Wow. I'm actually really, really, really quite pleased on how this came
...Enjoy. Bwahahaha.

Eyes of Mist

Eyes of ice boring through me
Searching into my soul
Glazed over in concentration
Of memories lost long ago
The shadows have consumed her
A child of darkness she has become
Death, evil and destruction
Have become what she considers fun
Cold eyes of winter
Soul dark and twisted
The gateway through her eyes
Is foreboding, strange and misted
I soon realize that there is no soul
Deep in the cave of her eyes
Taken long ago
Back in the well it lies
Waiting there for years and years
All hope and trust was lost
Her soul is now completely taken
To get rid of her, that was the cost
My heart skips a beat,
As she whispers under her breath
Three words which make me shudder in horror
She smiles and says, "Seven days left."

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