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Chapter 9: Spoons

Trinity opened her eyes slowly, looking around her new surroundings. The metal room of the Neb welcomed her, greeting her with a chill that made her shiver a little and teeth chatter for a second before she pulled the blanket higher on her body. It was constricted, however, by a dead weight over her waist. She turned her head as best she could, finding the weight to be an arm and the arm to be connected to Neo was lying behind her. His eyes were closed, chest rising and falling at a uniform pace telling her that he was asleep. The bags under his eyes told her that it was probably a deep sleep too, and she had too much of a heart to wake him.

She lay back down, trying to remember how she in fact, got back. The vague sensations of a phone being pressed to her ear and the plug being removed from the back of her head were several of the foggy recollections she possessed. After she opened her eyes in the real world, she was gone again, but assumed that someone had carried her here, and with Neo in bed next to her, she didn't have to take a guess at who that was.

Her stomach growled, bringing her back to the present. She couldn't recall eating in the past…however long she was with Smith. Wistfully she looked at Neo and gently removed his arm from her waist. She folded it under the blanket, covering him to the chin. He looked so helpless when he was sleeping. Like when he was first unplugged and taken into the world. The first memory of bringing him dinner was fresh in her mind, including the conversation with Cypher afterwards.

Trinity moved out of the bed, gripping her arms around her body as she shivered, goose bumps appearing across her pale flesh. She picked up Neo's baggy shirt off the floor, realizing that he was nearly bare. She pulled on the navy blue fabric and folded her arms again, trying to keep warm.

She moved to the mess hall, the cold air still making her shiver. She moved inside silently and found Morpheus sitting there, almost like he was waiting for her.

How does he bloody do that?

"Good morning." He said in his fatherly tone. Trinity gave a small smile, sliding onto the bench in front of him and looked at the table top. He shifted a cup of water across to her. "How are you feeling?"

"Better." She admitted, taking the cup inside her fingers before swallowing. Her throat seemed to sense it close by, and she exhaled deeply before taking a sip of the metallic tasting substance. "How long was I out?"

"Not long." He replied quickly, almost like he was keeping count. Trinity closed her eyes a little, breathing in through her nose deeply. "You were in hypovolaemic shock when you exited." She gave a small smile, musing over the notion. "Obviously, not the worst injury you have ever received."

She nodded a little, taking another sip.

"I can remember when you were unplugged." Morpheus said, reminiscing in the past for a moment. "I can probably remember the life of every crew member on this ship."

"I wouldn't put that past you." She responded quietly. Morpheus didn't seem like the person to forget. He leaned back a little, arms crossed over his chest. "Does it haunt you?" She had to ask that question. No real reason behind it. The past haunted her. Morpheus gave it some thought.

"I suppose the past haunts everyone, from time to time." He replied in the infinite wisdom he had seduced Trinity with when she had first taken an interest in what the Matrix really was. "Some more then others." Trinity glanced back at him, wondering what exactly he meant by that. "I doubt I could live without this ship."

Trinity gave a small smile, the recollections most likely stronger for a man like Morpheus. She didn't dwell on the past too much. Her who Matrix life was more of a blur then actual memories. Most of it was drug induced anyways.

"Did you really believe I was the One?" She had to ask, quietly of course, as if she were stepping on hostile ground. Morpheus looked at her, and gave an honest nod.

"It was hard to doubt." He replied. "You were exceptional at what you did. But appearances can be deceiving." Don't I know it, Trinity thought, a weak smile on her pale face. "It is almost like the Matrix itself."

"Did you know after I went to see the Oracle that I wasn't?" She asked. Morpheus nodded slowly.

"You can usually tell what the Oracle has said." He replied, looking directly at Trinity and almost deep into her soul. "It is a mark she leaves on them, more or less. And it is written in their eyes, as it was in yours." Trinity looked at the table top, swirling her finger around the rim of the cup instinctively. "And in Neo's."

Trinity looked up at him, her blue-grey eyes searching within his darker ones.

Neo had never told Morpheus what he had told Tank and herself. He had never said to his Captain what the Oracle told him. And yet somehow, Morpheus had known all along.

"You look at me as if your weren't expecting it." He said, waking Trinity from her vigil. "I knew Neo was the One. When he was going to become the One, well…" He shifted in his seat a little. "Not even Oracles could have told him that."

"Would you have?" She asked. "With all that you know now?"

"At the end of the day, it doesn't matter." He replied quickly, his answer readily prepared. "Neo had to believe it for himself. That is the only way to real." Trinity stared at him, her eyes fixated on how smart Morpheus was and how smart he would become. It was amazing to hear him speak because he never said anything useless. There was always some thought process behind his words. Trinity enjoyed listening to that. She detested small talk with every fibre of her being.

"Belief defines reality?" She asked, liking the sense of conversation she was having.

"Belief is all the Matrix truly is." He replied, looking at her with that sincere gaze, usually hidden by sunglasses. "Just another sense of machine control." He gave a small smile. "It's ironic that some of our most powerful emotions are used in the imprisonment within the Matrix."

"That can be said about a lot of things." She stated morbidly. "This world could be just considered one giant belief system." Morpheus seemed a little intrigued by her notion. Trinity looked at him, shrugging a little.

"I prefer to believe that this is the real world." He answered, as if she had asked some form of question. Trinity took another sip of the water, looking back at her Captain as he gave a small grin. "Looks like you've had some interesting conversation over the past few hours."

"Hours?" Trinity asked. Morpheus looked at her searchingly. She breathed deeply, looking at the cup. "Seemed like a lot longer to me."

"No doubt." He replied. "The Matrix seems to have a way of doing that to you."

They were silent for a moment after that, the two sitting there and staying in some sort of void. Trinity buried herself in thinking of what to say next, praying Morpheus would say something to fill inside the awkward silence she felt building between them. He got to his feet, moving to the door. He placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Nice having you back, Trinity." He said, moving back down the hall to the Core and Cockpit on the Neb. Trinity looked back at the table top, picking up the cup and draining it of all remaining fluids as she sighed deeply, satisfied with the conversation she just had.


Neo opened his eyes slowly, taking in the space around him. He blinked a couple times, pushing himself up on his arms as he stared around the empty room. It felt like it was eating him without Trinity inside. Her side of the bed still felt slightly warm, telling his mind that she hadn't been gone very long.

The sound of the door being opened was a good indicator she was returning. She had a cup of water gripped in her hands, walking slowly back into the room as she sat down on the edge of the bed. The door closed behind her with a clank, and they were sealed in silence. She turned to him, a soft smile on her lips.

"Hi." Trinity said quietly. Neo moved to her, seeing his shirt draped over her pale body.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, his eyes meeting hers if only for a brief moment. She nodded a little.

"I'm fine." She assured him. "And you?"

"Great." He said back to her. Trinity set the cup down on the floor next to the bed, the water half drained from it. Neo gently moved closer, nuzzling her face with his as he kissed her on the lips. The action felt nice, and Trinity didn't mind his forwardness with her. She respected it in fact.

It was Smith's forwardness that had frightened her.

He broke it a moment later, the two silent and breathing quietly. Trinity looked at him, and really stared at him. His eyes enticed her, and the very thoughts made her blood rush.

"How did he come back?" She asked him, the question irritating her since her imprisonment. Neo shook his head.

"I don't know." He replied. Trinity nodded, moving in and snuggling next to his chest. Neo slid his arm around her, gently touching the spot where her gunshot wound had once been. She jerked a little, making him jump back.

"What is it?" He asked calmly. Trinity took a deep breath, remembering the wound had never truly existed in the first place. She relaxed again.

"Nothing." She replied. Neo didn't believe her, but he understood. Trinity moved her own hand over his shirt and rubbed the area in question, just to believe that it hadn't happened.

None of it ever really happens, she argued with herself.

"I don't want to lose you." He confessed looking at her. Trinity lowered her eyes, sitting up once more. She shook her head.

"You won't." She assured him, with that tone of voice that left no room for argument. She held up her hand, taking his within the slender palm. "I'm never letting go."

Neo watched her again, moving closer and kissing her. Trinity didn't seem surprised. She kissed back, laying down with him on the small bed, hands still entwined as he drew closer.

"Trin?" He said quietly, stopping. Trinity looked at him.

"What?" She asked. Neo felt the wall close behind him.

"We're going to need a bigger bed."

She gave a small smile.


A final dream haunted her as she fell asleep with him, her head resting at his chest where she could hear his heart beating and his breath over her head. The fragments of Smith speaking were right there, echoing into the resonance of her dreamscape. Carefully Trinity watched through the cave, and without another word, she walked off into the light, the shadows still dancing on the wall behind her.

Because she understood now what Neo meant. There really is no spoon. Just a shadow of one.