Warnings: Boys kissing boys, run-on sentences (mostly intentional), and falling rocks.

Author's Note: This is the sequel to the 'Listen' series that I had recently finished. So, that means that Sanji and Zoro are already involved in some sort of 'established' romantic relationship. Now, I had received a few comments and complaints that there wasn't enough smut in my last series, so, well, I'll try to add a little to this story. TRY being the operative word. Because, although I enjoy reading good yaoi smut (as long as it is surrounded by lots and lots of good yaoi plot), I've never been successful at writing it. So, not to make promises, but I'll give it a go. After all, I stand proudly to admit that I LIEK TEH MENZ SECKS!!!111


Life is never easy. That was probably the first lesson that had ever really stuck with Sanji as a child, a sentiment that was re-learned over and over as he grew, and the last thought he had as he shifted and ducked to avoid being clocked in the head by a fairly large flying rock.

He fell to the ground and rolled to the side, ducking behind a wide tree as he took a second to gather his scattered wits. The sounds of struggle and fighting were thick in the air, and the cook took the opportunity of his momentary reprieve to quickly look around and gauge the whereabouts of his companions.

To his relief, he saw that both Ussop and Nami-san had found protection from the dangerous avalanche of rocks that were careening down the mountainside. Luffy, on the other hand, was busy stretching his rubber body out like a tarp whenever a rock flew towards him, and catapulting it back up the mountain, all the while laughing like the idiot that Sanji knew him to be.

And then there was Zoro, who apparently, was attempting to compete with his captain today in the department of idiocy, as he all too often did. The green-haired man had not sought shelter, as any sane person would under the circumstances, but instead was standing, with his swords and complete and utter lack of sense proudly displayed, charging the rocks that were hurtling towards him, and slicing them neatly in half the moment before they were to impact.

Sanji did not even attempt to resist the urge to beat his own head against the rough bark before him.

A deafening thunderous crack interrupted the cook's actions, and he lifted his slightly sore head up just in time to see the terrible sight of an unbelievably huge boulder rolling at an alarming speed towards them, surrounded by a few slightly smaller, but no less dangerous, friends. Sanji understood that the hazardous rock slide that they had unfortunately encountered had just turned extremely deadly; understood that he and his crew had to get out of there NOW.

Checking for relative safety, he emerged from behind the tree, and swiftly started towards his companions, all the while trying to keep an eye on the deadly boulders rushing towards them. With horror, he watched as the largest one seemed to hit a groove on its slanted path, and was propelled high into the air. He somehow knew with certainty that it was going to land right where Ussop and Nami were hiding, knew that there was no time to warn them, and knew, as ice flooded his veins and his heart tried to lurch from his chest before seeming to still completely, that there was no way that he would make it to them in time to help.

He felt as though time had slowed as he watched the fall of the lethal boulder as it made it's decent towards his two friends, but then his stolen breath returned, as a rubber arm appeared, circling tight around the waists of both navigator and artist, and flung them, along with his rubber captain out of the path of impact, down the mountain side, and finally towards safety.

They were safe. Nami-san was safe. He, on the other hand, realized that he had better start ducking again, as shards from the immense and recently shattered boulder flew out in all directions.

His shoulder hit the ground roughly as he rolled out the path of the hurtling pieces. He started to his feet, but before he was fully upright, a hand grabbed the back of his collar and pulled hard. He was back on the ground before he understood completely what had happened, being rolled beneath a larger muscled body. An unseen piece of rock struck the ground where he had been only moments before.

Reflexive pride caused him to struggle from beneath the body that had just shielded him from harm. He stood, a little more cautiously this time, feeling stupid at having been so careless. Knowing that Zoro had seen it, and even worse, had been the one to save him (again), stung.

But before he could lash out foolishly in embarrassment, the swordsman barked out, "This way!", and headed off, with Sanji following almost instinctively

Their escape was slowed somewhat due to the constant dodging of still falling rocks, but in not that too long of a time, Sanji realized that they were heading towards the edge of the mountainside, where there was no place to go but down, waaaaayyyyyy down, into the icy waters below.

He almost felt like arguing against Zoro's impromptu and very risky plan, but kept his mouth shut since he himself couldn't think of anything better. His foot hit the edge of land, and he thought to himself, 'Well, deja fucking vu' as he propelled himself into the air, and began the long drop down to the waiting water.

It was a little more comforting to be conscious this time around, as he hit the water's surface. He opened his eyes under water, seeing that a few rocks had fallen with him, but he really couldn't bring himself to give a crap, as he scanned the disturbed murky water. He spotted Zoro a little ways from him, and when he saw the other man move was when he finally started swimming up towards the surface.

He emerged with a gasp, and began swimming towards the slightly distant riverbank. He pulled himself gratefully onto the lap of the land, closed his eyes, and collapsed into the cradle of safety. The last threads of tension eased from him moments later as he felt another dripping body collapse close beside him.

They were silent, each taking in great gasps of relieved air. The rumble above them had lessened considerably, and Sanji knew that the avalanche had all but stopped. He was cold, wet, weary, and his body ached all over, but he was alive, they were both alive, and at that moment, that made him even happier than All Blue.


Luffy's bellow startled them both, as it ripped mightily across the island. The rumble above them started again even before the last word was finished, and Sanji knew that it was all about to start again, whether he was ready or not.

"Life is never easy." he heard himself mutter out loud.

"Feh. Easy is boring." was the tired reply.

And because things were never easy, and looked like they were never GOING to be easy, because his life had always been anything but boring, because, it appeared, he liked it that way, and, well, just because he goddamn COULD, he lifted himself up, rolled slightly to the side, leaned down, and kissed Zoro soundly.


To be continued....