- The Most Amazing Resident Evil Story Known to Man Chapter Two -

~ By Nazi Janitor


On the last chapter, Steven the Mentally Retarded Candy Salesman got hit by a bus and Freddy Kreuger was forced to eat manure from chimpanzees...

Or not.

Billy covered his ears but to no avail. The horrible lyrics were too much. He barely pulled out the pistol and reloaded it..

"Time to end my suffering."

He fired. A bullet when straight through Rebecca's head. She fell to the ground, blood pouring out.

"Damn my aim!"

Then out of nowhere, rabid diseased squirrel ran up and ate the Insane Clown Posse, and the squirrels got AIDS and died.

"That was unexpected. Oh well."

Billy got up and stole the money in Rebecca's pockets, and stole a tricycle. He was later found dead with bite marks all over him.

This could only mean one thing..


To be continued.