Title: Dracula

Author: Essie Aster

Category: Bram Stoker's Dracula

Genre: Romance/Horrorish

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After the death of a loved one, Mina Harker encounters a mysterious Count and the events following shock and horrify her companions.

A/N: I'm leaving Lucas-land for a while to play in Stoker's Crypt ;) And for starters I would like to ask, where the hell are all the Dracula fics?! (non-movie ones) I know I'm not the only one left who still reads classics...

Anywho, just a few notes. For starters, I'm pretty much using Stoker's ideas, names and a few key places and characteristics and bending them to my own sick imagination. Don't count on my characters to be in any way accurate to the book, and since I haven't seen the movies, well, don't count on that either. Also, don't count on my following the common vampire myths. We're going with my interpretation of Stoker's vampires who, it seems to me, can move around in daylight in a sort of limited fashion. Oh, and it's not in the nineteenth century either, so don't count on that bit. And can we count the number of times I said 'count' in that paragraph? ... Ok, that was dumb, moving on.


Diary Entry - Lucy Westenra 30 June

A gray shadow has been cast over our lives. The sunlight we so dearly loved is now buried deep within the uncaring earth.

It was all so sudden, so unexpected. Each time my thoughts breach the subject they cry 'Why him?!'. Why Jonathan? Of four, why him?

Mina won't answer her phone. She won't answer the door. No one saw her at all since the accident, not until I did at any rate. I stopped by hers and Jonathan's (well, just hers now) home to ask if she would come to the funeral, but the doors were locked and the windows were all dark. (It's been an overcast, very dark day. It seems as though even the heaven's weep for Jonathan, though perhaps they weep for dear Mina. She of us has lost the most, while heaven has gained a jewel among men.) I left her a note to say the time and location. It was this evening, just before sunset in the cemetery by the old chapel, the one next to that old mansion no one's lived in for years. I'm sure that is what Jonathan would have liked.

I feel awful that Mina was not involved with the planning. However, as the days passed, Arthur and myself, with a message from Quincy determined that someone had to make arrangements, as poor Mina would not. I did not see her at the funeral, though she must have been there. When I readied to leave after everyone else had departed I looked to the fresh grave, and there she was.

At first she seemed a ghost, so still and silent and pale, all in black with her long hair blowing in the gentle breeze. The image of grief is burned so clearly in my mind... I called to her, fearing to approach so mournful a scene. She must have heard me, the cemetery was so silent. But she did not respond - not in any way. She just stood there.

Mina and I only know eachother because of Jonathan's work at the University with Dr. Seward. We've never been as close as I wish us to be, so I left her alone. Maybe I shouldn't have, looking back. It just felt, somehow, wrong for me to intrude on her. And as I turned to close the cemetery gate behind me I saw her hang her head and fall to her knees at the foot of the grave. God how it broke my heart to see her like that! I can't begin to imagine what she's going through. At least I had Arthur to lean on when Mom died.

If only the Professor was still here. What a comfort he would be to her! So like the father she never had. I contacted him just after the accident, both him and Quincy, but his research was taking far longer then he expected, and he could not leave just yet. In fact, he didn't know if he would be back before the fall term. I don't even want to think of the problems that will cause! I'm so overwhelmed with all of this.

I really hope that Mina will be able to adapt to ... a different pace of life. Poor girl. I just don't know how to help her.