I don't own this anime. Thank you. You're probably tired of YYH stories
from me, but I promise you my next story will be a different anime.
-Randall Flagg2

I am alone.
I am all alone in this place.
It's not so bad really.
I'm not in heaven.
I'm not in hell.
I'm just here, that's all.
I look at the brushes I clutch in my hands.
They are wet with blood.
Demon blood of all sorts.
But is it my fault?
I'm a demon too,
And a shinobi at that.
And killing is what a shinobi must do,
Is it not?
How the memories come back now.
Memories of my still living comrades.
Reisho, Bakken, Jin, Touya,
How I miss you.
How I remember all the battles we fought together.
All those who feared us.
We never killed without a reason.
That is the way of the shinobi.
Still, it was somehow fun when we did.
The paint I spread on my opponents,
The look of terror on their faces,
And the blood as I sliced into them.
How it all seems like yesterday!
And then came that fox
Who was my undoing.
I knew he was strong.
I knew I had to be strong to win.
If only I had known it was not to be.
The makeup of chains bound him.
I had my chance but it wasn't enough.
I used the makeup of the seal and victory was at hand.
I dove at you to finish you,
And then all was pain.
I had not seen the rose in your hair
which was what finished me.
I do not mind Kurama.
I forgive you.
I died with honor,
and that is enough for me.
Maybe it was for the better that I did.
The violence,
The pain,
All of it seems so horrid now.
Maybe I should never have become a shinobi.
Maybe things could have turned out differently for me.
I miss my comrades though.
As long as these bloodstained paintbrushes are in my grasp,
I can never forget.
I too wear the makeup of chains,
But not the way you did.
Mine can never wear off.
Not as long as memory persists me.

That's my poem. Hope you liked it. It's a bit deep for Gama, but oh well.
I thought he was a cool character in the show, even if he lasted only one