As you have noticed, this story has not been updated for a while now. This is not unusual, as it has happened before. However, this time, it has been put on hold the last few months for several reasons:

1. The page where I get all my Diablo quotes from has suffered a major zap and no longer has those quotes. It means that I have to play through the game again to get all the quotes down right. Not that much of an issue with my level 80+ Sorceress at Normal difficulty, but still a pain in the rear and still takes time.
2. I have been working on a Masters in Business Administration degree whilst working full-time, and have managed to get through half the course in 10 months (and plan to go through the other half in the next 6) so writing fanfic has been pushed even further back on the backburner.
3. Several other stories have grabbed my attention in the meantime,
including a Battletech/Mechwarrior one and my original fiction. I do apologise for that. My mind is very chaotic like that. I have since completed the Battletech story and will now alternate between its sequel and this one.
4. I dislike immensely having to reinvent the wheel every time I post. In the beginning, it was a simple matter to delineate between scenes by the expedient means of a line of dashes. Now, that is no longer recognised and I have to devise other ways to do so. I find that extremely annoying and time consuming, and I can only imagine what changes has been wrought since.
5. I have a moral objection to sites that edit the contents of any published material without notifying the author. If you are going to change the rules,
that is your prerogative. However, if you are going to edit the contents of someone's story because of those changes, at least have the decency to notify them of the change. After all, if you are going to spend umpteenth hours looking through all the stories to find violations to your new law,
spending an extra couple of minutes to send the author an email or a note is not a big ask.

Accordingly, I have spent some time looking for another site that will host my fanfic, which added to the delay. I have since found that site, and this story will be duplicated there sometime in the near future. I will leave this story up here for now. However, only the one in the new site will be updated from here on in. I will still be using my penname of William Jamieson there.

I am fairly certain that this site's administrators will throw a fit if I reveal the name of the new site, and since I would like this notice to remain up for as long as possible, I will not do so. However, feel free to drop me an email at shadsix hotmail . com asking for the site name. I would be happy to direct you to it.

Thank you to all my readers and reviewers for the time they have put into reading and reviewing this fanfic thus far. I can only hope to continue to live up to your expectations.

Long life and blessed be.

Warmest regards,