TITLE: Spit 'n' Polish

AUTHOR: Mara Jade

EMAIL: marajade764@yahoo.co.uk



SUMMARY: The Jaffa should never have taken away his shine

SPOILERS: None, I think.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The result of two hours polishing my shoes for a remembrance day parade. Well, it was inspired by that.

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Colonel Jack O'Neil was a fearsome sight, stood in his full dress uniform, his face the very epitome of rage.

His uniform, previously immaculate had become rapidly crumpled, dirtied and torn as they had been relentlessly harried by a squad of Jaffa intent on breaking up the treaty between earth and the Kifnen.

He stood now surrounded by the fallen bodies of the Jaffa, a tower of anger stood immovable against the odds.

"Sir?" Carter asked querulously, peeking out from behind the large stone block that she, Daniel and Teal'c had taken cover.

"O'Neill, are you in good health?" Teal'c asked him fearfully, showing no more than the top of his head. Daniel refused to come out from his cover, muttering something about Jack and shine.

"Do you have any idea how long it took me, how much effort and elbow grease?…I had to sweat blood to get them as good as they are!! And you go, and you mutilate them! You cut them down in the prime of their life!! Turned them into a ravaged mess, a shadow of what they were before!" Jack ranted at the fallen Jaffa, brandishing his stolen Staff weapon haphazardly. "You can try and kill me… I can understand that, I mean I'm not the nicest person in the world but they…they did nothing to you, they didn't deserve this but you stole their light, you stole their shine!!"

Sam and Teal'c glanced at each other in puzzlement, while Daniel sat with his back to the stone, his eyes scrunched closed, silently muttering.

They turned back just in time to hear Jack yell to the heavens.


Daniel shook his head and continues to mutter to himself.

Sam and Teal'c turned to their CO, who had just approached and gave him a questioning look. He stared them down, his face the very picture of anger.

"Do you have any idea how long it took me to get these shoes that shiny?"