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Undying Passion

::...Ch. 5: Make-ups and Break-ups ...::

"Nooo," Kari whined as Mimi and Sora pulled her into the computer lab.

"Yep," Mimi said, pushing Kari onto a swivel chair. Then she grabbed Davis by the collar of his shirt and Ken by the shoulder and dragged them out of the lab. Sora whispered something to Tai and he followed her out of the room, giving Kari the thumbs up sign. Kari gulped. After they left, Kari looked at TK, who was staring at the door. Mimi stuck her head in.

"Okay, talk," she said. "We give you the privacy, now you need to use it."

She closed the door, and Kari looked at TK uneasily. He returned the glance. They stared at each other for a moment, both having nothing to say. Mimi opened the door.

"I don't hear talking," she said, then closed it again.

"Oh great, they're listening," TK moaned.

"Well... uh... TK, what'd you get on the science quiz?" she asked, trying to make polite conversation.

"An 80. You?"


"Of course. An A for Miss Perfect."

"I'm not perfect."

"You are to me." Then TK gasped. "I said that aloud, didn't I?"

Kari nodded. "I-I didn't know you felt that way..." she pushed her swivel chair over to his so they were right in front of each other. He smiled, caressing her cheek with his right hand. She slid closer. He pressed her lips against hers in a passionate kiss.

Then they pulled away, both red in the face, as they heard lots of "ooh!"s from outside.

"Oh my gosh!" Kari gasped.

"I can't believe they did that!" Davis's voice was heard. "He stole my girl!"


Sora rolled her eyes, then looked in through the window.

"She was never yours!" TK called to the goggle-boy.

"So she's yours, eh?" Tai called, sliding open the door.

Of course, Tai would jump in. She knew that about Tai. He jumped in whenever it came to his sister. It made him look manly, protective, and sexy... Sora shook her head; she couldn't think like that about her best friend. But were they just best friends?

"I didn't say that," TK defended himself.

"But you were implying it?" Tai asked.

"No, really I wasn't!"

TK, frightened of Tai, backed away towards a corner. Kari grabbed her brother's wrist. "Don't hurt him, Tai!" she said.

"I won't," Tai said.

"Good." Kari walked out of the room to be greeted by Mimi. Sora was still watching Tai, only removing her eyes to see Kari stroll into the hallway.

"So TK shot a 3-pointer and scored my sister, huh?" Tai joked.

Sora rolled her eyes. He would joke like that. Tai, always coming up with something to lighten the situation. Kari watched her. Sora seemed to be smiling slightly as she watched Tai joke around. Kari found her secret, and smiled to herself.

"What's so funny?" Mimi asked.

"Uh...nothing," she replied. She didn't want Mimi finding out just yet. Sora turned and saw Kari. Her face pinkened, knowing that Kari had figured out her secret. Kari mouthed, 'I know your secret!' Sora looked away as her face turned red.

"What is going on?" Mimi questioned. She wanted in on the secret.

Ken and Davis looked away, to prove that they knew nothing. They began talking about soccer. Typical. But they saw that Sora was blushing.

"Fine, don't tell me." Mimi pouted, then turned and walked down the hallway.

"Mimi..." Kari called.

"Don't bother. I don't mind when friends don't let me in on secrets. I don't care." Mimi threw her hands in the air. "I'm going. See ya."

"Gosh!" Sora said. "Everyone wants to know everything nowadays, huh?"

"Yep," Kari said. "Especially when it comes to..." she lowered her voice," you liking my brother."

Sora blushed deeply. She knew Kari figured it out, but when she heard it out loud, it surprised her. "Fine, you know. But that's okay, since he's your brother. But then there's you and TK."

"There is no her and TK!!!" Davis yelled at them.

"Don't fool yourself!" Mimi called, still walking away.

"Bye, Mimi."

"Shut it, goggle-head! And apologize to Matt when he gets here!"

"Ouch, that was harsh," he said, ignoring the apologizing part. "I didn't know Mimi could be so mean."

"Then you don't know Mimi," Tai said, walking out of the room.

Mimi stopped at the end of the hall and stared at the group, who was joking and playing around. "Fine!!" she screamed at them. "Just leave me out on the fun, why don't ya!!!"

"What? You walked away," Sora called.

Mimi was fuming. She turned around, held her nose in the air, and headed off to collect her stuff. If she didn't feel wanted, she'd leave, was on her mind. On the others, though, they knew she'd be thinking that, but they also thought, if she didn't want to stay, then let her go. And that's exactly what they did.

But everyone turned to Sora.


"Sor, that was a little mean," Tai said. "I mean, yeah, she wanted to leave, but c'mon, you know how she is."

Sora's face reddened in anger. She pushed him into the computer lab, and slammed the door. "You know what, Tai Kamiya?" she hissed dangerously. "If you're so caring about her feelings, you can go have her."

"Sor, isn't she with someone?"

Sora pushed him into a swivel chair and leaned down so her face was an inch from his. "You really care about her, don't you. And you feel like leaving me in the cold, don't you? You never cared, you just wanted a playmate. You're a player, and you know all the tricks and trades of the game. Well, I don't want to hear any more of it. Ever. We'll go our seperate ways. I'll move in with my dad. And I'll never see you again."

She pulled herself closer to Tai, so their faces were extremely close. She moved in, as in for a kiss, then pushed his chair back and left the room, leaving a very stunned Tai.

Ken, Davis, Kari, and TK walked back into the room. "What happened?" Kari asked. But Tai stood up and pushed then out of his way slightly.

"Sora! Sora, c'mon don't do this! Sora!!"

He ran after her.


Mimi, already in her tan coat and pink hat, her pink gloves on her hands, walked towards the high school. She wasn't paying attention and ran into someone she had run into earlier.


"Oh, hi, Matt."

"Weren't we going to the digital world today?"

Mimi shook her head. "No, Miyako ran off and then I left, since I'm not wanted. And I doubt you are too."

"Probably so. But why aren't you wanted?"

"They just let me leave."

"Oh. Well, where are you going?"

"Probably home. There's nothing else for me to do."

"Mind if I walk you?"

"Not at all."

The two began walking. In no time, the two arrived at Mimi's apartments. "Thanks for walking me home, Matt," she said.

"No problem," he replied. "Well, see ya Monday."

"Bye." Mimi walked into her apartment complex and turned open her front door. Her parents weren't home at the time, and probably wouldn't be back until late. Then a thought struck her mind.


Then an idea struck her mind. The pondered on it a moment, then smiled. "That just might work..."


The redhead watched his girlfriend go home with one of his best friends, meaning she either forgot or chose not to go meet him, like they had arranged. He, angry, stuck his hands in his pocket and walked down the street on his way home, heading through a block of restaurants and stores. He spotted a bar, and decided to drop by and get a soda. Though he knew he was too young to be going to bars, he had pulled off a twenty-three-year-old. How, he wasn't sure, but he could pull it off.

He walked in casually and took a seat at the bar.

"What's your order?" the bartender asked.

"A coke," he replied.

"Sorry, we're out of sodas," he said.

Izzy looked at the drink orders, then picked a drink his father let him have a glass of at a dinner party. He, at the party, had become lightheaded after he had half of it. A man walked in and sat down beside him.

"You're a wuss, aren't you?" he asked.

"No, I'm not," Izzy replied, then took a sip.

"Wuss drinks the pathetic drink, I see."

"I'm not a wuss."

"Prove it. Yo!" the man beckoned to the bartender. "Scotch, on the rocks!" As the bartender left to get the drink, he turned to Izzy. "You're gonna drink that one you have there, then the one he's bringing over. The hard stuff. And you'd better do it, too, because if you don't I'll hunt you down."

Izzy gulped, but followed the man's orders.


"Skating?" Tai said, unsure. "I don't think that's gonna do any of us any help."

"Of course it will," Mimi's voice said on the other line.

Tai wasn't able to catch up with Sora, since she had disappeared outside and he couldn't find her. So he and Kari were walking home when his cell phone rang.

"How are you so sure? I mean, I don't think she's gonna show."

"Just come, please?"

Tai pondered on it a moment. He covered the receiver. "Hey, Kari, Mimi wants to know if you wanna go skating tomorrow."

"Sure. Are the others coming?" Kari asked.

"You mean, is TK coming."

Kari pushed him. "Leave me alone."

Tai smirked. "Fine, we're in. But invite TK, and Matt'll probably want to come, and there's Davis, and everyone else."

"I planned on doing that," Sora told him. "Okay, be at Rockin' Roller Rink at one tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye."


Tai hung up and slipped his cell phone in his pocket. "So I guess we're going rollerskating tomorrow."

"Ooh, fun."


Miyako opened the door to her apartment and saw her siblings in the living room. Momoe ana Mantarou, her 17-year-old sister and 16-year-old brother, waved.

"Hi, Miya," Chizuru, her 15-year-old sister, said.

Miyako burst into tears and ran into her room, slamming the door. She locked it, then flopped on her bed. Mantarou, thinking it was some relationship problem, decided to stay out of it. Chizuru and Momoe, on the other hand, went to her door and knocked.

"Miyako, what's wrong?" Chizuru called.

"Go a--hic!--away!" Miyako called back.

The phone rang. Mantarou answered it. "Hello?"

"May I speak to Miyako? It's Mimi."

"Hold on." He covered the receiver. "Miya! The phone!!! It's Mimi!!"

"No!" Miyako sobbed from her room. "I don't wanna talk to anybody!"

Momoe ran into the living room and took the phone from her brother. "Mimi? It's Momoe. Miya can't come to the phone right now. Could I take a message?"

"Yeah. Tell her to meet us at Rockin' Roller Rink at one," Mimi said.

"Okay. She'll be there. By the way, do you know what's wrong with her?"

"It's probably boy problems," Mimi replied.

"Okay. Bye," Momoe said, then hung up. She went back to her sister's door, where Chizuru was busy trying to pick the lock with a paperclip. She slapped her sister's hand away from the handle, then handed her the paperclip. "Miyako, you're coming out when Mom and Dad come home, then tomorrow you're going to a skating party!" she called.

Miyako quieted. She unlocked the door, then opened it. "I'm going to a what?"


Tai caught up with Sora outside of the school. She was standing by the tennis courts, holding her racket.

"Sora!" Tai called again.

Sora turned. "Stay away from me!"

Tai walked over to her. She held up the racket and swung it, causing him to stop.

"I mean it, Tai. Stay away! Don't come any closer!"

"Sora! Sora, come on. We can talk this out. I didn't mean anything like that." He took a few steps closer. Sora swung again, causing him to jump back. "Sora, listen to me. You know me better than that."

"Leave me alone. Stay away!" Sora hissed as he walked closer. She raised her racket again.

Tai grabbed her wrists firmly. "Sora, you have to stop attacking me and listen. I know you're mad, but you know I didn't mean any of it. I'm sorry for whatever I did to hurt you, but you have to stop fighting me."

"Let me go," she said, but he could tell she didn't mean it. She was just upset, and letting her go would worsen the situation. Sora dropped the racket as Tai let her hands go. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a gentle kiss.

She gave in immediately, grabbing hold of his school jacket. Tai pulled away. Sora buried her face in his chest and began sobbing. Tai stroked her hair, kissing her head occasionally.

"It's all right, Sora. I'll always be here."

"Thank you, Tai. Aishiteru," she whispered.

"Aishiteru," he replied.


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