In the Sands of Egypt


Ancient Pursuits

A hot wind whipped across the golden sands of the barren wasteland, and the fierce desert sun hung high in the azure sky as its rays heated the land to a blistering level. In the middle of this barren desert lay an ancient temple that stood defiantly above the golden sand. The temple was of rectangular shape, with an old stone path leading to a large entryway at the center. Tall stone pillars stood lining the walkway into the once-majestic place that had been long forgotten by the people of the present time

This day, however, it had two visitors.

A tall figure stood at the entryway of the temple. His chocolate brown hair whipped across his icy blue eyes as they stared fiercely at the ancient stone. His lips were thin with a hint of a frown towards the ends. The wind guided his starch white trench coat; the collar feathered over a black shirt lightly, but whipped across his lanky legs, clothed in black as he stood defiantly on the aged walkway.

"What have you come all the way out here for, big brother?" came a young voice.

Seto Kaiba broke his gaze with the temple to focus down at the smaller figure beside him. His blue eyes softened slightly as he gazed at his younger sibling. Mokuba's steely blue eyes gazed up at his brother and his raven hair breezed across his face. He wasn't tall, but he made up for it in spirit. Unlike his brother, Mokuba tended to dress less formally. A blue and yellow striped shirt that fell loosely to his knees, along with a golden yellow vest and some baggy blue jeans was all he needed.

Seto remained silent, scowled slightly and returned to staring at the temple, to which Mokuba frowned. Seto sure was acting strangely. The young boy walked over to one of the large pillars and sat down against the base, resting against it as he pulled out a small black laptop. He clicked the top open and began to open a global mapping program. As the young boy's quick fingers grazed the keys of the computer, a large digital map of Egypt came up onto the screen, where, as he stared, a red blinker appeared on the digitized map.

"Kuru Ena," he read off the screen.

Mokuba shut the laptop and looked up to his brother, who was still staring at the temple in front of them. He wanted desperately to know what was going on inside his brother's mind; it had already been an hour since they arrived at Kuru Ena, a place Mokuba had never heard of this area before. He wanted to know how his brother knew this place existed. The old building didn't even show up on the map! Nothing did. It was just a large void entitled Kuru Ena.

Seto's eyes remained focused on the ancient building before him, his mind was racing with questions. His intense eyes narrowed as he thought of the beginning of his search.

It rained most of that afternoon, but faded as the night came. The stars glittered brightly in the dark as Seto walked out into the gardens behind the Kaiba Mansion, a cool breeze accompanying him. Scarlet roses gleamed, swaying in wind, lined along the glistening cement pathway that he was walking upon. Seto walked up to a plaza at the center of the garden and gazed at the water from a sparkling fountain as it fell like raindrops to the marble basin below.

He sat down a cool cement bench placed neatly next to a small pond, and watched as several golden fish swam excitedly in the crystal clear water; quickly, his eyelids became heavy as he sat in the sanctity of the garden. Perhaps from overtaxing work hours or just plain exhaustion, but Seto soon fell asleep.

It was dark; glimpses of an unknown someone kept flashing in front of his eyes. It was a girl, around his own age. He saw flashes of her welcoming smile, her chocolate hair whipping brilliantly in the wind. A pair of blue eyes flashed across Seto's mind. He could see the spirit inside them as they sparkled flawlessly. His own eyes became trapped by the sapphire whirlpools.

A bright light burst from her eyes, causing Seto to flinch. His own blue eyes flickered open to reveal the girl right before him. Seto felt his face become hot as the girl delicately clung to his arm. He was walking briskly down through a hall in a lavish palace, with the girl trailing quietly beside him. A serious silence hung in the air. Even so, the girl's eyes glittered adoringly as she smiled. What was this? He heard a faint sigh and felt the girl wrap her arms around him, he did all in his power to pry the girl's grip from him, but his hands refused to budge!

But then a light sobbing was heard coming from the mysterious maiden. Seto reached down to the girl, and his blood ran cold when he felt a horrifying liquid wipe onto his fingers. He quickly brought his hand to his eyes only to see a deathly crimson cover his fingertips.

Seto whipped around and caught the girl just as she fell to the ground, her life pouring out from her body quicker than the blood itself did. In a dull shock, Seto watched her eyes fade; the appearance of a stagnant pond came to mind. And there was nothing he could do but watch.

Before the girl's last breathe was taken, a light flashed between the two. Seto clenched his eyes shut and let the overpowering light engulfed him. A mighty roar from a dragon was heard breaking through the thick melancholic air, and soon faded to nothing more than a muffled cry.

Seto eyes reopened to a dark room that smelled of the earth and was very old. He searched the room to discover large tablets across the walls of the room with strange carvings that resembled duel monsters etched into them. He moved toward them but halted when he heard the sound of footprints coming his way.

That's when his body began to disobey him. Instead of slinking behind one of the large tablets, he remained standing in the center of the large room. A blinding light filled the area as a large wooden door creaked open.

Seto stared fiercely into the intense light; a dark shadow appeared as a figure walked through the doorway. When he walked from the doorway, Seto found he was dressed in elegant silks that swayed as the gallant figure approached. Seto scowled as the luminary walked up to him, however, the imperial man only smiled tauntingly at Seto, his wild blonde bangs spiking into the sky as he chuckled.

"So, Priest, what is it that you want?" he asked coolly, his violet eyes flaring with a sense of justice.

As if possessed, Seto quickly swung his arm behind his robes, and snatched a long golden rod from its holder. He raised the sparkling object at the figure in front of him, and a threatening light sparkled from the eye engraved at the end of the golden rod.

"I challenge you to a duel, Pharaoh." he spat; his words dripped with venom as Seto addressed his king.

The dignified ruler nodded in agreement, and a pure light burst from the golden puzzle that hung from his neck. Once again Seto left hearing the cry of a dragon howling through his mind.

Seto felt an intense heat surrounding him when he awoke; his cerulean eyes shot open as he twisted around to see a large building covered in flames. Unwillingly, he ran towards the flames, wincing as the extreme temperature burned his skin.

Seto raced quickly through the halls of the burning temple, but halted when a white flash raced by him, quickly sliding through the blazing corridor ahead of him. He hadn't the slightest cool as to why he was here, not even considering where here was. If he could honestly move to his own will, his feet wouldn't have even entered the fiery death-trap.

At the sudden sight of the figure running by, Seto growled fiercely and dashed after it, following the figure into a large room; the flames had not yet reached this place, but were still licking at the entrances.

Seto froze and stared at the lone figure who stood silently with his back turned. A low wicked laughter rose from the pits of his malevolent soul as he slowly turned around to his pursuer. Seto's eyes narrowed as they were met with the ashen eyes of the man before him. The figure's ghostly white hair whipped in the commotion of the blazing building.

"Hn..." Seto glared fiercely at the man and watched as his eyes flashed, feral intents held in their gray depths. The scar on the man's face flared as intensely as the flames that were entering the building.

With a sudden rage, that came from some outside force, and no warning, Seto charged the man. A flash of light came between the two before he could reach the evil figure; the man's raspy voice was heard through the light, sending chills down Seto's spine.

Evil will once again threaten the world

in the form of an innocent one.

The dead will rise out in anger

when the enduring one becomes known.

With scars of the past blazing across time

he will seek his revenge....

The dragon gave its final mighty cry before the flames filled Seto's mind, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

At first, Seto thought nothing of those dreams, and passed them off as mere hallucinations, brought on by an increase in hours at the office. Only after the dreams, in serious repetition, came night after night, did Seto begin to search for the cause. It was dull curiosity at first; quick checks at during break times, but the images, the flames, would never leave! Seto fought the urge to find out what they meant-- it was just a stupid dream!-- but eventually he gave in and devote much more time to un-solving the mystery-- just to get rid of it, once and for all.

He kept searching until he discovered a map of Ancient Egypt. He was shocked to find out how much he already knew about it. His eyes scanned the poorly drawn map until he reached a barren portion in the middle of the desert, called Kuru Ena. Seto knew then: that's where he would find the answers he needed. He had to go there. But Egypt? This would most likely have something to do with Yugi Moto and his friends. Seto cringed at the name of his rival. He refused to ask Yugi Moto about anything, especially matters concerning the past. Seto didn't want to have anything to do with that person or his Egyptian fairy tales. He strongly believed on relying on himself and that was how he was going to solve this problem.

By himself.

A blast of steamy wind blew past Seto, causing grains of sand to graze his cheeks. He quickly stepped toward the temple, lips curled into a fierce scowl. The danger was obvious; now was the time to continue alone, as first decided. He turned to see Mokuba rushing toward him, eager to hear news to reassure him that everything was fine. Seto only supplied the younger Kaiba with, "Mokuba, I want you to stay here."

"But Seto!" Mokuba protested.

"Mokuba!" Seto pressured, brow crinkling slightly. He hated to raise his voice against his brother, but Mokuba needed to understand. The brothers' eyes were in a deadlock; Seto's frozen blue to Mokuba's steel. Mokuba, however, backed down, knowing that this was something he simply couldn't argue with. He frowned and looked away from his brother's gaze.

"I would feel a lot better if you would wait out here," Seto allowed, softening his expression slightly.

Mokuba's lips curled into a smile and his raven hair blew across in his face as he nodded. "All right, Seto," he sighed. "Just don't take long, okay?"

"You don't have to worry about me, Mokuba." Seto replied calmly. He rose to his feet and proceeded toward the entrance to the temple, sand beating at his back as he went. Mokuba looked on as his brother neared the ominous entrance that loomed before them. He dashed forward a few feet and waved his hands frantically after his brother.

"Seto! Be careful!"

Seto peered into the dark corridors; a dark sense of familiarity crept across his mind as he traveled deeper into the ancient temple. His eyes searched across the dimly lit walls, seeing strange carvings on each stone border, and was shocked to find that he understood the ancient carvings. Most of them talked about the pharaoh and the Gods of Egypt, or... some nonsense like that.

Seto saw a giant bird that he assumed was Ra; glanced at another, a cat headed woman, perhaps Bastet. He removed his attention, however, from the carvings when he came to a large room.

Its splendor caused even Seto's jaw to lower slightly; his blue eyes traveled from the long silk cloths that draped from the ceiling to the beautifully crafted statues lined up against the walls. Stunning paintings of gold garnished the walls, and a solitary golden tablet was located in the center of the room. Seto curiously walked up to the golden object. Bright gold reflected in his eyes while he read the ancient text inscribed on its surface. Maybe it told of some trap in the room to be careful of, he mused before he started.

The balance will be broken,

as a dark force steals.

Sinister men are the culprits,

with a thief at their heels.

Items are taken,

that cannot be replaced.

If they are misused,

the world will be lain in waste.

A shadow approaches,

to cast its revenge.

His loyal followers

fight to avenge.

Two will come to one,

and pasts are revealed.

A third arrives,

and magics are unsealed.

A mighty dragon,

with ice in its eyes.

Protects the maiden,

to whom its heart lies.

This beautiful maiden,

will be stolen away.

Brought to the sands

where the dragon lay.

A valiant prince,

will arrive in the night.

Listening dearly,

to the spirited maiden's plight.

Time will repeat itself,

as the battle draws near.

Old rivalries reborn,

over a single tear.

The mighty dragon cries,

the prince draws his sword.

The clash of these titans,

is the maiden's unwelcome reward.

As the warriors grow weak,

their battle at its end.

The ghostly evil,

they now have to tend.

The warriors prepare,

for their final battle.

With the light of the keepers,

the chosen take saddle.

The past and present

become intertwined.

The battle of the ancient

kept fresh in their minds.

Seto's eyes narrowed as he stared at the last part of the tablet. It was broken and illegible. He slowly rose, still absorbing everything written on the tablet. "It must be some kind of prophecy..." Seto deliberated.

His mind was brought back to reality at these words. What was he saying? He didn't believe in some hocus pocus prophecy. Seto swiftly turned around and briskly walked back from where he had come. He had seen enough.

As he walked, he felt his foot sink into the stone floor, which caused him to freeze on the spot. A low rumble was heard off in the distance, its freighting growl became louder as the temple began to shake underneath Seto's feet.

"I'm glad Mokuba stayed behind..." Seto grimaced, taking in the situation in its entirety. Not good. He then dashed toward the entrance of the temple, long legs carrying him swiftly through the halls.

A loud crash was heard, and just to his luck, the ceiling collapsed. Large pieces of rock came hurdling down toward Seto, but he jumped back just in time as the rocks crashed into the corridor entrance, completely blocking it off. Seto stood there kicking himself for his stupidity. He should have never came! Why on earth did he even step foot into a pile of old rock just cure some sleep problems! No look what trouble he was in!

The temple was crashing down on top of him.

There was no escape.

He was going to die.

A million thoughts rushed into Seto's mind each overlapping the next. He clenched his eyes shut, waiting for the inevitable.


A deep track was left in the sand as Mokuba paced outside the temple, eyes filled to the brim with worry. He looked up to the decrepit building where his brother had long since entered. To his horror, it started falling apart, very rapidly.

"Seto!" he cried. Soon he felt a trembling beneath his own feet. Instinctively, he raced toward the entrance of the temple, but a large pillar shook apart in front of him, causing the boy to retreat to the helicopter behind. When he made it there, he twisted around to see the temple fully collapsed. The shock had Mokuba shaking as a dust billowed up from the ruin. "Seto! Please be safe!" he wailed as tears burst from his eyes. "Seto, come on, you escaped. You escaped..."

A loud crash echoed through the ancient ruins as Mokuba fell to his knees. Salty tears ran down his face. The younger boy trembled. Seto couldn't be dead...

"Come on, Seto! This isn't funny anymore..."

Mokuba looked frantically for his brother's form in the ruin. He needed to see his brother's smiling face. He needed to be with his brother. He needed Seto to be there when needed help with his math homework, to protect him from bullies, to be there when he entered high school, and teach him how to drive when he got a car. He needed his brother's guidance when he got his first job, his first girlfriend. He realized then that his brother wouldn't be there. Wouldn't be there when he got married, had children, nothing...

Seto wouldn't be there...

Mokuba realized this fact when he gazed into the depths of the ruined temple.

And its truth crushed him.

He continued to weep in the midst of the fallen debris. He didn't know what else to do.

Seto was gone.

Gone forever...