New Beginnings

a snatch of red
a flash of white
a rustle of wind and a blur

I knew that things would go wrong. You see, nothing really happens like it does in a fairy tale. I had just hoped that he could at least love me back, but I was wrong.

I thought we were friends. It turned out that was a lie as well. He was just using me, I was just a pawn in his scheme to get what he wanted. Well I hope he's happy. Because now I think I'll have to kill him.


Twigs and branches flew at her like a whip as she ran through the forest. Tears stung her eyes and she let out a sob as trees blurred by. I turn my back for a second and this is how he repays me?! Kagome fled through the wood. She was running from someone she never thought she would have to fear. Inuyasha.

A flash of red appeared in front of her, and Kagome skidded to a halt with a cry of surprise. Inuyasha stood there. His claws flexed and ready to shred. The fearsome glare of blue and red, and the missing prayer beads. With a predatory smirk, Inuyasha pounced on Kagome.

"Inuyasha! Stop!" Kagome cried. As he prepared to strike her, Kagome wondered how this came to be. The person who had sworn to protect her was getting ready to kill her.


I thought I could trust him. But the moment I turned my back, he took the completed Shikon no Tama that we worked so hard for. That our friends had died for. The damn jewel that I lost my little Shippo for. Because of that jewel, our happy group of seven was once again only two. Well, three if you include her. Yes Kikyou.. she refused to go in peace and continues to haunt me. Forever casting a shadow over me.

I had been preparing to give Kikyou the Shikon no Tama and return through the well for good. As an 18 year old, I had seen too much death and had lost too many close friends. My personality changed. I became withdrawn and emotionless. I think that's why Inuyasha couldn't love me.

I think he took it from me when I was gathering up my pack. He must have decided to wait until I took the prayer beads from his neck. I have never done anything so stupid as that. I realize now that it made no difference if the bead were there, I was the only one who could use them. So if I was gone, he would have nothing to worry about.

He took the Shikon no Tama. But before I could do anything about it, it was over. My ticket home was gone and Inuyasha was a full demon. And he was out for blood. My blood.


Inuyasha smirked down at the crying girl. "Foolish... you should have known that I would come after you if you ran... stupid girl, you have just made this more painful for yourself." Inuyasha ran a sharpened claw down Kagome's face, leaving a thin trail of blood behind. Kagome looked up at him through stormy blue eyes full of sorrow.

"Forgive me Inuyasha...." She placed her hands on Inuyasha's chest and closed her eyes. "I always did love you." Just as Inuyasha was about to strike, a bright blue tinted light flashed through the forest, purifying everything within a mile radius of the girl.

When the light faded, Kagome opened her eyes to see the open sky. There was no trace of Inuyasha. The girl got to her feet, brushed off her hands on her jeans, and started running again.

A scrap of red material fluttered to the ground.


I can't believe I did it. The one person that I truely loved is gone, most likely purified into pieces. By me. I can't take it anymore. Kaede is gone. I'm sure Inuyasha destroyed the village, I could hear the screams. Kikyou is gone. I felt the return of the rest of my soul as I fled.

There is no one left for me. All of those whom I loved and would have remained in the past for are gone. Shippo, Sango, Miroku, Kaede and... Inuyasha. One by my own hands. But I can't go home. I am stuck here. So I am running... to where, I don't know... but maybe, just maybe... I'll find a purpose to continue living.


A tall, imposing figure stood over a fragile looking limp body that was lying half in a small stream. His long silver hair flowed in the breeze. This was Sesshomaru, lord of the Western Lands and Inuyasha's older half-brother. A small girl peeked behind his legs. The girl had a half ponytail positioned messily on her head. "Sesshomaru-sama! It's Kagome-neechan!"

Sesshomaru said nothing, but took in the ragged appearance of the human woman. She looked as if she had been to hell and back. Her clothes were ripped in places, not to mention indecently tight as well. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed as he picked up the scent of his brother all over her. It was the scent of a full demon. There was also the lingering scent of magic. Sesshomaru picked up Kagome in his remaining arm and slung her over his shoulder.

"Come Rin. Let's return to the castle." Sesshomaru turned and began to walk back to him home. Rin grinned her gap toothed smile and followed faithfully.

I have many questions for this woman... she had best be able to answer them...


that's all for now folks!! this is a spur of the moment thing... so forgive any confusion! And don't hurt me for making pretty much everyone dead...

Next time: Kagome wakes up in Sesshomaru's home and the two find out that they have more in common than they originally thought.