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As they made their way towards the stables, Katherine couldn't help but admire the man walking slightly ahead of her. He was handsome, in a similar way to the man she had met earlier…both were tough, manly men. Aragorn seemed more lithe and reminded her somewhat of an elf, as crazy as that sounds. Perhaps he was raised among them? It was entirely possible, but why would a man grow up with elves and not his own people? Yet she didn't know Aragorn, so it was difficult to say his true nature. The one thing that struck her most about him was his blue eyes…she felt she could lose herself in them all day. Boromir however was clearly a warrior in all manners. He looked like what she thought a warrior should look, broad-shouldered, confident, strong, and seemingly fearless. He was probably admired greatly by his people. Katherine found this quality to be attractive as well, but she knew he had the potential to be arrogant, as she had seen. Something to pay attention to.

She turned her thoughts towards the horses as they approached, and her eyes widened at the size and beauty of the beasts. There weren't a large number of them, but each seemed to hold a special elegance and grace. They seemed as ageless as the elves, although she didn't think horses could live forever. Then again, there are many things I don't seem to know. I'll just add this to the list.

A dark brown mare nickered softly as Katherine approached, responding happily as she received an apple. Stroking the horse's nose gently, Katherine wondered if she knew how to ride a horse. Something told her no, but how she would have traveled wherever she came from she hadn't a clue. Perhaps they didn't have horses there, but something more advanced? Or maybe she didn't grow up with horses and simply rode in a wagon?

Katherine looked over and saw Sam backing far away from a huge grey stallion, eyes wary and distrusting. Not seeing anything but relaxation in the horse, she stooped down to look in Sam's eyes. "There is nothing to fear from them, I don't think they mean to hurt us Sam. See?" She stood up and pet the horse, who also nickered happily.

"But my lady, he looks mighty big…big enough to crush me beneath those huge hooves of his. I think I'll stand back here," Sam mumbled, clearly afraid. "I don't trust the look in its eyes either."

Boromir approached the pair, eyeing Sam's reaction curiously. "Sam, have you never had a pony?"

Sam shook his head, "I did have one sir, but this horse is much bigger than that."

"He is also just as gentle I would assume." Boromir promptly lifted Sam off the ground and carried him over to the horse, as one would carry a child. Sam squirmed in his arms, repeatedly telling the larger man to put him down. Somehow Boromir managed to put one of Sam's hands on the nose of the stallion, and Sam froze, scared of what would happen. As expected, the horse stood there, looking at Sam expectantly as if saying 'are you going to pet me or not?' Sam eventually gathered his courage and pet the horse, a smile forming on his face as he became more relaxed. Katherine couldn't help but giggle at the sight.

The rest of the hobbits didn't seem to have these reservations; Pippin had found himself a stool and used it to pet a white horse with light brown patches while Merry stabilized the stool so Pippin wouldn't fall. Katherine's gaze switched to Boromir's as he laughed at Sam's quickly changing attitude about horses; Sam was chatting animatedly about how they really are more gentle than he thought but could Mister Boromir please put him down now. His laughter was a welcome sound, one that seemed to fill the entire stable with its booming and infectious quality.

Katherine laughed as well, and Boromir turned to look at her, his eyes twinkling and a grin on his face. He really does have a nice smile…suddenly another face entered her mind, one with short brown hair and joyful blue eyes. He winked at her and gave her a grin…Jeff? It must be him…I know it is. I forgot how handsome he looks…

"Miss Katherine?"

The woman in question started, coming out of her reverie and turning to smile at Sam, "Hi Sam, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, begging your pardon, I just thought maybe it would be a good idea to go get something to eat?"

Katherine looked at Sam in confusion, "Didn't we just eat breakfast an hour ago?"

Pippin chimed in, "We had one yes; it's time for second breakfast my lady!" After realizing Katherine didn't understand, he elaborated, "As we said earlier at breakfast, food is kind of a part of our culture. We eat many meals in a day because that's just how it is concerning hobbits. For some reason you Big Folk and the elves only eat 3 meals a day…how terribly hungry you must get!"

Merry rolled his eyes, "Pip, it's pretty obvious that they do just fine with 3 meals…" he looked at Katherine in confirmation, "Right?"

Fighting the urge to laugh and not trusting herself to speak, she nodded with a smile.

"See Pip, I was right." Turning toward Boromir and Katherine, he asked, "Would it be all right if we parted company with you and went to eat? We will see you around I'm sure, my lord and lady."

"Sure, come find me at dinner ok?" Katherine said, adding "And enough of this "lady" business, just call me Katherine." Merry seemed to be more well-spoken than Pippin…although it might just be because Pippin was quick to speak first and think later.

All the hobbits nodded with a smile, then scurried off to the dining hall, leaving Katherine and Boromir to watch them go.

Katherine walked over to the stable entrance and leaned on the door frame, looking out at the view. The leaves were falling from the trees; she guessed it must be fall here. The colors of the leaves were brilliant, making Rivendell look like something out of a painting.

Boromir came to join her, also admiring the scenery. "It's quite beautiful, is it not?"

Katherine nodded, "It really is." Looking at Boromir, she asked, "Is the weather like this in Gondor this time of year?"

He nodded, "Somewhat, although there are not many trees in the city, and the leaves do not change colors as early as they do here. In November the trees in Ithilien are quite the sight to behold I must say."

"Is Ithilien near your city?"

"Yes, it's a province in the south, to the east of Minas Tirith where I live. My brother Faramir enjoys spending his time there, choosing to work with the companies stationed in that area more often than in the big city." His eyes darkened, "At the present it is not as safe as it once was; it lies close to Mordor, where the dark lord and his many horrible creatures reside. They grow in number day by day, attacking our outlying villages and putting more pressure on Ithilien. Before I left I was able to drive the forces of Mordor back from the city of Osgiliath on the river, but I do not know how long it will hold."

Picking up on his troubled mood, Katherine put a hand on his arm, "Do not lose hope Boromir; whoever this dark lord is, I think that the good guys will come out ahead. I believe that good can conquer evil, and maybe you will find some answers here regarding that."

Boromir managed a small smile, "Your words bring me some comfort. Thank you."

"No problem," she replied softly, returning the smile.

That night, Katherine's sleep was troubled and full of nightmares:

Katherine walked softly across lush green grass under a beautiful summer sun. A light breeze gently tickled her neck, and the sweet smell of flowers surrounded her. She sat down on the grass and breathed in the fresh air. She started humming a nameless tune to herself. Everything was perfect. Too perfect.

Suddenly, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, fire was burning all around her. The sky was a charcoal black, and even darker clouds churned dangerously on the horizon. She looked around wildly, feeling bewildered and screaming for help. After what seemed like ages, a figure appeared through the fire. At first it looked heroic as it stood in a tall, brave stance. She couldn't make out a face, but decided that it was a man. He held his hand out to her, and she gratefully took it. Then the figure seemed to convulse in pain, and he fell to his knees. Alarmed, Katherine looked to see if he had caught fire, but he had not. Confused as to what was causing his pain, she moved closer. Her eyes widened as she recognized him. It was Boromir!

"Boromir, what's wrong? What's going on?" Katherine shouted, tears starting to well up in her eyes. She tried shaking his shoulders to get his attention, as he seemed to be wholly focused on his pain. He was clutching his chest.

Finally he turned his face up at her, looking broken, "I…I can't save you from this Katherine. I am too weak," he said softly. Somehow she could hear him even over the chaos of their surroundings.

"Why are you too weak? I don't understand!" Katherine yelled, tears of frustration on her cheeks.

"I couldn't even protect myself from its destructive powers….how am I supposed to save you?" Boromir whispered.

"Save me from what? What are you so afraid of? What is causing your pain?" Katherine choked.

Suddenly the images were fading away. "Boromir! No! Don't leave me! I can't survive out here!" Katherine screamed. The last thing she saw before the dream ended was Boromir falling to the ground, the fire surrounding him.

She woke with a start, seeing she had rolled out of bed and was on the floor, tangled in her sheets and covered in a cold sweat. Sighing, she freed herself and moved over to the chair, the fear and frustration slowly replaced by confusion, the tendrils of the dream starting to slip away from her. Quickly she grabbed a piece of parchment, and fussing with the quill and ink for a moment, she eventually got the hang of it and scribbled down everything she could remember before she forgot it completely. She could tell it probably wasn't the entire dream, but she thought the general idea was there.

Boromir surrounded by fire? He couldn't save me? Save me from what? This is all so confusing…it just makes me wonder more and more what I'm doing here and where I come from.

Katherine looked out her window and saw that it was still dark. She tried lying back down for a little while but realized that sleep wouldn't be happening the rest of the night. She fought the urge to get up and wander; getting lost in the middle of the night in Rivendell wasn't dangerous, but she didn't want to get lost and have no one to help her get back. Instead, Katherine picked up some parchment and began to journal. She let her mind go and just wrote what she was thinking. Her words ended up being mostly about her stay so far and her uncertainty about her place here. Did she really belong, or was she meant to be at home, wherever it was? That's what frustrated her beyond anything; not remembering much of her past besides some meager details about Jeff and her parents wasn't enough.

Jeff's face swam before her eyes once more, and his light blue eyes were twinkling. He was saying something to her, but she couldn't make out the words. She just saw that he seemed happy. I wonder if he's happy now, or if he's even alive…the thought of him gone forever made her sad. She still didn't know quite where Jeff's position was in her life; they were best friends to be sure, but she sensed more was there…was she married? Katherine didn't know exactly what her age was, but she certainly could be old enough to have a husband, right? The feelings were there…but were they those of a wife? "I don't know," she whispered into the empty room.

Some hours later she woke up. Still tired and in the chair, she looked out her window to see that the sun was just barely over the horizon.

Standing up and stretching, she went over to her washbasin and scrubbed her face, making sure all signs of last night were gone. Then she opened the beautiful closet and looked for an everyday dress. Digging into the rack, she finally found one that looked just as simple as the one she wore yesterday. It was blue and brown with swoop neck, a little like the neckline of the dress Lady Arwen wore at the dinner the other night. It hung just to her ankles so she could move without tripping on the hem. The sleeves were crème and made of a light material that was soft and comfortable. It didn't even feel like she was wearing sleeves except for the fact that she could feel the warmth that her body heat was creating stay trapped within the sleeves. She combed her hair and headed out the door.

Making her way into the dining hall she could smell the delightful scents of a homemade breakfast. Eggs, sausage, bacon, and something that looked like pancakes along with fruit was on the table. Everything looked delicious.

Sitting down at an empty table, she noticed how few people were up at this hour. Of course the cooks were awake, and a sizeable number of elves were eating or wandering around. She noticed how the elves did not seem to eat meat; perhaps they were vegetarians?

Katherine ate slowly, wondering what the day would bring. Mereneth had offered to show her around Rivendell sometime this afternoon, and she was excited to explore.

"My lady, may I sit?"

Katherine turned around and saw that the elf with the creepy piercing blue eyes was asking to eat with her. Apparently his name was Legolas, and he was a prince from some other elf realm she couldn't remember the name of. Fighting the urge to say 'No, you're creepy, go away', she said, "Certainly," and scooted over.

After taking a seat, Legolas quietly placed some fruit and bread on a plate. He appeared uncertain about something.

Katherine sighed softly and took the initiative, "Lord Legolas, right?"

The elf turned to look at her with a smile, "Yes, that is my name. You are Lady Katherine?"

She nodded, "Nice to officially meet you." Katherine brought her focus towards her plate, unsure of what to say. He didn't seem to be staring at her like he was the other night.

Sensing her discomfort, Legolas said, "I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable the other night…I have the tendency to be too curious at times. I wondered for which land you hail. You could be a Gondorian but your appearance speaks of somewhere else."

Somewhere else? Does he have an idea of where I'm from? "And where would that be?"

He looked down, "I am afraid I cannot place it. There is just something about you that seems unlike a Gondorian…then again, I only know a small number of people from that region, so it is hard to say for certain that my instincts are true."

"Your friend, Lord Aragorn, the man you were sitting next to the other night…do you know what he thinks?" Katherine tried not to be too obvious with her curiosity; the man was gorgeous and mysterious and she really wanted to know more about him. Then again, if I'm married, should I be lusting after someone else? Hey, it isn't a crime to look…right?

A smile adorned the elf's perfect face, "He is curious as well, although he has spoken to Lord Elrond about you."

Katherine's brow furrowed. He has? Why would he and why would Lord Elrond bring up something so personal to him?

Sensing her questions, Legolas continued, "Aragorn is Lord Elrond's foster son and is well-traveled across Middle Earth. If anyone were to know or guess where you hail from, it would be him."

"…and?" She felt like this elf was dragging this out far too much.

"And he is as uncertain as Lord Elrond."

Her face fell, "Of course he is. No one seems to know anything. Even I don't know much about myself." Feeling Legolas' concerned eyes on her, she turned to look into the startling blue orbs.

"Do not despair Lady Katherine. If there are answers to be found, Lord Elrond and Aragorn will find them."

Trying to manage a smile she thanked him for his concern, and they finished their meals in semi-comfortable silence.

Once again hearing a summons from Lord Elrond, she made her way towards his study. She was getting the hang of the route by now, and it was easier to find coming from the dining hall than from her room since it was closer. Knocking softly and hearing the simple "Enter!" she opened the door, gave him a small curtsy, and sat down in her usual chair in front of his desk.

Lord Elrond studied her face. There was a subject he wanted to broach with her but he was uncertain how she would respond. He was also unsure if he even wanted to talk about it, but it needed to be done before she heard from someone else. He started with his usual question, "Katherine, have you remembered anything more since we last spoke?"

She shook her head, "No I haven't. I have seen Jeff's face a few more times, but nothing remarkable has happened. He just smiles and winks at me, nothing more." She thought about telling him about her dream, but what would he say? She could hear the words already: That is very strange indeed Katherine, but it is unclear to me as well.

Noticing her considering something, he spoke, "Is something else on your mind?"

"Lord Elrond…I had a dream last night. It isn't anything very clear and it probably is just something my mind came up with, but I decided maybe you should know." She gave him a recap of what she remembered, making sure to point out that she probably missed some minor details since the dream started to fade after she woke up.

It was not surprising to see that familiar 'I'm thinking' look on his face. "It may very well be something related to your fears of Boromir falling in battle or coming upon trouble. It is too vague to know if it is prophetic in some way." He looked into her eyes, "If you have the dream again, please tell me. That would be a sign to me that it may be more than just your mind conjuring such images."

"I will my lord…although to be honest, I really hope I never had that dream again…it was terrifying." Katherine shuddered involuntarily.

"Dreams can indeed bring fear to the dreamer, but do not let it dampen your spirits. As I said, it may be nothing but a dream." The pensive expression slowly returned to his face. Should I or shouldn't I?

Seeing this, Katherine couldn't help but ask what was on his mind.

Making a decision, he slowly began to speak, "Lady Katherine, I want to talk to you about an important event that is occurring this evening. It is concerning the evil trinket Frodo the hobbit carried here, which is called the Ring of Power. As I explained previously, despite its size, it is extremely dangerous to the fate of this world. In the wrong hands, it could cause massive damage, and once it is in Sauron's grasp, Middle Earth will fall into eternal darkness." His eyes studied her. She seemed to be absorbing the information slowly, nodding for him to continue. "This purpose of a council I am calling tonight is to decide the Ring's fate."

Staring at him, she wondered what exactly he wanted from her, and she said as much.

"Although I do not want you to attend the council, as that would arise suspicion from those who do not know you, it is important for you to be aware of what is happening. Some of your friends may be asked to go on dangerous missions, and I want you to be prepared. I am not sure where your place is in regards to the future of this Ring, and perhaps you are not to be involved at all."

Katherine became agitated, "Then what is my purpose here? I have these visions and come up with words in my head related to this ring, and yet it is possible I am to have nothing to do with its fate?" Noting Lord Elrond's raise an eyebrow in response to her outburst, she sighed, "I'm sorry for reacting like that…I just don't know what I'm doing here and why I ended up in your forest. I understand why you don't want me at that council, and I really don't have any desire to go on a dangerous quest if there happens to be one. I just hope that my purpose will be revealed to me sometime soon."

"As do I my lady." Standing, he walked over to his large bay window to stare out at his beautiful realm. "I have lived here for millennia with my friends and family, caring for this land and finding peace within. However, I can sense evil threatening my borders even now. I fear what is to become of it if something is not done to quell this darkness." He looked to her, and his eyes were full of sadness. "I am to leave these shores soon for the Undying Lands. Some would accuse it as cowardice to leave while this land is threatened by evil, and I intend to stay until it is destroyed…but the sea calls for me and it is hard to resist…my wife waits for me there, as do many others I hold dear."

Katherine stood to join him by the window, "I don't think it is cowardly to want to be with the ones you love, especially during hard times like these. I wish I could sail away to those I care for…yet you have an advantage over me…you know who your loved ones are…I do not." Their eyes met, tears in hers and sympathy in his. "All those I love are gone."

Lord Elrond put a hand on her shoulder, "You have friends here, friends who care for you and want to see you happy. Do not let your loneliness overcome you. You may feel lost now, but you will find your place here or in your true home. I do not know what the future holds for you, and I wish I could bring you some certainty. Know that you will always be welcome in Imaldris."

"Thank you Lord Elrond," she replied, a sad smile on her face.

After saying goodbye to Elrond, she let her feet take her where they wanted. She just needed somewhere to think. She eventually ended up on a short flight of stairs that led out into a small garden.

Taking a seat on the top step, she sighed. "What am I doing here?" she said softly to herself.

"Sitting here with me of course," said a familiar voice behind her. She turned to see Boromir looking down at her, a smirk on his face. He pointed to a spot next to her. "May I?"

Katherine nodded her consent and he sat beside her. The stair case was somewhat narrow, so their shoulders were barely touching. "Katherine, I sense you are not content?"

"I hear there is a council happening today," she said, changing the subject. She really didn't want to talk about her feelings right now.

Boromir sighed softly as she avoided his question, but answered her nonetheless, "Indeed, this evening in fact. I will be in attendance along with the other visitors." He looked at her, "Are you attending as well?"

She shook her head, "No, Lord Elrond said it might be suspicious for a strange woman to be there."

"'Tis a good point, although I wish you could come; it would be nice to have a friend there."

"I will be waiting for you as soon as it is done, and we can go for a walk and talk about it…if you would like," she added. "Don't worry, you'll do fine. It is a very important council I hear, so be sure to speak up about how you feel even if you are afraid to have your ideas rejected."

"I wish I knew what the others were thinking," he said, sounding somewhat frustrated.

"I guess you'll find out tonight won't you?" she replied, "just stay calm and don't let your emotions get the best of you…I think you could be a passionate person."

He laughed a little, "Indeed I am, and sometimes it gets me into trouble. My brother Faramir is more calm and collected." He sighed. "He should be the one here, not I."

"Not that I don't enjoy your company and wish you weren't here, but why didn't Faramir come?"

Another sigh.

He sighs too much.

"My father chose me instead…he is a good man, but him and Faramir do not get on well. Rather, father gives his love to me more readily than to Faramir, unable to see his many good qualities and instead focuses on mine. He believed I would be the one more suitable for this journey." He decided not to tell her why exactly his father sent him…to bring back the Ring. Well, he didn't know at the time it was the Ring his father was speaking of, as he had just referred to it as "a mighty gift." Not that he planned on it going to Minas Tirith unless the council decided it was the best course of action.

Katherine took his hand and gave it a small squeeze, "Although I don't know your father, I'm sure he will see Faramir's good qualities and give him the love he deserves, someday. Maybe it's this evil that's causing extra stress and therefore he takes it out on someone close to him."

"Nay Katherine, he has been this way to Faramir since our mother died, many years ago. Father says Faramir reminds him too much of his wife, but there must be more to it than that…there has to be," he said, the last part mostly to himself.

They sat in silence for a little while until another person entered the garden. It was none other than the handsome Aragorn. He stopped to look at some simple white flowers, seemingly lost in thought. Feeling as if they were intruding on something, Katherine and Boromir were about to get up and leave when Aragorn turned to them. He gave Katherine a small smile, and tilted his head in acknowledgement, and she smiled in return. He looked to Boromir and did the same, but the smile had left his face, replaced by a barely visible look of concern. Katherine couldn't see Boromir's face, but she imagined that there definitely wasn't a smile.

Aragorn started to speak, his voice having a familiar lilting tone that reminded her of the language she heard the elves use, "Hello Lady Katherine, Lord Boromir. I trust your stay has been pleasant?"

While Katherine nodded and responded positively, Boromir simply grunted and gave a stiff nod. Confused, Katherine made a mental note to ask about it.

"I am glad to hear of it. I hope that it continues to be so," Aragorn responded, giving them both another nod of his head before continuing out of the garden.

Katherine had this stupid little smile on her face. Simply talking to him makes me get butterflies…how embarrassing.

"What do you see in that ranger?"

This wiped the smile off her face, and she turned to Boromir with a frown, "What do you mean? I didn't know he was a ranger…in fact, all I know is that he grew up here with Lord Elrond and that he's traveled a lot. And his name of course."

"Must I spell it out for you?" His tone was simmering with anger. "What draws your gaze and makes you smile in that way?"

"He…he's been nice to me so far, that's all," Katherine responded, gaping slightly. Is Boromir jealous?

"That is not all, for I see you are attracted to him." Boromir was struggling to keep his voice controlled. What is wrong with me? Why am I reacting so strongly to her admiration of the ranger? I'm better than him in many ways, there is nothing to fear. Wait, what? His thoughts were whirling and he didn't know what he was feeling.

"I…I…" Katherine stuttered, unable to respond. "He…he is handsome." She managed to draw herself up, "Why does it matter to you?"

"It…it matters not. It was just a curiosity," he managed, but it didn't sound convincing in the slightest.

Katherine just wanted this awkward conversation to end, but she had to ask, "What is with the tension between you two? It was so obvious."

"We simply do not get along."

Sensing that was all he was going to say, she said, "Okay…well, I'm going to find Mereneth. She's decided to give me a tour of Rivendell. You…you can come if you like." Katherine didn't really want him to come, but she thought it would be rude not to offer.

Boromir seemed to pick up on that, "No, I will have to decline. I have some things to take care of." He didn't really, but he had no better excuse.

"All right then…I'm just gonna go now. If I don't see you, good luck at the counsel. Remember what I told you." Uncomfortable with any physical contact, she tried to force a smile and gave him a little wave.

As she walked, she reflected on what just happened. Wow, that was awkward. The way that Boromir responded to just having small talk with Aragorn was very strange. He definitely seemed jealous, but why? Or maybe I read that completely wrong…I think maybe there's some animosity between the two already, and maybe it had nothing to do with me. Did he not like me interacting with Aragorn because of this dislike of the man in general? Maybe he doesn't trust him…Aragorn just seemed concerned about Boromir, not angry. They must have had at least one conversation gone wrong.

The thing was that Katherine actually felt a little happy about Boromir's concern for her. Not that he was in the right, but it was nice to see that he was at least looking out for her.

She met up with Mereneth at a fountain near the main courtyard, and she let the elleth distract her with pleasant conversation as they took a tour around the realm. They had brought some food with them for an early dinner, as Rivendell was very large and they both knew they wouldn't be back for dinner in the main hall.

Mereneth could tell something was on Katherine's mind, "Is everything all right Katherine?"

She turned to look at the beautiful elleth with a small smile, "Yeah, I'm perfectly fine, nothing to worry about."

"It is hard for me to believe you when it is so clear to me you are hiding something," Mereneth replied, giving her a look.

Katherine gazed forward, taking in the view of a waterfall not too far ahead. It was truly breathtaking. "Boromir acted a little strange earlier today. We ran into Aragorn in one of the small gardens and had a very short conversation. There was clearly some tension between the two men, and Boromir questioned me about my feelings for Aragorn, clearly acting jealous or protective." She shook her head, "It's very confusing."

Mereneth tried to hide a smile, "And what are your feelings regarding Lord Aragorn?"

"He's very attractive and has been kind to me in the brief interactions we've had. Honestly it's somewhat superficial, but I'm sure if I got to know him better, I would probably find more positive qualities," Katherine managed to say, albeit quickly and quietly. "I get these butterflies inside."

"Katherine…" Mereneth started, getting the woman's attention, "I must tell you that Lord Aragorn is promised to another."

Her eyes widened, and hand flying up to her mouth, "Oh no, what a fool I must look to him, staring at him with a silly smile on my face. If I may ask, who is this woman that he loves?"

"The Lady Arwen."

"Wow…I must pale in comparison to her in his eyes…I'm just a 20-something year old woman and she's hundreds or even thousands of years old...and of course her beauty makes me look plain." Katherine sighed, "She's very nice too…I can see what he sees in her."

"Katherine, it is better for you to hear of this now; you might have pursued him and had your heart broken after your feelings grew," Mereneth said wisely.

Katherine nodded, "You're right of course," as she managed to smile.

Mereneth was tempted to speak of her suspicions regarding Lord Boromir's visible feelings for Katherine, but decided it was not her place to do so. She knew they would both come to discover it eventually, and interfering might make things more difficult for them. There was no guarantee that Katherine would reciprocate those feelings anyway.

Of course Katherine would ask the question Mereneth didn't want to answer, "What do you think Boromir is thinking about me?"

"I do not know Lord Boromir well and it is difficult to glean what he is feeling; he seems able to mask his emotions well." What she was saying was true technically…she just chose to leave out anything else.

"Yeah that's true, he does that sometimes." Katherine frowned, "Although this time I could really seem to sense his barely controlled anger and protectiveness, as I said earlier. I wish I could get into his head!"

Conversation ceased for a short while as they continued to take in the view and breathe in the crisp air of autumn. Mereneth was the first to speak, "Come, and let us return you to your room. It has been a long day and I am sure you want to rest." Katherine seemed exhausted, emotionally and physically. Plus, she felt tired as well.

"Sure, that sounds like a great idea. Besides, all of my other friends are either at the council or off doing something else…I wonder if the hobbits were invited?"

"Well that is an interesting question…they seem very innocent to the world and its troubles, so perhaps Lord Elrond would not want them involved."

"What about the one who was injured? He brought something with them that they're discussing tonight. If any of them should go, it would be him." Katherine said, more so thinking out loud than talking to Mereneth.

The elleth guided them toward Katherine's quarters, as the woman had become lost in thought and only half paying attention to where they were going. Much is on her mind. I wish I could fix everything for her but alas I cannot…only time will bring answers.