Chapter 20

A Need For Sight
By: Silver Teardrops


My life is going great and time to lead it towards greater things...

"Inuyasha!" I mimicked Souta. He pouted at me and M.T. started to giggle. I mean, not to be immature but Souta gets whiny at times.

"Listen to me! Okay, if you want this done right you have to listen!" He lectured and I let my head fall, just to earn a bit of guilt out of them.

"Aww! Look you made him sad! Stop it Souta! He knows he should've but you didn't have to make him feel like he done something so wrong! Aww, Inuyasha, it's alright he didn't mean it," M.T, came and hugged me and I smirked but of course they couldn't see it. Ah, playing with minds are fun---especially childrens' minds.

"Fine, but yea, you got the idea right? And M.T can help you further, all I know is what the guy does or mostly---(blush)," Souta looked at M.T and looked away quickly.

"You got it Inuyasha?"

"Hai, domo M.T, Souta," I smiled at them both, they were helpful, no matter what I must admit.

"Sure thing, we be glad to help you with anything!" M.T gave me a huge bear hug and Souta joined in to (ahem) hug M.T, not me.

"Okay, I'm off with M.T, and she has the thing-"

"It's called a cell phone sheesh, get with it," Souta murmured and I gave him a glare.

"SHE has the CELL PHONE, and I guess if you need us, call---we're off." M.T. packed the necessary items needed and she pulled me out of the house. Before we left Kagome's kasaan came to me and gave me a package.

"Use this, she deserves it, you both do." She smiled sincerely at me and touched my hair and then enveloped me in a hug.

"Arigatou," I felt really, good now. A hug that felt like my own, like she was my own kasaan.

"Now, go on hurry!" She shooed us out and we took off with M.T on my back and her pointing out directions.


Souta panicked but he calmly picked up the phone.


"Souta? Good, I'm gonna be home about---like 3 to 4 hours, because Uno wants to go on a shopping trip! Oh I can't wait, gosh oh crap gotta run tell Inuyasha to behave bye!" Kagome clicked off and Souta began hyperventilating.

"Kuso! Kasaan!" Souta ran to the kitchen where she sat enjoying tea.


"What do I do? Kagome just called telling me when she would be home and what to do? what to do?"

Kagome's mother gave a 'DUH' look at him. Then used her right hand and made it like a phone and placed it by her ear.

"Call Inuyasha, dear do think." Souta nodded and ran back and dialed the number.


"M.T? Okay Kagome jsut called, she said she's gonna be back in 3 or 4 hours so hurry up and don't take too long!"

"Kay, thanks, I'm gonna speed things up---Inuyasha hurry it up, we have to make it to the best shop across town go! Bye Souta!" M.T hunged up and I sped up, hey, I'm not taking orders from a kid, I just want to get everything right!

"Okay just a mile ahead okay, and we're gonna stop at that store (she points)"

"Alright then, just a few seconds....there." I jumped down an alley and then M.T got off my back and we coolly entered the busy streets.

"Kay let's get to business!" M.T cheered gleefully, wonder why? She pulled me, actually dragged me to the entrance and to the counter...

"You need to meet him, he's the best---Oh, maybe we can get together tonight! Yea, I know no one won't mind, come to dinner with us and bring your fiance too!" Kagome gushed to Uno.

"You okay with it baby?" Uno asked her fiance driving.

"Sure, I don't mind---it's been a while Kagome, I know you don't remember me--"

"Of course I do! You were one of my friends in middle school right? The smart guy, hehehe," Kagome laughed as Uno nudged her.

"Anyways, we'll be there in about 30 minutes," Uno annouced as she looked outside at the passing scenes.

"Everything's ready?" I asked Souta, who was freaking out in front of me.

"Yea, yea, yea, no wait! No! NO! NO! YES! NO! I DON'T KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" He yelled pulling his hair, but luckily M.T was there to cure him with a kiss.

"Calm down Souta, you got everything done, he couldn't have done it without you."

"Yea, she's right kid." I patted his back and then Kagome's kasaan came out of the living room to the dinning room.

"You look wonderful Inuyasha, you ready correct?"

"Aa, I am."

"I love what you did outside M.T, you have a knack for decorating." M.T blushed as she took the comment.

"Where's Miroku and Sango?"

"Right here, dressed for the occasion!" Miroku came in looking clean in a collar shirt and gray slacks accompanied with Sano sleek in a lavendar evening dress and Masaya in a adorable outfit.

"You heard? Souta...." I glared at him as he glared back as he held onto M.T.

"Okay, she's here! Act natural, go to the backyard now! Um M.T, Sango, Um Kasaan---could you go see to the food?" They all nodded and headed and the guys went out to the backyard and I went to sit at the foot of the stairs.

"I'm home with my friends!" Kagome yelled upon entering the house. She saw me and i stood up immediately.

"Um, Kagome? Who are these people?" I asked, politely.

"Oh, Uno-Inuyasha, Inuyasha-Uno, And this is Uno's fiance," I bowed to the two while they did the same.

"Wow, she's right you ARE kawaii! Kagome, you can sure pick 'em!" Uno squealed and I blushed.

"Come in, come in, we're eating outside tonight, and you can join too." I closed the door and Kagome led them outside but before she could go-she saw everyone through the glass wearing formal clothing and Uno and her partner was already in the attire so Kagome remembered what she bought.

"Um, Uno go outside and meet everyone, Inuyasha tell Sango to come up to my room to help me--now!" Kagome ran up the stairs and i went outside to call Sango.

"I think, she needs your help?" I told her and she knew something I didn't and rushed in. Uno and he were making conversation with eveyrone alright.

"Sango! You could've told someone to tell me, it was a special night tonight! I should've been dressed, thank goodness I bought this dress! Help me get ready please!" Sango immediately helped her.

"It's, um a dinner to celebrate something Souta and Inuyasha dicovered okay? Now be calm, I'll help you." Sango has a smirk on the whole time but Kagome was too busy trying to get ready to even notice the change in her best friend's behavior.

"OKay, is my hair okay? And Make up? I dunno, I usual just put a light lipstick, and maybe mascara---and oh yea I received some eye shadow too! I'm going to use it!" Kagome blabbered on while Sango looked at Kagome seeing her friend get ready for one of the memorable nights in her whole life.

"Sango? Hello? Is everything okay? Do I look pretty enough?" Kagome asked as all her work was done and she stood in front of Sango. Kagome was adorned in baby blue silky dress which was hanging off her curves and had two straps. Her heels were clear, her hair was bobby pinned with few curls to add the formalness to her, she had on blue eye shadow, mascara and a light shade of pink on her lips.

Sango stood stunned, and near tears---knowing this will be the night where Kagome finally gets what she desrves for the longest of times.

"Oh no, I look too ugly don't I??? Oh gosh, I don't know why I try..." Kagome took the silence as a bad thing and shrank to the floor and looked sad.

"No! I was too surprised! You look absolutely gorgeous Kagome! I know no one can look any beautiful than you. And it's a fact. Now come on I'm hungry and I bet Miroku is fed up waiting for me!" Sango grabbed Kagome and pulled her out and down the stairs to the dinner party outside.

I was pacing outside impatiently, even though it was only 5 or so minutes since she ran's suppose to be for her and she's not down here! Kuso! I had to be mean and tell everyone not to touch the food until Kagome comes back, and they've been grumbling or their stomachs have.

"We're here!" sango finally came rushing out, with no breath. But Kagome wasn't near her.

"WHERE IS SHE?" I whispered harshly in Sango's ear. She pointed back at the door and out came Kagome, dressed for the best of the best. She looked more---beautiful than she was if that was possible.

"Kagome!" I annouced and everyone turned to look.

"Inuyasha...everyone, sorry had to um change haha." She nervously giggled and she made her way past me but I held her wrist. My head down hiding my blush.

"What's wrong?" She asked and everyone that knew was looking intently and those who were curious was just staring.

I dropped to my knees and pulled her in front of me. My hands shaking I held her two hands. I looked up and she was still oblivious to the stance I took. So with everything I had, I spoke with all my heart.

"Ka-Kagome, Listen. These past few years I've come to know you and you with me. Through all the tough and hard times you were there-you never left me alone. And for that I love you. You never doubted me, you never did anything against me, you are my angel that guards me, and I will be your prince to protect you. You taught me to trust and with trust turned to love...and with that I want to ask you...Will you be mines until the end of eternity?"

I saw her mouth open wide and I smirked and then her shocked gaze turned warm and tears started to spill. She shook her head only slightly and I stood up and slipped on the diamond ring M.T. had choosen.

"I love you Kagome, I do." And she clasped onto my neck crying adn repeating 'yes' over and over. Everyone there cheered as I swung her off the ground, enjoying the moment, she accepted me---the first to accept and love me as I am.

Kagome Higurashi...agreed to be mines...

"I accept Inuyasha, my prince, my love until the end of forever..." Kagome whispered right before I enveloped her lips in a lasting kiss.......

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