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Introductions to a New World (or the End, or Beginning? Version:2)

Inside the Space Colony (5 minutes after time to impact):

Everyone in the lab turned as the doors hissed open, behind them stood Sonic, hanging his head.

Rouge spoke quickly, "Shadow, is he…" but Rouge was interrupted by another voice, coming from Sonic's right.

"I'm fine, I had run out of energy but Sonic was able to get us both out of there in time." Shadow spoke as he walked up beside Sonic, weariness showing in his eyes.

Sonic walked in the promptly sat himself down against a wall, "Man, I'm beat," he pauses to catch his breath (AN: GASP) then asks, "So what happens next?"

As the last word escapes his lips a new alarm none of them had heard before cries out throughout the Space Colony.

Eggman quickly moves to the room's terminal, "Tails, quickly get over here, I'll need you run a diagnostic on the colony's integrity while I run through the systems to find out what is wrong."

As the two quickly typed, Rouge and Amy walked up to the two.

Amy arrives first and asks Tails a question, "What does the colony's Integrity mean?"

Tails looked quickly at Amy before turning back and giving his answer, "The colony's integrity is how strong it's inner and outer walls are, if the inner walls weaken parts of the colony could collapse in on themselves while if the outer walls weaken then the entire colony could be depressurized and everything and one would be sucked out into space."

Tails' reply frightens Amy but she quickly buries her fear and tries to calm herself, "Okay…"

Rouge then asks Eggman her question, "Have you found out what is wrong yet?"

Eggman grunts then begins to answer Rouge's question as he continues to work, "I'm checking the Ark's systems while doing a scan of the inside of the Ark, if anything is out of order either I or Tails will find it…" as he finishes Eggman's face turns quite pale and his mustache quickly droops down below his chin.

Rouge quickly asks him, "What's wrong? Did you find out what's going on?"

As Eggman loads his findings to Tails he begins to speak to Rouge, even as Tails' face, covered with fur pales to the same shade, his tails lying on the floor motionless, "According to this, there is a wave of unknown energy traveling through the Ark, gaining speed exponentially, it will soon engulf the entire space colony and us with it."

Knuckles quickly speaks up, "Whoa, wait a minute, where did this 'wave' come from?"

Tails, after reading the data, answers Knuckles in a flat voice, "It looks like that when the eclipse cannon didn't fire, the chaos energy stored in it did not dissipate even after we had stopped the chaos emeralds, when Shadow and Sonic used chaos control on the colony it must of caused a chain reaction, releasing the stored chaos energy."

Sonic quietly gets up, "How long until the wave gets to us?"

Both Eggman and Tails turn towards Sonic with the same look of doom on there faces, "It's already here"

As they say that Amy begins to scream, Sonic turns just in time to see a wall of white light hit him full in the face.

Outside the Space Colony Ark:

From outside the colony, it appears to fill with a strange pure white glow.
The glow quickly grows stronger until the colony can no longer be seen through its intense glare.
As the white glow, now light, reaches its peak, it suddenly disappears, blinding any observers with the sudden darkness.

The Space Colony Ark is gone…


Year: 20XX


Population: Over 7.0 Billion Sentients

Climate: Controlled

Largest Military/Law Enforcing Group: the Global United Nations or G.U.N.

Main Base of Operations: Station Square

Divisions of G.U.N.: The Global Navy Armada (GNA)
                                  The Global Armed Forces (GAF)
                                  The Advanced Rescue Command (ARC)
                                  The Global Aeronautics Administration (GAA)
                                  The Global Police and Law Enforcement Agency (GPLEA) (Nickname: Global Police)

Heads of Divisions:  Admiral Davis Mackenzie (GNA)
                                  General Li Wong (GAF)
                                  Prof. Ivo Robotnik (in the stead of Founder Prof. Gerald Robotnik) (ARC)
                                  General Mikala Novenko (GAA)
                                  Supreme Chief Louis Stein (GPLEA)

Currently Most Wanted by G.U.N.:

                                  Ambrosia:       Leader of the worlds most powerful environmentalist group
                                                          Charged with various counts of Eco-Terrorism, Sabotage,

                                                          Murder, Blackmail, Kidnapping, Destruction of Public and
                                                          Private Properties, Etc.

                                  Miles Prower: A Highly Intelligent Robotics Expert and Incredibly Young.
                                                          Charged with various counts of Murder, Theft, Destruction of
                                                          Public and Private Properties, Illegal Military Actions, Kidnapping,
                                                          Smuggling, Attempted Assassinations of various Political figures,

                                                          Manslaughter, Etc.

                                  Mr. X (Real Name unknown): A Thief that has been able to steal all Items that he wishes to steal
                                                                                      Charged with Theft (all forms), Number of offences over 2000.


As the light died down Sonic and the others quickly noticed that they were fine, the space colony appeared in the same place, had any of them checked the moon, they would have quickly realized that something was definitely wrong.


Cream sat in her room watching the stars, her friend Cheese sitting beside her, the small Chao cooing as she spoke to him about her wishes and dreams, "Someday Cheese, I wish people would stop fighting over things and work together to solve there problems, what would you wish Cheese."

The Chao cooed as it thought about its answer, but as it did a sudden burst of bright light filled the sky, Cream turned quickly to the sky, "Wow, it's beautiful, do you know what it is Cheese?"

The Chao just shook it's head no as the light quickly died down and the sky seemed to return to what it should have been, a knock then came from Cream's bedroom door as her mothers voice came from the other side, "Cream, open the door, it's your mother."

As Cream opened the door her mother quickly saw Cheese still sitting by the window, "Cream how many times do I have to tell you, pets stay outside, that's why we build that house for him in the yard."

Cream turned to her mother and calmly protested, "But mom, Cheese is my friend, and you don't leave friends in the cold when you have somewhere warm  to go and spend the night."

Cream's mother shook her head, "Cream I'm not going to start that again with you right now, besides I just came to make sure your all-right." She bent down and hugged Cream, then picked her up and put her in her bed.

"Now go to sleep Cream." Said Cream's mother as she closed the door after taking Cheese with her.

Cream waited for the sound of the back yard door sliding open, then shut before carefully getting out of her bed and slowly opening her window.

She checked for her mother before calling Cheese, "Cheese, it's alright to come back now, she's gone."

The Chao walked out of its small house in the backyard then carefully flew up to Cream's window with a happy Coo.

None noticed the strange figure in the tree behind the house.

The Tree:

Prower watched the little girl Cream as she once more let her pet Chao into her room, her actions reminding him of the few good memories he had.

He once more turned his attention to the one he really had come to watch, He wondered what the young girl Cream had deserved to have a mother like the woman he was watching.

That woman had been apart of that group that forever ruined his life, his childhood, he never had a chance…


"HEY, Two tails, where you going, you haven't gotten you daily pounding yet."

Scared for his life Prower ran for his life, he continued to run as he entered a part of the orphanage that he had never had been before.

As he chanced to look behind him he ran right into Cream's Mother, then she had been a worker at the orphanage where he lived, she looked down at him, "What are you doing here? This is a restricted section, you shouldn't be here, you're in big trouble, and what did I tell you about waving those two things around?"

As she continued ranting he realize he had forgotten to hold his tails together, everyone in the orphanage hated him, hated his tails, he hated his tails, because of them everyone called him a freak, because of them he lost his parents.

Prower heard footsteps approaching, *I don't have time for this*, Prower muttered a soft "Sorry" then quickly ran past Cream's mother.

Cream's mother screamed at Prower as he ran past, "Hey, what are you doing, come back you freak!"

That was the last thing he heard as he rounded the corner, as he ran down this new corridor he tripped and fell into an old side table in the hall, a rusted old oil lamp fell to the floor, this would of not mattered had that wing not been under renovation, a hot light that had been left on ignited the oil and began the fire.


Prower closed his eyes vainly to hide from the memories flooding through his mind, one of his hands absently reached up to the metal mask that covered the burned remains of his face. The specialized optics he had placed in the masks eye sockets focused silently as he looked once more towards Cream's mother, their burning blue light thankfully hidden by the tree's leaves.

As he prepared the focused cutting laser he had grafted to the cybernetics in his arm, he could taste his revenge and picture the woman's mind boiling away in an instant as the laser pierced her skull, a bright flash lit the sky, he, Cream, and practically everyone else that night turned and watched the light as it filled the sky.

While everyone else continued to watch he quickly leapt from the tree and ran, he didn't know what that light was but he didn't need it to expose him to his target.

As he ran he quickly let his thoughts go to the light in the sky, he wondered what it could be, what caused it, *where is that light coming from?*, but just as quickly the light disappeared.

He slowed when the light disappeared, he quickly turned his mind back to escape when he rounded a corner and spotted his vehicle, a black and blue machine of his own creation.

As he quietly closed the canopy he wondered what that light had been, what he did not know was that no-one on Neo Terra knew what it was, or what adventure it brought with it.