A Need For Sight

By: Silver Teardrops

Ch. 1

"Inuyasha look out!!!!" Kagome screeched into my ears.

I looked to the direction she pointed at and soon found a demon clawing at me. I dodged it and ended up harmless. I was smirking at the demon's speed.

"A turtle would win a race with you." I taunted, but then I saw no demon.

Then another scream from Kagome. "Damn you bitch! Can't you--" I then turned around to see her standing stiff with the demon in front of her. I ran as fast as I could, even faster than a real demon not a hanyou any longer and reached Kagome. I flew in front of her to protect her from the demon's attacks and I slashed it with my claws making it pieces of flesh on the ground. I fell to the ground, obviously being hit and the last image I saw was Kagome's worried face as she held me on her lap.

I started to stir as my head started to ache so I groaned aloud. Keeping my eyes shut because the pain was just plain too much for me. "Urgh, shit. What the hell happened?" And in a second I felt a warm tear fall on my face and touched it with much difficulty. "Kagome?"

"Inuyasha..." I heard her voice and then I settled on back to what I knew of her lap. "Inuyasha, are you all right? You got injured by that demon when you came to rescue me."

She rubbed my ears and I started to purr. Then I heard her voice again. "Let's go back to Kaede's. She'll help you get better. Although I care for you for a day doesn't mean I'm the expert." She giggled and I smiled.

"Arigato Kagome."

"For what? You saved me."

You don't know how wrong you are, without you, I wouldn't be here today. I was helped up by Kagome and we slowly walked towards the town nearby and every time I attempted to open my eyes it stung so bad that I was forced to close them the rest of the way and Kagome my only eyes for right now.

____Hours Later____

"Kaede-san!" Kagome called as we entered a familiar smelling hut. I felt her let go of me and tell me to sit down on the spot and I did as she said. She then ran further into the place and found the old hag that will help me heal.

"Inuyasha, what has ye gotten himself into this time?" Kaede's voice was beside me and I jumped.

As I regain my calm I snorted, "Feh, it's not me who got in trouble this bitch right here got in the way and I had to go save her as usual." I felt Kagome tense by me as if feeling guilty and I felt bad for saying what I had.

"Calm down, ye will not get better if ye shout all the time. Now lay down and I shall examine you." I did as the old hag instructed and after about 10 minutes she spoke again.

"It looks not the better of you Inuyasha. The wounds you counter will heal with your blood and all in a few mere days. There is only one thing that will cause such a dilemma to your healing."

I sat up. "Then what is it, you old hag?" She sputtered as she was called the 'name' again before answering me.

"Ye have gotten poisonous chemicals in ye eyes and for now ye shall not see again but darkness." I opened my eyes and as she said all I saw was black. The cold and lonely color of black. I panicked.

"What!!! Is there a herb to cure such as this? Why can't I see...."

I went on and on not caring if what I said made any sense I kept rambling but heard Kagome ask Kaede softly. "Will it be permanent?" I stopped. Everything stilled and quieted as I heard the winds rustle a few leaves outside.

"Such as I will not know until 3 weeks have gone and past. But for now he can not see and you will help him through his daily needs, Lady Kagome." I felt the wind from her nod and smiled inwardly. I get to boss her around for a while.

"Yes, I will." Kagome held onto my arm as Kaede must had instructed her to take me to a room and laid me to rest on a futon.

"If you need anything, Inuyasha, I'll be right by your side." I heard her as she slipped the cover over me. I began to drift off as I smelt the saltiness of tears and an heard Kagome whisper, "I'm sorry Inuyasha, I didn't mean to." And I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Next morning I awoke trying to open my eyes then remember what's the use, because I'm blind for now. "Ugh, Kagome?" I asked as I sniffed her out from the usually smell of wood and herbs.

"I'm here, you need anything Inuyasha?" She asked I felt her crawl nearer to me. What do I want?

"I smell Miroku and Sango, they here?" I asked her and I felt her nod again.

"Hey Inuyasha, how you doing?" Miroku slapped me on the back as I sat up.

"Hey watch it." I heard Sango mumble.

"So what are you guys doing here?" I questioned. They must've heard about my eyes by now.

"Kaede told us about your situation and thought we could be of some help." Sango answered me. I just stood up and once I was up Kagome immediately was at my side holding onto my arm. I flushed, why does she touch me and I begin to blush like an idiot?

"I can walk by myself." I mumbled and pulled my arm free of hers. I bumped into a chair right away and again Kagome held my arm.

"No, you can't. Let me help. Where are you going?" She replied and we walked steadily since I couldn't tell much if anything was in the way or not so I depended on her.

"Just wanna walk around outside." I answered and she lead me past the old hag as I heard her tell me. "Inuyasha ye can open ye eyes it might help it heal much faster than with it closed." I kept them shut until I felt the air from outside and I slowly opened my lids. I saw blackness only that and a faint gray on the edges but mainly black.

"Can you see?" She asked as we walked a little farther form the hut.

"No, I still see black."

"Oh, you want to eat? I have ramen in my pack, I can make it for you." She offered and I nodded like a child and I earned a girlish giggle. "Okay here sit down here, it'll be a little while." And I sat and heard her go through her pack that was with her all along. After minutes of much patience I heard her sigh and a bowl was produced before me. I didn't need her to tell me its down or where it was because my nose told all. "Even without your eyes, you still know where food is." She told me with a laugh, I smiled while eating and finished in a matter of seconds. I had already finished my meal so why was Kagome still so quiet?

"Kagome?" I asked as I stood up. I heard nothing the smell of hers was gone too! I couldn't sniff it out between the ramen aroma. "Miroku! Sango! Shippo! Kirara!!! Kagome's missing!!!" I started screaming and running in the direction I was facing, not really noticing I was injuring myself by the tree branches and thorns as such. Kagome, where are you?

"Inuyasha we heard you call for us so what's the deal?" Miroku voice suddenly came behind me and I turned around.

"Kagome's missing, you know where she's at?"

"No, I do not, don't overreact. Calm down and think first." Like hell I'll calm down, Kagome was just with me!

"Iie! She's gone and I don't know where! She might be hurt or something! You know that wench can't do anything right!" I heard some sniffling and some footsteps to the left of me so I turned my head acting as if I can see.

"Inuyasha, don't be so rude. Kagome didn't mean to worry you. She just-" Sango's words to me were interrupted by Kagome as she ran over and hugged me from my waist. I didn't know how to react but with my arms outstretched-to give her room.

"Gomen Inuyasha. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't mean to do it, I just saw some children playing too close to the river. I saw one fall in and I had to go get them, I'm so sorry! Please, onegai, forgive me..." Kagome's cry was heard loud and clear as if it was heard everyday through my mind. Every word memorized, every pitched hit, everything felt as if I heard it before.

"Kagome..." I started as I brought my arms around her once more but she flinched away. I could somehow tell she was on the ground kneeling and...crying, but silently to herself...to hide it from me.

"Inuyasha just say you'll forgive me, please I beg you." She held onto my hand and I felt some water on hers. "Yeah, I will." I said softly and she immediately let go to wipe her tears. Is she still feeling guilty about my eyes?

"Argh! Get away from me!" I screamed as I slashed my claws all about. I couldn't even sense where the demon was all I know was it was after Kagome and me. "You bastard!" I screamed as I was wounded by it.

"Inuyasha watch out! It's right behind you!" Kagome warned me and I turned around and sliced it with my Tetsusaiga.

"Done, Hpmh." I said as I definitely felt its body torn in half.

"Inuyasha? Are you all right? Let's go back to Kaede's. We can't just wander now when you can't see at all." Kagome grabbed my arm and pulled me with her as we began the path back to the hut. I hated being disabled. I couldn't do anything much. I needed Kagome or another person's help doing everything---even fighting! This is so lame.