The song used in this last chapter is Gackt's translated 'Last Song'

I continued wandering aimlessly, all alone

A faint sigh painting a stroke of white

In the ephemeral nature of the changing seasons

Tears overflowed without any reason

"Even now I love you..."

Hawk's PoV

While I was unconscious, I thought about a lot of things. But mostly, I thought about her. How different she was, now she didn't have morals. How much I missed her, even if she was only gone a couple days. This...Isn't right. What Slade did to her shouldn't have been done, just to get at me. But then, with Slade, it's all about getting me to be his apprentice. I should never have let her go. I should have known that Slade was expecting me to do just that. Now, she's gone, replaced by Nightingale. She doesn't love me. She never will. Not after all I put her through. She had said that I was forgiven, but apparently I wasn't. I didn't realize I had caused her so much hurt. All I knew was that I was a jackass for not realizing sooner what Slade was going to do to her...To them.

The continually falling sadness changes into pure white snow

Through it all, I raised my head to the sky

Before this body disappears now, if my wish reaches you

Please hold me tight just once more

Hawk groaned and opened his eyes. Tears were falling on his face, and Nightingale was shuddering with every sob that escaped her body. Without thinking, Hawk threw his arms around Nightingale's shoulders, attempting to comfort her. Nightingale hugged Hawk back, her tears falling on him as he whispered to her that he would never try to kill her.
"I'm so sorry, Robin, I doubted you again. I don't even deserve to be in your presence." Hawk laughed.
"Star, I don't care that you tried to kill me. I deserved it for what I did to you. I'm so sorry, Star, I should've learned more about your home planet before sending you home." Nightingale stood and pulled Hawk up with her, wiping her eyes.
"I love you, Robin, or Hawk, or whoever you are. Whatever your name is, you will always be the same to me. The same good man that I fell in love with." Hawk blushed slightly and kissed Nightingale lightly on the lips.

"C'mon. The others are searching for you."

We didn't understand each other and hurt each other over and over again

Even at those times you were always kind

I cut myself on the suddenly surrendered ring

As our promises to each other were not granted

"Even now I remember..."

Raven restored Nightingale's morals, and the Teen Titans went back to the Tower. They made it a place able to live in once more, and got back to crime fighting the next day. Nightingale and Hawk debated for a long time over whether they should or shouldn't stay the way they were, and then decided that minus the contacts, the ensemble wasn't too bad. So, they ditched the contacts, but kept the new hair dos and the new clothes. A year later, the two decided to share a room, and accepted a new Titan into their ranks-Speedy. Beast Boy (now Changeling) and Raven also decided to share a room, leaving room for yet another new Titan, Aqualad. The group flourished, and in a matter of months, they had installations of Teen Titan operatives all over the world. Nightingale and Hawk got married and had two children, Nightstar and Eagle, after which they retired from the evil- battling biz to spend more time with their children. Changeling and Raven also married, but had no children. And thus ends the story of the TEEN TITANS.

The fading memories are too brilliant as always

I wanted to be closer by

We can't meet again but you were always close to hold me up

Just you, don't change yourself

I can't erase those last tears you showed me

Even if I disappear along with this white snow

I want to always bloom in your heart

We held each other close don't forget that warmth

Even if you love someone else

I'll never let go of the sound the last I heard of your voice

I want to fall into a deep sleep

The continually falling sadness changes into pure white snow

Through it all, I raised my head to the sky

Before this body disappears now, if my wish reaches you

Please hold me tight just once more

"Please hold me tight just once more..."