A sincere apology

Azure- Why am I even bothering, when this fic is… wow 2003… it's almost 2012… 9 years old? Well, because I saw someone else post an apology note on their fic and I thought- that's the responsible thing to do. Also, here's an explanation as to why this fix will not be continued anymore.

No, I did NOT fall out of the fandom. (How can I? SaGa Frontier is fricken awesome! Still is, and forever will be.) But, It's been 9 years. I don't even remember what this fic is about. And I'm WAY too embarrassed to read back on it. The grammar, the spelling, the… EVERYTHING is so badly done, it would only serve to kill me before my final tomorrow. I still love SaGa Frontier, and I still play the game, so I plan on one day take up writing another fic which I hope will finish, for SaGa Frontier one day. (Bows)

A lot of my IRL friends supported me throughout the story. This was back in what, Jr. High? Elementary? When did I get 3 terms for school! (I was reading the author's note and it said… 3 terms… when did I ever get that luxury!) And thus, I'm very grateful to every one of you. Even though I don't talk to some of you anymore. (9 years… it changes a lot of things.)

And to those who I didn't know IRL, but still liked my story, thank you very, very much. I really appreciate everyone's support, but sadly, this fic will have to be permanently set as 'dropped'. Maybe one day I will have the galls to come back and try to figure out who "?" was supposed to be and maybe even one day write a better fic. (I don't even know the pairing for this fic anymore. I don't even know what came over me to write this in the first place DX)

Thank you everyone for your kind support. May the future be bright for everyone. (Smiles)