Title: Watashi Daiichi no shû dorei ai

Author: Shinigami Liliz Black

Status: BETAED by thrnbooke

Notes: I hate Peter! That will explain his lack of appearances in this story. Maybe I'll update the rest chapters and write some NC-17 parts! Hehe!


The great sun that brings every morning peeked into the mountains, spreading around the lands like two petite breast of a beautiful woman. From the lake at the distance, were wild animals with their cubs stretching for the morning meal. The trees bring them shelter against the burning morning sun.

Exploring his surrounding was something he never managed to do with the one he really loved. He never had gazed at the nature in a lovely peaceful way. In fact, since the war began, which gratefully ended, he had seen the amazing significance of wild nature.

It had been months since he was found, taken into emergency after his new found stagnation disease. It was a comatose period that was undetermined also, ranging from few minutes to, as unbelievable as it may sound, a few years. The coma can make your heartbeat so weak that it may look as you were dead, though this disease occurs to people its existence is barely knows.

The sound of a door creaking open prompted him to break his peaceful moments to look at the source. He smiled at the red haired man popping his head inside the room.

"The horses are ready." He nodded his head and answered.

"I'm on my way; let me enjoy this view for some minutes." The red haired man bowed and left him on his own.

He chuckled. The red haired man had been with him since he was found. They had become best friends in the four months he had been living in this territory, unknown to both of them. He leaned over the balcony, letting the wind caress his skin and hair.

You know what it felt like to be under the stagnation comatose, for two entire months, seeing how things progress around him when all you could witness was darkness? It was pure hell, to say. His muscles were sore from being in bed barely moving, his eyes even stopped functioning for three day until everything began to settle. He couldn't stop eating as well! When he woke up his stomach was aching for the lack of food.

His only company was the red head and old wise Albus Dumbledore.

After taking immense trainings from Albus and long walks around the place with his friend, he felt new again and ready to face the past.

He placed the dark red cape over his shoulders pinning it on his black chest armor. He picked up the brand new wand Albus carved for him for emergencies and pulled it inside his black trousers' pockets. He adjusted his hair and smiled at his reflection.

He headed downstairs where his friend was waiting for him, with two neat strong horses. He handed him the black one with, to his shock, yellow eyes. He scratched the horse's head looking at the yellow eyes; he had never seen a horse with those kinds of eyes. In his seat he noticed the name Bull's-eye.

His friend mounted his brown black-haired horse and raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm coming," he mumbled and mounted his horse.

"If we head east, there's a possibility we will arrive on time," his friend pointed out.

"Then we will head east." With a kick, his horse ran off into the green grasslands.

His friend soon followed, keeping pace with him. He smiled listening to the sound the horseshoe makes as it slams into the ground and once again up to gain speed. He felt himself rising a bit from his horse urging him to move faster.

A barking sound came near him. Looking down he noticed a black stray dog along with a grayish-black wolf challenging him.

"They're here!" he heard his friend yell.

He noticed a stag running over his left keeping pace with him. It shrilled at him and he felt himself laughing.

The screeching sound of a black falcon came from above accompanied by a girlish voice. "You move so slowly!"

He looked at the girl flying beside the black falcon. He remembered the girl being imprisoned in the Woods of Death with Godric's sorrowful soul. The girl wagged her brown long tail and flied down to his side, her blue eyes shining with mischievous, and kissed his cheek.

He smiled and screamed. "Run like the wind, Bull's-eye!" The black dog barked at him and he burst out laughing.

"Hey wait for me!" his friend yelled.

Hold on……Draco

He looked out of the window at the town around, waiting for the grand moment of his Prince turning King. After the death of Lord Voldemort, the name and the pride of the Hebi had been handed down to him.

He heard the soft click of the knob being turned and a tall person stepped in. The person walked with elegancy and confident until it stopped behind him.

"What is it, father?" he asked not bothering to look at him.

"The ceremony is ready," he said and added. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," he replied with a cold tone.

He approached his only son and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Look, Draco I'm-"

Draco shook the hand away and picked up the green silky cape from the armchair beside the bed. He pinned it on with a silver pin spelling the letter M with a serpent embroiling it.

Lucius turned to look at his son, who was tightening the leather boot lashes. "Draco," he said warningly.

Draco's head shot up, glaring at his father. Lucius noticed the lighting bolt scar on Draco's forehead of the scene passed four months ago." He's dead. There's nothing more I can do about it."

"I expected you to fight against the marriage."

"I realized I should get married."

"To a woman you don't even feel attracted to?"

"To a woman who will become my queen and help me aid those in need." He stepped out of the room leaving Lucius by himself.

"You're not the Draco I used to know."

The soft music began as Albus Dumbledore stepped into a white marble altar, behind him stood Lucius Malfoy holding with both hands, the Slytherin sword as a delicate object of power.

"We are all here gathered to witness the union of the Raven and the Hebi Kingdom. Let us pray." Dumbledore raised a twelve inch gold goblet like a prize given in a sacrifice.

In murmurs everyone said:

Hear the world of your heirs,
Servers of your hand.
The Greatest of God are invoke here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this day and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power.
Bless our thy brother,
Bring us health and power.

"Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of the Raven kingdom," Dumbledore proclaimed while holding the golden goblet out. "Do you hereby allow your heir, Hermione Joanne Granger to unite with Draconis Fulgens Malfoy, heir of Salazar Slytherin?"

The Goblet's inside burst into blue flames. Dumbledore bowed and so did everyone. The blue flames disappeared.

"Salazar Slytherin, founder of the Hebi Kingdom; do you hereby allow your heir, Draconis Fulgens Malfoy unite with Hermione Joanne Granger, heir of Rowena Ravenclaw?"


"Salazar Slytherin, do you allow your heir to marry, Hermione Joanne Granger?" Lucius bit his lips. 'Red flame, red flame!' he thought desperately.

After few seconds, the Goblet's inside burst into blue flames. Lucius felt his heart sank. 'No!'

Dumbledore bowed as the flames disappeared. He placed the Goblet on the altar. "Let the ceremony begin."

Behind all the row of seats placed in the Malfoy Manor's back side, a man called out. "Let us present Prince Draconis Fulgens Malfoy." Usually, it was the Queen's work to guide her son towards the altar but Queen Narcissa had passed away so it was Draco by himself walking briskly towards the altar, his chin up in total power. On his head was a silver circlet with blazing emeralds.

Draco bowed at the altar ahead as Dumbledore made his way to him. He tied a silver ribbon around his neck, loosely enough to be seen resting on his green cape.

"Blessed be boy," Dumbledore whispered.

The same man called out, "Let us present Hermione Joanne Granger."

Hermione came out, with a fascinating blue dress with blazing silver jewelry guided by her father. He was a man with long brown hair pushed into a pony tail, thick eyebrows and chocolate eyes. He wore a thick silver crown with Spinal blue stones and a dark blue smooth cape.

He placed her hand in Draco's and bowed. Draco bowed in return and both faced the altar. Dumbledore tied the same looking ribbon on Hermione's neck.

"Blessed be girl," he whispered.

"On your feet," Dumbledore commanded. "Right hand on the Goblet. Young Draconis Fulgens Malfoy, do you promise to take responsibility of both Raven and Hebi Kingdom and be there for Lady Hermione Joanne Granger when most need you to love her and protect her at all cost?"

"I promise thee." Blue flames ticked his hand.

"Right hand on the Goblet. Lady Hermione Joanne Granger, do you promise to aid Young Draconis Fulgens Malfoy in the responsibilities to both Raven and Hebi Kingdom and be there when Young Draconis Fulgens Malfoy needs you for moral support, love him and agree with him on his path of being King?"

"I promise thee," Blue flames ticked her hand. King Granger with his wife stood up beside Hermione as Lucius, with a disappointed face, unsheathed the sword.

"Is there anyone who disagrees with the union of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger?"

An arrow passed by Dumbledore's head, missing his ear by inches and pinned into the tree behind the old wizard. Hermione's eyes widen; she knows who this shot belongs to.

"We do," both men said. Draco's inside froze and the sound of the voice. He had heard this man talking in his dreams.

He closed his eyes. "It's just my mind playing sick tricks on me," he murmured under his breath.

"Ron!" Hermione exclaimed looking at the red hair. "Harry?!"

Draco tensed all over. 'No! He is dead; I saw it with my eyes! I felt no pulse!' Murmurs erupted around the crowd making Draco shake violently.

"Harry Potter? I thought he was dead!"

"Didn't he die to save our Lord's life?"

"Is he a ghost?"

"Draco?" the hairs on the back of his neck stood up making his skin prickle. His hand turned into a fist, showing his white knuckles.

"Stop playing," Draco whispered shaking violently; his voice came hoarsely.

"This is no game, Draco," Harry whispered reaching for Draco.

"Stop it. It's fake." Harry turned the blonde man to face him. His gray eyes were watering; he was trying to hold the tears back.

"Does my touch feel fake? Do my words speak lies? Do my eyes shine with emptiness?" Harry was only a few inches away from his face. "Does…my lips taste fake?"

Draco shivered feeling the warmth of Harry's lips as they brushed. "Tell me Draco, am I fake?"

Draco's knees wobbled; luckily, Harry was holding his shoulders or else Draco would have fallen down. He griped Harry's cape, holding on for dear life and buried his face on Harry's shoulder.

"How? You were dead!" Draco said; his voice muffled. "There was no pulse!"

Harry ignored the whispers around him and ran his hand through the blonde hair. "When I confronted Voldemort, my Killing curse touched him first. Since the spell can't continue without its sender, The Killing Curse hit me but not full impact. It's like escaping but receiving a side effect."

Draco stopped trembling and looked up at Harry. "But there was no pulse!"

"I received a disease called stagnation it is a comatose period that can make your heartbeat so weak that it may look as if you were dead." Harry whispered and fingered the scar on Draco's forehead. "I was supposed to receive this but I couldn't bear to live with the thought of you dead, so I stepped in and confronted Voldemort."

"You don't know how much I cried, how much I suffered!" Draco said tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Hush," Harry said wiping the tears away. "You're supposed to be my master and look at you! You're crying all over me! That's very un-Malfoy like."

Draco chuckled, smiling at his green eyed lover. "That's what love changes you to, a total whiner."

Harry snorted, slipping his arms around the blonde's waist. "You're much more than that!"

Hermione looked at the two men and smiled. "May I know why you're smiling?" a voice said from her left.

"Ron!" she exclaimed and hugged the red head. Ron lifted her from the ground and swirled her around in his arms.

"I don't know but this has to be love at first sight," he commented.

"Definitely," she whispered as their lips brushed.

"Hermione?" her mother called.

Ron tensed up and mumbled. "Guess I screwed up the wedding."

Hermione turned to look at her father, who was looking mad. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I believe I am the one who should explain the circumstances of this incident," Lucius said. Ron and Hermione looked as Lucius took King Granger away and whispered something to him.

Seconds later King Granger strode where his daughter was. "Are you sure about this?" He asked Hermione.

"I will take care of your daughter and protect her at all cost, you have my words King Granger," Ron said hugging Hermione closer to his chest. She half cuddled into the red head's smooth yellow cape.

King Granger removed his crown. "By the name of my ancestors and founder of the Raven kingdom I proclaim you King of the raven Kingdom." He placed the crown on Weasley's head.

Hermione's eyes watered and she did not hesitate to pull Ron into a passionate kiss. Ron smiled against her lips and deepened the kiss.

"Lucky you didn't marry her," Harry whispered to Draco as he looked at Ron and Hermione, "Or else they wouldn't have been together."

"Boys," Lucius called from behind Draco. "I think its time to continue the ceremony."

Both men raised their eyebrows at him. "What do you mean? I can't marry

"Did I say something about marrying Miss Granger?" Draco turned to look at Harry. Harry grinned and guided Draco towards the altar. Hermione approached Harry and placed the silver ribbon Albus placed before on her around Harry's neck.

"This is your place," she whispered and smiled. Whispers erupted and Draco felt Harry squeezing his hand in support.

Lucius called for attention and stepped in front of the couple. "I am proud to announce the union of the Hebi and Griffin kingdom."

There were lots of yelps and protests. "Those who do not agree with these terms will gladly leave."

The yard fell silent; some grunted and waited for the ceremony to continue. "Good."

Lucius turned and took the Golden Goblet. "We are all here gathered to witness the union of Draconis Fulgens Malfoy and Harold James Potter."

"Right hand on the Goblet. Draconis Fulgens Malfoy, do you promise to take responsibility of both Griffin and Hebi Kingdom and be there for Harold James Potter when most need you to love him and protect him at all cost?"

Draco held his chin high and Harry snorted as he replies. "I promise thee." Blue flames ticked his hand.

"Right hand on the Goblet. Harold James Potter, do you promise to aid Young Draconis Fulgens Malfoy in to the responsibilities both Griffin and Hebi Kingdom and be there when Young Draconis Fulgens Malfoy needs you for moral support, love him and agree with him on your path of being King?"

"I promise thee," Blue flames ticked his hand; Lucius couldn't help but grin. He handed down the goblet to Dumbledore and unsheathed the Slytherin sword. Automatically, Harry and Draco dropped to their knees.

"I proudly announce you both," he began saying and a strong voice accompanied his, pointing a silver-red ruby sword at both young men's shoulders, "Kings of Hebi-Griffin kingdom."

The silver ribbon around their necks floated, intertwining with each other until they vanished into thin air. James and Lucius both removed their son's crowns and placed theirs on the young men's heads.

"You may kiss," James whispered.

Draco stood up and wrapped his hand around the brunette's waist, taking him by surprise. He pushed the messy locks away from the tanned face and leaned down, capturing Harry's lips into a passionate kiss. Between kisses Draco whispered, "Anata ga watashi Daiichi no shû dorei ai."

Hermione squealed excitedly and yanked Ron into another passionate kiss. Sirius and Remus were at the back, Remus sniffing a lot.

"What now?" Sirius asked with his Italian accent slipping in.

"I can't stand seeing weddings!" Remus sniffed. "They're so beautiful!" Sirius rolled his eyes.

James grinned at the bouncing girl with Severus at the back. Everyone clapped; some just sighed and bowed. Lucius leaned over and whispered in James' ears, not ripping his gaze from the kissing couple. "It did go better then we planned, right?"

"You can say that."

"Say James, you never told me why Harry is still alive. Draco told me he was dead."



"Shut up," James murmured capturing Lucius' lips.

Four years later…

He entered the kitchen with parchment in hand. The kitchen from the castle was almost half the size of a basketball field. He began shouting orders as the chefs prepared the frying pans for delicious gourmet food.

"I want all the servants to serve Firewhisky to the guests at the beginning and I want them to be dressed in black-white robes."

Twenty-three year old Harry Potter shouted at the people around the kitchen looking stressed. He shook his messy black hair from his face, longer than before almost reaching down his shoulders. His emerald eyes were no longer behind round glasses but instead in square neat silver frames.


"Yes sir?"

"I want you to prepare the flower bouquets with Flora!"

Remus, the werewolf, entered the kitchen looking elegant in silky new chestnut robes with his now shoulder length sandy hair streaked grey, his wolf pointed ears peering from his hair and honey piercing eyes. Behind came Sirius, clad in dark blue robes, silky dark brown hair pushed into a pony tail and piercing blue eyes.

Sirius raised his thick black eyebrow in amusement as Harry moved briskly around the kitchen pushing everyone to their chores.

"Hello Harry," Sirius called but was totally ignored by the brunette.

"Hi, Harry," Remus said cheerfully.

"Oh hello Remus," Harry said hastily, returning to his shouting system. Sirius scowled at the wolf, feeling unwanted.

"Ah come on Sirius, he didn't do it on purpose," Remus whispered to the crossed arm scowling man.


"Not now Sirius," he said, his back turned.


"I'm busy!" Suddenly, the parchment in Harry's hand's vanished. He blinked his eyes and turned to look at the duo.

Sirius held the parchment in his hands as he said, "You go upstairs and spend some time with the child while we take care of everything."


"No buts Mister," Remus said, pushing him out of the kitchen. "Lucius told us you've been stressing out and that is not good."

"Now, go upstairs and relax."

Twenty-four year old Draco Malfoy stared out of the window, looking at his father outside arranging the decorations. He tugged his long white blonde locks behind his ear. His eyes were silver as usual and his hair reached his chest (mostly pushed into a ponytail). On his shoulder, was a green silky cape covering him like a blanket.

He walked around the garden, supervising the servants as they decorated the table and arrange the chairs around. The ceremony was to be held outside.

He was about to pick up a candlestick when somebody snatched it. "I believe you should be upstairs spending some time with your child while I supervise this decoration," Lucius drawled.

Draco glared at his father. "Everything needs to be perfect. Besides I have a servant taking care of him."

"That is not tolerable, he needs his parents now."

He snorted. "What about Coluber?" Lucius' cheeks reddened at the mention of his second son.

"He's horseback riding with James. Now hush, go away!"

He scowled at the bright green eyes looking at him. "Daddy Draco, lets play!"

"No," he said looking back at the window. The almost-four year old blonde crossed his arms.

"If you don't play with me, I'll tell Daddy Hawwy."

"That's blackmailing!"

"I'll tell him!" He rolled his eyes irritably and sighed.

"Alright!" The child pushed him onto the floor ahead of the scattered figures on the floor.

"This will be Godric!" the boy said picking a blonde knight.

"He can't be Godric!" Draco protested. "It doesn't look like him."

"He is Godric."

"He's not!"

"He is!"

"He's not!"

"He is!"

"What are you two are fighting for?" Harry said standing in the doorway.

The boy's bright green eyes watered and attached himself to Harry's right leg. "Daddy Hawwy! Draco doesn't want to play with me!"

"Who would?" Draco shouted back. "He's got everything wrong! Godric is not blonde, he has black hair!"

"Come on Draco, he's just a child, it's normal to get things wrong." The boy stuck his tongue out at Draco; Draco glared at the child.

"Go on and play Sollers," Harry said to the child.

"So, they sent you up here as well." Draco said and Harry pecked him after removing his glasses. Draco took the opportunity to yank Harry closer.

"Draco, the boy is here-"

"He's playing," Draco purred and brushed his lips against Harry. Harry slipped his hands around Draco's neck deepening the kiss. Pale hands caressed his cheeks until a giggling sound broke them apart.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, bright green eyes stared at them. "Never seen Daddies kissing!" He said and added stretching his arms out at the couple, "Oh Sole wants kiss!"

Harry chuckled and kneeled down to hug his child. Sollers pecked Harry on the lips and giggled. "Draco!"

"Come on Draco don't be stubborn." He rolled his eyes and pecked the boy on the lips.

"Kissed!" Sollers exclaimed, sitting down on the floor and playing with his figures happily. Draco slumped onto the bed, Harry sitting beside him.

"I feel the need of a damn good sleep," he murmured and Harry leaned over, resting his head on his shoulder.

"Then let's rest."

He awoke feeling a warm hand on his chest. Blinking his eyes, he noticed Harry had unbuttoned his shirt and slipped his hand inside. Looking at the night table, he saw a green shimmering letter blinking.

"Bloody hell! Two hours sleeping." He looked around and noticed Sollers sleeping peacefully at the edge of the king–size bed. Rolling on top of Harry, he rocked his hips pressing his erection on Harry's. That seemed to wake Harry's sexual instincts since the brunette blinked his eyes.

"Hey," Draco mumbled leaning on Harry and rocking his hips.

"Draco!" he hissed.

"Don't worry, he's sleeping." He captured Harry's lips into a passionate kiss. Harry moaned as Draco's hands slipped into Harry's trousers.

"Bathroom," Harry said panting.

(edited for being NC-17)

After dressing, both men headed downstairs with a bouncing Sollers at their heels. Stepping outside into the garden was like stepping back to their webbing day, instead there were many round tables filled with guests from other kingdoms and royal classes.

Draco looked quite pleased; his father did a good job.

"Cole!" Sollers exclaimed passing by his fathers and hugging the four years old with smooth black hair and steel silver eyes.

"Now you two behave and don't wander too far," Harry said. There was a chorus of 'yesh Daddy Hawwy' from Sollers and 'Bother Harry' from Coluber.

"I've see Coluber is growing tall," Harry whispered to Draco.

"He's Lucius' son! What else can you expect?" Draco replied.

"I see the lovers decided to pop in," James said swinging a gold goblet full of wine.

"How are things in Old Griffin?" Harry asked.

"Good," James replied nodding frantically; Harry realized his father had too much wine. "Everybody loves Cinereus! Even the horses!"

Sirius and Remus approached them after hearing James talking loudly. "You overdoing it mate," Sirius whispered and James burst into giggles.

"Lucius seems to be fond of Latin names," Remus commented.

"Oh yes," James began, "He said, 'It is obligatory for a Malfoy to name their sons after Latin significances.' That's why the child's name is Cinereus Coluber Potter-Malfoy."

"Poor child," Sirius said.

"No wonder Draco called him Sollers Anguis Malfoy-Potter," Harry whispered to Remus.

Minutes later Ron and Hermione arrived with their four year old twins, Eros and Mirlana Weasley both with flaming red hair, freckles and deep blue eyes.

James stepped onto the staircase, drunk and called out. "Thank you everyone who has attended my grandchild's crowning; now go on and have some fun!"

Sirius sniggered trying not to burst out laughing as Lucius grabbed James by his forearm and hissed, "You have had too much wine, give me that goblet!"

"No, I still have drink!" James yelled.

"You don't have to scream," Lucius hissed, excusing everyone and dragging James back into the group.

"Severus!" he called to the shoulder-length black haired Potions Master.


"Do you have any potion to snap the drunkenness out of James?" Lucius asked barely moving his lips. Severus handed Lucius a yellow vial as he helped himself to some wine.

"Drink this James."

"No!" Lucius rolled his eyes. He untapped the vial emptied his potion into his own mouth and kissed James.

James grinned as the drunkenness slipped away from his hazel eyes. "Tastes like lemonade."

"Severus?" Severus looked at Harry, "Why is Ales is not wearing a dress?" Severus drifted his eyes to his right and sighed. Seventeen years old, Ales Kage Snape was dressed in black tight trousers, black baggy long sleeve shirt, High heeled boots and a long black cape reaching her ankles; around her waist was her tail. Her light blue eyes were as bright as ever and her long chestnut hair was pushed into a braid reaching her waist.

"I tried to but the only thing the girl wears is black."

"Reminds me of someone," Draco said wriggling his eyebrows. Severus noticed Ales looking around the plates of each table, her eyes shining with mischief.

"Be right back." They watched as Severus approached the teenage girl, who suddenly noticed his presence and straighten up, with her hands on her back.

"Oh hi father! You know how much I love you!" Sirius sniggered at this.

"What are you hiding behind your back?"

"Me? Hiding? Oh no father I would never hide something from you!"

"Ales, hand it here."

James looked at Sirius curiously. "Did you give her something?"

"Well she was excited about the Bouncing Apple Cookies we made and I thought it wouldn't hurt to share it with her. I mean she looks quite good to be a prankster."

"Sirius!" Remus, James and Harry exclaimed terrified.

"Hand it here."

"What are you talking about?" Ales asked trying to look confused but failed.




"Oh All right!" she handed down a small bag full of Apple Cookies.

"Bouncing Apple Cookies? I thought better of you!" Severus said. Out of the corner of his eyes he glared at Sirius.

"Well, see you around mates," Sirius said hastily avoiding Severus' glare.

Dumbledore guided Harry, Draco and Sollers inside a chamber beside the altar near the backyard entrance of the castle. Minutes later, Sollers stepped out with silver and white robes, covering him from head to toes.

"We are all here to announce the future Prince of the Hebi-Griffin Kingdom." Dumbledore kneeled in front of the frightened boy standing ahead of Harry and Draco in front of the altar.

Draco handed Dumbledore a crystal goblet with a white liquid. Dipping his fingers in it, he marked the boy's forehead with it chanting under his breath:

"Hear the words of your heirs,
Servers of your hand.
The Greatest of God are invoke here,
The great work of magic is sought.
In this day and in this hour,
We call upon the ancient power.
Bless our thy brother,
Bring us health and power."

He stood up and called. "Ales?"

"I'm on to it!" Ales kneeled and took the boys little hand. "This will hurt a bit." She bit the boy's finger, drawing blood. "It will heal soon," she whispered as the child whimpered. She took a piece of silver metal from her pocket and let the blood drip onto it. The metal began to glow and moving her hands she began to mold a sword while chanting:

"Soshite kono-yo ni de sono hisseki
No hitotsu no Megami, kata
Sono ken no chikara:

A beautiful sword came from the glowing metal, with silver-black handle and light-colored blade.

Draco stepped forward, taking the sheathed sword from Ales. "Fawkes," Dumbledore called.

The red flaming-golden bird flew towards them. "Go on Sollers," Draco said, "Extend your arm to the Phoenix."

When Fawkes settled onto the small extended arm, the bird burst into blue flames. Everybody jumped at the immense power and their jaws dropped when the blue flame didn't burn the boy alive instead made his forehead glow where Dumbledore applied the white substance.

Slowly, the glowing took form of a gold silvery jewelry and vanished with the blue flames. Dumbledore bowed and so did everyone. "I am proud to announce Prince Sollers Anguis Malfoy-Potter as Future ruler of the Hebi-Griffin Kingdom."

The small boy grinned as people applauded him.

Draco slipped his arms around Harry's waist and pulled him closer.



"Anataga watashi no daiichi no dorei sensei," Harry said, taking Draco by surprise.

"Iie," he whispered brushing his lips with Harry's as the other man felt the blonde's breath against his lips, "Watashi wa anata no ai."

The End

The Real The End!

Notes: cries DONE! wails My first multi-chaptered story is finished! I want to thank everybody who helped me and supported me! I'm going to miss all these characters! Oh yes Ginny ends up with Neville!

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Sollers Anguis Malfoy-Potter- Clever Dragon Malfoy Potter
Ales Kage Snape- Flying Shadow Snape
Cinereus Coluber Malfoy-Potter- Gray Serpent Malfoy-Potter
Draconis Fulgens Malfoy- Glaring Dragon Malfoy

Anata ga watashi Daiichi no shû dorei ai: You are my first week slave lover

Soshite kono-yo ni de sono hisseki
No hitotsu no Megami, kata
Sono ken no chikara:

And thus with the hands
Of a Goddess, molded
The sword of Power:
(Omega means end)

Anataga watashi no daiichi no dorei sensei: You are my first slave master.
Iie Watashi wa anata no ai: No, I am your lover.