After Hazel and his friends left the Shining Wire warren, things began to change dramatically. One of the first things that happened was that the farmer hadn't planted any new snares for a while. It wasn't until after about a month that the farmer noticed this. As he was picking up a dead rabbit out of a snare, he saw that other than the one he just caught a rabbit in, there were only two snares left. Since he had to go to the hardware store for a different reason anyways, the farmer decided that he would by some more material to make some more snares.

The rabbits in Cowslip's warren also noticed what was going on. In the past month, only to rabbits had disappeared without warning. Within this time, the warren of 32 rabbits had ballooned up to 48. Also, another doe was expected to have a large litter within a day. Cowslip at the time noticed that the snares were gone-the two that were left were on the outskirts of the warren were almost no rabbit went. When Cowslip told the others about how he thought the snares were gone, the warren selected him to be their chief rabbit. He didn't know the farmer was planning on planting the snares the next day.

As it so happened the farmer did go out to the hardware store. Problem was that the hardware store was a good 3-hour drive away. Nevertheless, the farmer set out at around sunset, and told his family that he would be getting home at around midnight. While the farmer was away, though, the thing that every man fears happened to his family. At ten at night, when only the farmer's wife and fourteen-year-old son were up, three buglers armed with handguns and knives broke in. They shot the farmers oldest son as he ran for the rifle on top of the gun rack. Than they went after the farmers wife and 4 young sons and daughters and brutally sliced all but one of the farmers kids to death. The one survivor was mortally wounded and died within the next hour.

When the farmer got home, he found a bunch of police cars and ambulances surrounding his home. When he heard the news, the farmer thought that he would never be able to stay on the farm again, and put it up for sale the next morning. It was bought within a week, and the new farmer posed no threat to Cowslip and the rest of his rabbits. The rabbits believed for many years that Frith had sent messengers to save them from the evil farmer and his family. The warren was free.