Mystic VS Human War

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It happened so long ago. back when we were a team. We fought monsters and our worst enemies together. But now, we are seperated, through our lives. Because you're all mystics, and because I'm half, we are different and never allowed to be the same. To be together.

We once laughed together, cried together, and even got mad at eachother, but now, we are never even allowed to see face to face until the final day of this war.

Me, x-princess of Facinaturu, x-princess of all mystics is now the rebel that is going against my friends. Or once was my friends.

It had happened after we fought and won over my father, the king of all mystics, and spared his simple life. We shouldn't have done what my heart wanted to. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "spare my life.." whispered my father who lays beneath my sword. I stuttered, and stopped my final attack.

"Asellus! It's our chance to kill him! Do it!!" Zozma's voice echoed the halls.

"what are you doing, Asellus? Do you feel guilt and feel sorry for this man who claims to be your father?" the wise words of Princess Rei rang through my head. They repeated themselves, not ever stopping.

"Guilt. sorry. " I dropped my Asura, letting it clash onto the hard marble floor. My knees were weak and I fell. Fell to the bottomless sorrow of my heart. I feeling sorry for this man? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME?? I yelled in my head.

"Asellus!! Hang in there!!" Ildon's voice seems to be so far away.. so far.. I reached out to grab it, but failed miserably.

"How can I feel sorry for that man that created something like me? This mixed creature that everyone fears and hates. Humans hate me for my evil, mystic self, and mystics loaf me for my weak, human self. What am I truly? Human or mystic?" my head burned with the fires of the great Kuranai's flames. My heart pounded with the rhythm of my breath. The feint cries of Rouge and Lute was the last thing I heard.

"Asellus! Orlouge, he's getting away!!" I reached out for the cries and grabbed something, with my relief, I pulled it in. me feint sights tells me it's a hand. A hand with lot's of scars and cuts. This hand might belong to that person who is yelling to me. Maybe. Just maybe. I can even barely hear it.

"Asellus!! What is wrong with you!! Asellus! ASELLUS!!" that sweet voice that sounded familiar, it has a hard, cold icy feel to it, but it was gentle, and warm at the same time. But I can't remember this voice. This voice came from someone I know. But who? I can't handle it. I'll just relax in the hands of this person, and maybe I'll figure it out when I awake.


My eyes slowly open to adjust my eyes to the light. Five worry faces stare at me.

"Lady Asellus! You have awaken!!" a teary face, which seems to be. Princess Rei's looks at me with concern and yet, happy eyes. I nodded at her, feeling that she might burst into bigger tears in a while.

I can't really recall what happened, but I remember a hand, and a strong voice. I held my head my my arms.

"It hurts.. it really hurts.." I mumbled, not wanting to worry my campanions..

"Are you alright?" I look up to see the purple haired musician stare back at me, apparently, really concerned.

"Yes.. Lute, yes. I'll be alright." I answered back. It seems like I had a hard time remembering his name.

"You know what you have done back there really scar-" .Zozma's words became muffled up by .Rouge's hands.

"You know what? I think I'll bring you outside to have a little talk to you," the magician waved goodbye, and said "hope you feel better soon" and left with his hand still on Zozma's mouth.

"." I stared down on my hands. They looked warned out from the fight yesterday.. The fight. I thought to myself. 'What happened in the fight?'

"Lady, what happened in the fight yesterday, was not your fault. I found out, Orlouge used his dirty tricks to poison you, and make you think of illusions." Rei's comforting smile made me feel a lot better, but still.

"If I hadn't held back, this wouldn't have happened. The truth is, it's my fault." I stare at my hands again, all those cuts and bruises I got on these hands were old. They were the injuries I got when I was training with the black wing.

I looked at Ildon, who was getting supported by the wall.

".." was all he said. He stared at the floor, looking at his shoes.

" don't blame yourself, the next time we go and get Orlouge, it will be our last, cause he'll die for sure!!" lute's reassuring words made me feel better. I smiled at him, and thanked him.

Suddenly, a big sound was heard, as if something crashed into the wall. We all stared at the source of the crash.

"Zozma..." Ildon growled at him, but the rebel was too unconcouse to hear.

Rouge walked in, looking at the mess Zozma made.

"Heh heh, pretty good aim, ay? Maybe I should have hit a little left, that would make a perfect center." Rouge and Lute laughed. I turned from the two humans to look at poor Zozma, who stayed unconcouse.

I smiled, I giggled, I laughed. Out loud and proud. Everyone looked at me, even Zozma stood up to look at me. I stopped my laughing to look at them.

"What? Did I turn green and purple spots?" I yelled, not liking this discomfort.

"A- Asellus, you laughed! That means you're back to normal! You-" a fist to the face stopped Zozma from talking.

"Nice one, Lute!" rouge patted Lute's back, and Lute smiled brightly.

"It's alright, guys, I'm fine!! Look at me! Zozma's right, I'm back to normal, and I'm terribly sorry I got you guys all worried, but I'm still me!!" I smiled at them, they smilled back.

We left the Koorong inn, and walked around for a bit, then settled in a restaurant.

"Now for the real business, what are we going to do about Orlouge?" Ildon's cold voice chilled my spine, but I still tried my best to concentrate.

"Um. I know this is very sudden, but I want to say something. And I wish you all will agree with me. I wish to stop this. Stop trying to kill orlouge. This might sound crazy, but I think he has been a good ruler of Facinaturu, and the whole mystic race!" I closed my eyes, afraid for the questions my friends will cover me with. I slowly opened my eyes to see not the surprised and puzzled faces, but the understanding and loving faces.

"I understand," Ildon turned around, "and I always wanted to explore the regions, so, I guess I'll be seeing you in a year or two." With the last words, my teacher walked away to the Koorong port to live his dream.

'Bye Ildon' I thought in my head. 'You were the best teacher I've ever gotten.'

"Well then, I better go look for a job, ma will be freaked if she found out I didn't find a job yet. Bye guys! Keep in touch! See ya!" and another one of my best friends walked out the doors.

"Time to look for my brother. He must be hanging around Luminouse right now, wish me best of luck!" Rouge also left, disappearing with his region map.

"And as for me, I'll go back to Devin, my peaceful job I had before is way better than risking my life to kill monsters, I am a human right now, best of luck, Asellus! Bye!" The former princess left the doors to continue her peaceful life.

"And last, for me, I'll go hunt down Ildon, and bother him to death." Zozma's haunting voice broke out in laughter.

"Wish you best of luck, not getting your face smacked into a tree or wall!" I yelled. This is it. Me, myself and I. I can finally live a life rid of those filthy scars of the past. I can finally live a Orlouge-free life, knowing Orlouge for sure won't want me back.

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