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Bloodlines: the dog demon's heir

By HyperFerret

Chapter 1

"Lord Sesshomaru there's a demon approaching from above!" the little toad demon warned his master. Though it was a wasted effort, Sesshomaru had sensed the aforementioned demon nearly an hour ago. It was a bird like creature; a larger relative to the three eyed crow scavengers; and it had been following them for some time. Stepping into a clearing, Sesshomaru was finally able to see their pursuer clearly. As he expected, a large, black dozen-eyed bird was hovering in the night sky. It did not attack, only flew forward a few yards and let something fall from its hooked talons.

          Jaken had cleared the forest just in time to be smacked down by the falling object. Its task accomplished, the crow rose high in the air and departed with no further confrontation. Sesshomaru turned to Jaken who was sprawled on the ground underneath the crow's delivery; a small white bundle of furs with a note attached.

          "Sesshomaru" the note read, "this is yours, I'm not dealing with it." Sesshomaru knelt down and picked up the small bundle. Within the soft furs was a tiny pale skinned infant. The baby, a girl, had fine silver hair, and vivid red markings adorned her face, forehead arms and back. She also had large dog like ears and the beginnings of a silky tail.

          Sesshomaru glanced first at the baby, then back at the note to see who would dare suggest such a thing. The paper was signed "Mura" and though vague in his mind, Sesshomaru did recall the demon sorceress who the name belonged to. Some months ago he had sought out the black witch demon in her mountain home with the hopes that she might use her sorcery to reveal the location of his father's tomb. The meeting, as it turned out, had proved more then either of them had bargained for. That in mind, and the fact that this child so resembled him, Sesshomaru could not deny that Mura was correct in her claims that this baby was his.

          Jaken naturally remained naive of such matters and so was rightfully furious that the demon Mura would make such an outrageous assumption.

          "Why that no good, rotten…how dare she even say such a thing! Why I have half a mind to…"

          "Jaken." Sesshomaru interrupted in his usual, calm and emotionless manner, "Watch what you say in front of my daughter."

          "Yes lord Sesshomaru…" Jaken began until he heard the remainder of his master's order. "Waw what! Are you saying that this child is…" A stern glare from the demon lord stopped him short. Seeing his master's anger, Jaken bowed his head submissively and tried to make amends. "Forgive me my lord. I shouldn't have questioned you." Jaken fidgeted nervously as his master gazed at the baby cradled in his arms. The infant yawned and opened her vivid yellow eyes; they too, were just like her fathers; cat like and filled with calm intelligence.

          "I see your mother didn't even have the courtesy to give you a name." he remarked as his daughter stared up at him. Though not exactly the paternal type, Sesshomaru refused to let a child of his go without an identity. But what to name her? Jaken, anxious to get back on his masters good side decided to try and help with the naming process.

          "Oo oo I know!" Jaken announced when he finally came up with the perfect namesake "How about Shuramaru!" Jaken beamed as he jumped from one foot to another.

          "Shuramaru," the demon lord repeated out loud as he pondered over the origin of the name. It was an elegant cross between his name and that of his baby's mother. Not only would his impressive linage be represented; it would also prevent Mura the sorceress from completely denying her involvement with him and their baby. "That sounds like a fine name." Sesshomaru agreed. Gently with his free hand Sesshomaru stroked a strand of silver hair out of the infants face. The baby smiled, reached up with tiny, clawed hands, clasped hold of one of his fingers and started to chew on it lightly. Even at so young an age, the demon baby had the beginnings of sharp fangs. No doubt she would prove to be a powerful ally when she got older.

          With his new charge tucked securely amongst the fur lining his shoulder, Sesshomaru continued to journey onward with Jaken in toe. For the moment it was back to the safety of the high grounds; now that he was vulnerable the demon lord would have to restrict his travel. Even his own land, dangers were ever lurking, and he would not risk the life of his baby.