The Allegory of the Cave

Commercial Disclaimer: All characters in this story are the property of the Wachowski brothers and I'm not making money off them. I have to say that the Wachowski's are the only two people in the world who can take a fascinating theory of Plato and make it applicable to everyone. And they have not one but two Canadian heroes (Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss. You guys kick ass.literally!).

Summary: In an effort to lure Neo, Smith takes an injured Trinity prisoner within the Matrix. Over the course of her imprisonment, Trinity learns a thing or two about the machine world and about the Matrix she never knew before. Post-Matrix.

Significance of the Title: A theory created by Plato, which was the first known question of what reality really was. It's all explained by the genius Agent Smith.


Chapter 1: Prison

"What the hell happened?" Neo demanded of Tank, who was moving through the screens in front of him with a clueless stare. A look of awe came over him.

"She was just here." He pointed to the screen. "I just saw her. I was locking in on her when she just disappeared." Neo didn't have time for this. He ran his fingers over his forehead and wiped the sweat through his small stubble of hair. Morpheus was in the loading room, moving over Trinity's life signs with a look of failure written all over his solemn glance. He lifted the rag of a shirt Trinity wore and saw the gaping gunshot wound, the bleeding almost stopped. It was stitched. Someone on the inside sewed them back up.

"Neo, calm down." He looked at the newest member.

"Fuck calming down!" Neo shouted back, looking at her, timeless almost in her chair, still locked into that prison. "I can't find her. I knew I shouldn't have let her go alone."

"Neo, believe me, I empathize, but you can't protect her forever." The captain looked at Neo with a sympathetic look in his brown eyes. "Believe me, I've tried to protect her. She's not that easy to protect, Neo. If you haven't noticed." The taller man nodded, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

"What's wrong with her?" He asked, almost choking. Morpheus continued systematically.

"She was shot by the Agent in the alley. Right abdomen, but someone has taken the care to stitch it up and stop the bleeding. From the screen, I can tell she's been drugged. Most likely morphine."

"Think she was found by a hospital?"

"Not likely. This was fast work. Oddly fast for a hospital. And we'd be able to find her signal if she was in a hospital." Neo sighed, at a loss of words and ideas of what could have possibly happened to her. His eyes traced over her face. She was breathing. Her heart was beating. Slowly, but it was beating. She was still alive. And that was all that mattered.

"Would an Agent have taken her?"

"Neo. I've seen certain miracles. But an Agent who stitches up Trinity and take s care of her?" Morpheus shook his head. "I do not mean to instill doubt. But it is impossible."

"I have to go find her."

"Where will you start?"

"The same place everything starts." Neo said, getting another chair ready. "The Oracle."


The layers of Trinity's consciousness peeled away as unconsciousness morphed into consciousness. The airy feeling of dreaming suddenly became thick and heavy, weighing her down with gravity and making her muscles ache. Scratch that. Her whole body felt atrophied and completely lifeless. Even her eyelids weren't cooperating, hanging half over her blue- gray masses and continuing to shield her from her new surroundings.

She felt like she had when she had first been unplugged.

Albeit her waking world was a lot less harshly lit then when she had first come to know the real world. And it was oddly warm and comforting. The Neb was neither warm nor comforting. It was cold all the time, and getting out of bed was like taking off your jacket in the middle of a snowstorm. As for comforting, the Neb was made of metal. Everything was metal. How could metal be associated with comfort?

This room was small. Perhaps a little larger then a cellar but in her current state, she didn't know. It was wooden, and a single light source was coming from her left and from the ceiling. She was lying on a cot, pushed into the middle of the room. A small table was next to the bed, and an IV was hanging above her. Something was in there; Trinity recognized the drowsiness that was hanging over her like a cloud. She'd been drugged.

A small rush of panic caused her to try and move. It was later a idea she regretted, feeling a sharp white hot pain spread through her body like lightning. She hissed at the feeling, her stomach burning. What the hell had happened to her?

Come on Trinity. You know. Try and think.

I was sent in alone, much against Neo's wishes. He doesn't like me being unprotected. It used to make Trinity feel somewhat happy to be so protected. Now, it made her cringe and nearly kill Neo anytime he suggested he hover in her space. Sure, once or twice it was nice to have the One with you, and she owed her health to him a couple of times. But Trinity was still a Lone Wolf, not enjoying the attention from her significant other just yet. What was I doing? I was going to see a hacker who was searching for the Matrix. Yes, that was what Morpheus sent me to do. And I was close too. I was so close to my target when.

There was an Agent. Maybe two. I can't remember. Shit! Trinity focus. You'll remember. Just give yourself a minute.

She gave a soft moan, moving her arms a little as cold handcuffs bit into the flesh at her wrists. The small sting of an IV fed her artificial life. The warrior opened her eyes again lazily; drifting off again as there was a footstep on the floor. I know that sound. She thought to herself, trying to jump-start her thoughts again. It didn't seem to be working. Whatever she had been given was to thank for that.

"It's amazing how humans will always put the women at risk before themselves." His voice was cold with malice and chilled Trinity to the bone as she looked up. Smith gave a cold grin, eyes hidden by sunglasses even in the low light of the room. Trinity moved, the rough quilt under her scraping against her arms and bare calves. Shackles were about her feet as well. "Please, try and escape. I would love to test your strength with the amount of morphine in your system."

"Fuck you." She mumbled, slurring it almost from the drugs. Smith gave a small laugh, sitting on her left. Trinity watched him, as he looked at her through his sunglasses.

"Believe me. I would love to simply have watched you die back in that alley." A cold chill moved down Trinity's spine. "But fate, it seems, kept you alive. You see, I know, and you know, that the second that bullet hit you; Neo was rushing into the Matrix to save you. What he'll realize in his 'infinite' wisdom is that we're not really in the Matrix anymore."

Trinity didn't have a reply. Smith continued pleasantly, pulling her bare arm down from above her head. She jerked away, only to have his grip tighten.

"You see, he'll figure this out after a while. And then he'll see the Oracle and go through a tedious chain of events." He was brushing something cold just at her elbow. And he was doing it gently. Almost.humanely. "By the time he gets here I'll be ready to kill him. Before your very eyes."

"You bastard." She slurred drowsily, unable to function her tongue and mouth well. Smith gave another grin and removed the cold sponge from her arm. Trinity opened her eyes again, watching him set a small capsule of medication on the night table. "I wish you'd left me to die."

"The feeling is mutual." He replied flatly, gripping her arm again and holding it at a certain angle to catch the light. The blue vein was completely visible now. "But, unfortunately for both of us it seems, that Neo will come directly to me if I have something he wants. Such is life. It's like in stories where the donkey refuses to move, and the driver of the cart holds a carrot just over his head to get the donkey moving. Leverage. Only in this case, you're the carrot."

"Screw all the theoretical crap. Neo won't follow me."

"Are you sure of that?" He asked, lifting his eyebrow. Trinity sighed, looking at her cuffed arm in the clutches of her enemy. She made a weak attempt to pull her other down from over her head. There was a prick in her left arm, calling Trinity's attention back to the other limb. Smith injected the contents of the syringe into her, causing her eyes to slip backwards into her skull. Trinity saw him smile maliciously as she slipped back into unconsciousness.


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