, Kai! No offence, but you're not the friendliest guy… heh, heh."

Kai rolled his eyes at that statement.

"Kenny!" Hilary admonished. Her mouth was wide in shock but then she smiled trickily too. "Yeah, Tyson, what did you do?"

"You mean what did Kai do." Tyson said cheekily, his hair was tickling the taller teen under the chin.

Everyone gaped at Kai.

"What, you want a demonstration?" He asked sarcastically.

"YES!" Hilary instantly yelled, then blushed when the guys looked at her with amused expressions.

A blue fingerless-gloved hand laid itself on Kai's painted cheek and turned his head to look Tyson in the face.

Tyson tilted his head. "I wouldn't mind a little demonstration." His voice was teasing and his blue eyes were clouded over. His hands weaved into Kai's hair and pulled him in for a kiss.

Kai's arms around Tyson's shoulders immediately tightened and he tilted the body he held so that Tyson was arched into him, his knees bent because Kai was much taller. Their lips brushed heatedly over each other before Kai opened his mouth, wanting to go deeper and forgetting all about their audience.

Tyson broke the kiss panting slightly – he looked up and realized that his friends were staring at him like fish out of water. He also noticed that Kai had lent him back an awful amount.

Kai dropped him and immediately turned, trying to hide his blushing face.

"KISSING!" Hilary said excitedly. She helped Tyson up. "Ooooh, I am SO jealous!!"

The world champion dusted off his butt, grinning. "He's my first kiss." Tyson jerked his head, gesturing to the embarrassed ex-team captain.

"FIRST!?" Ray, Max, Kenny, and surprisingly Kai all shouted in disbelief.

"Well," Tyson sputtered. "That was my third, in total…!"

"Wow… Tyson…" Ray said thoughtfully, blinking. "I… never knew you were so untouched."

Max nudged the world champ in the side. "Hehe, look at you. You're blushing like a girl!"

"I AM NOT!!!!!"

Mentally, Kai had begun to go crazy. He'd taken Tyson's first kiss…?

How did that make him feel?

…Pretty darn good.

"Even I've been kissed more than that!!!" Kenny burst in. He smirked and laughed. "Mwahahahahahaha!! I beat you Tyson! I've finally beat you!!!"

"Nooooo!!!" Tyson cried in horror. "How can that be?!"

"Oh relax, Tyson." Hilary said dismissively. "I've only been kissed twice before. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

Tyson's eyes widened in horror and he quickly grabbed the Chief by his tie, nearly choking him. "HOW MANY HAVE YOU HAD?!"

Kenny coughed and held up his hands painfully. He displayed all eight finger and two thumbs.


"Multiply that by three." Came the reply.

Tyson gasped loudly then turned with an evil glint in his eye to Ray and Max. "What about you two?"

Hilary was glaring at the bespectacled boy. "Thirty?!" She screeched. "YOU?!"


Kai leaned up against the wall of the Kinomiya home, absently watching Tyson create loud, loud chaos. His mind was swimming with some not-so-innocent thoughts of what other firsts he and Tyson could do together…

Max whistled innocently. "Not too many…"

Tyson looked positively lethal, as he appeared right up in Max's face, little flames seemingly sprouting out of him. "Spill."

"Ah…" The blond cowered. "Um… Maybe around… the same as Kenny?"

Tyson backed away causing Max to sigh in relief but the heat of Tyson's fury directed itself on the Chinese blader behind him – full force.

Ray was almost blown back by the sheer power of Tyson's indignation at being surpassed.

Tyson stalked forward, each step kicking up a slight cloud of dust as he closed the distance between he and the longhaired Chinese teen.

Kai watched in interest and he saw his Tyson corner the other boy.

His Tyson.

It made his heart beat faster – that he had the privilege to call Tyson that. His. He could get used to it.

Ray was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Tell me, now!!" Tyson raged. He slapped his hands down on either side of Ray's head, since he had backed them into the wall that Kai was leaning on.

Okay. Kai was ready to step in now.

"Not tellin'~!" Ray said in a singsong voice.

"That means either two things." Kai said lowly, putting his arm between the two and pushing Tyson away from the long black haired boy.

"One, you've kissed countless times – Like anyone cares," Kai announced but muttered the last bit under his breath.

He felt Tyson's arms wrap around the one he had held out to keep Tyson and Ray separated, hugging his arm to his smaller body, and it made him tingle in delight.

"Or, two, you've never been kissed."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Kai," Ray laughed. "But I think I'll have to go with the first one."

Tyson pouted and rested his head against Kai's shoulder. "No fair. I can't believe it." He looked around at his former teammates. "You're all so experienced."

"Who cares?" Kai said flippantly, earning himself shocked glances. "You were too busy Beyblading to worry about stupid things like being kissed." He locked gazes with Tyson. "You know I l…"
Kai stopped short, embarrassed about his feelings, but Tyson smiled.

His tone was still a bit whiny. "Kissing isn't that stupid. At least, not now." Then his smile became serious. "But now I have to ask you… How many?" He asked – a nervous undertone made his voice waver.

But there was a deadly twitch in Tyson's left eye.

"Er…" Kai blushed. "Not… telling."

"And that, my friends," Ray said chuckling, "is option number two."

Everyone was staring at Kai in awe.

"NEVER?" Hilary yelled loudly. "YOU!?"

Kai ducked his head, and hissed in embarrassment. Tyson's eyes were the size of basketballs. "K-Kai…"

"So, if they were both each other's first kisses," Kenny piped up. "Technically, I'm ten times the kisser Kai is." He went deliriously happy. "Oh joy…"

Tyson immediately clasped hands with Kai, pulling him so that they were facing each other. He stared up at his ex-team captain – The one who he loved.

"Don't worry, Kai." Tyson's grin was amazingly devilish. "I'm sure we'll surpass these guys together." There was a competitive gleam in his eye. "Starting now."

"Wha-?" Kai managed to get out before Tyson had pulled him down into a crushing kiss, his arms instantly locking around Kai's neck so that he could not stand to his full height and pull away.

Right. Like he wanted to.

He leaned back heavily against the wall bringing Tyson to fall between his legs, their chest pressing together firmly.

Tyson's mouth immediately opened under his and Kai slipped his tongue in, slowly feeling sparking sensations run along his body as Tyson sucked lightly.

The others stared blankly.

"Geeze," Max said, blushing slightly as everyone's eyes followed Kai's trailing hand. "For being so inexperienced, they really know how to turn up the heat, huh?"

"You said it…" Ray watched in shock.

Hilary wiped away a happy tear. "Oh, I predicted this you guys." She made a fist. "Just call me the matchmaking guru!"

Kenny sweatdropped. "All you did was pester Tyson about him liking Kai."

A shrug was the reply.

They all kept watching.

"HOLY FRIED CHICKEN ON A STICK!!!!!" A loud and extremely dumbfounded voice screamed. "TYSON!!!! KAI!!!!"

The two broke away from each other in a daze, staring at Tyson's grandfather as he balanced a tray of snacks and glasses in one hand while also brandished a pitcher of lemonade as a weapon in the other.

Everyone held his or her breaths.

"GET A ROOM!!!!!!!"

Tyson blinked then his face split into a wide grin. "You said it!" He quickly grabbed Kai by the wrist and they ran into the home, twisting around the hallways and out of sight.


Grandpa blanched. "Waitaminute…"



Grandpa, Hilary, Kenny, Max and Ray all ran into the Kinomiya dojo following their two friends who'd found each other in the most peculiar way.

Sometimes, you're in love with someone – with all your heart. But because you were too chicken to do anything, the love of your life slipped through your fingers. Don't ever be afraid to follow your dreams, or your heart…











Don't follow Tyson and Kai.