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I needed a new genre of stories, so here we go. I really like the Anna X Yoh pairing, I find it quite cute; therefore this will be an Anna/Yoh fic. More humor than anything else. ^.^ Hope you enjoy.


It started out as another typical morning; however, this morning was Saturday and Yoh, Ryu, and Manta were quite confused…

"…I've had breakfast waiting for almost an hour now," commented Ryu.

"Hmmm…I don't hear anything," replied Manta, "What do you think Yoh? Yoh????"

Both Ryu and Manta (who had their ears up against Anna's door) turned to Yoh and both sweatdropped to find him leaning up against her bedroom door sound asleep.

"…Well, at least it's Saturday, maybe Anna will allow him to sleep in?" questioned Manta, with a not so convincing face.

"…Well, if she ever comes out perhaps she will think about it?"

"…One thing is for sure, Anna's never been this late before..." whispered Manta seeing Yoh start to wake up. Truth was he felt bad for the poor guy, having to endure Anna's training 24-7.

"You're right, Manta. Miss Anna never has been this late before. Do you think she's sick?"

Manta sweatdropped as the thought of Anna laying sick in bed popped into his mind. If Anna were sick then that meant….a Cheshire cat grin appeared on his face…no having to listen to Anna's lectures, having to endure her beatings, OR Yoh having to endure her training program!

"…Manta?" Ryu arched an eyebrow, "You seem a little too happy at the thought of Miss Anna being sick."

"…Who? Me? Naaaaah…but just to be sure…maybe someone should go in and see?"

"Good idea. You go ahead Manta and I'll wait outside."

"What?! ME?! No way! I'm not going in there! You do it!"

"Me? No I have to keep breakfast warm. You know how Miss Anna hates a cold breakfast."

Manta sweatdropped feeling that there was no way out…until…

"Yoh?! WAKE UP!"

Yoh nearly fell over as he heard his best friend wail into his ear. He blinked and looked down at Manta.

"Hey, what's up?"

Manta and Ryu both sweatdropped as it was apparent that Yoh had completely forgotten where they were and what they had been trying to find out.

"Ryu and I think that Anna is sick. Since she's your fiancée you should go in and check on her."

Yoh's eyes widened and before he had time to waves his hands or create a good defense for himself, he was being pushed into her room and heard the door close behind him quickly.


Yoh gulped and let his eyes focus within the darkened room. God only knew what Anna would do to him if she found him in her room. He was sure that she wouldn't kill him, beat him senseless, but never kill him…and if he could endure her training he figured one tiny beating on a Saturday morning wouldn't be too bad…he hoped…

He slowly made his way over to her bed where he could hear her breathing softly. He strained his eyes to make out her shape. She was under her covers, her eyes closed, and she looked peaceful lying there. Yoh shook his head after finding himself staring at her. How could this be the same girl? The Anna he knew was always pushing him to be the best…she said she was doing it so she could have an easy life as the Shaman King's wife…but he couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe deep down Anna really cared for him. What was he thinking?! He didn't want to marry Anna, it was just that she was his first crush…and…yup he was staring again…

"Can I help you with something?" came a voice.

All of the color faded from his face as he got a nervous smile, when he looked to find Anna sitting up in her bed. Somehow he had missed that part in between his thoughts and his staring.


"It's pretty quiet in there," stated Manta, his ear up against the door still.

"I agree. You think she killed him?" asked Ryu, with an all too serious tone.

Manta's eyes widened and he gulped at the thought of one pissed off Anna beating poor Yoh to a bloody pulp. "…I…I sure hope not…"


"Uh…I…uh…" he tried explaining in between nervously laughter and playing with his DJ headphones, "Manta and Ryu were worried about you…they thought you might be sick"

"Were you worried about me as well?" she asked in all seriousness, arching an eyebrow.

He suddenly felt rather nervous about such a simple question. Usually Anna didn't really care what he thought…or if she did she never made it a known fact.

"Well…sure Anna, why wouldn't I be? If you're sick, I guess I would want to make you feel better and all," he explained with that familiar smile appearing on his face.

She looked down and he could almost make out the hint of a smile on her face, as if the thought of him caring for her made her happy. This thought caused him to blush a little.


Manta and Ryu had remained outside of her door. It was definitely too quiet…had she already killed him? Had she merely tossed his body out the window? Both leaned closer trying to get a better idea of what was going on…


"…I appreciate your concern Yoh," she began, looking down and gripping a piece of her blanket within her hand.

"Anna?" Yoh asked noticing she seemed different, as if something was troubling her, "Hey, what's wrong?"

"…I have this terrible feeling…that something is going to…"


Unfortunately, before she could finish she found her bedroom door come flying down with two figures lying on top of its remains, laughing nervously and sweatdropping.

Both Anna and Yoh blinked almost in shock. Almost was the key word as Anna stood up from her bed and stepped over both of them.

"I expect my door to be fixed before I am done with breakfast," she ordered making her way to the kitchen.

Yoh noticed that she hadn't really seemed all too mad about him being in her room or the fact that Manta and Ryu had broken her door. She merely wished for the door to be put back up before she was finished eating. And what was it she had wished to tell him before?


Anna sighed as she sat down in her chair at the kitchen table and picked at her eggs with her fork until the yolks had run into the rest of her meal. She sighed quietly after taking a bite to find her breakfast to be cold.

'It's my fault this time…' she thought, pushing the plate away from herself, '…I wish I knew what was to come, I wish I could stop it…but I'm afraid…' she shook her head at the thought, 'I will not allow myself to be afraid…'


Manta and Ryu were busy putting Anna's door back up and looked over at Yoh who seemed to be daydreaming.

"What are you thinking about, Yoh?" asked Manta with a friendly smile.

"…Oh…just thinking is all…" he replied, placing his headphones on his ears, "Hey, did you guys notice that Anna is acting different?"

Manta and Ryu both hmm'd for a moment, with their index fingers on their chins.

"Now that you mention it" began Manta, "Anna didn't seem all that upset about us breaking her door…I mean, I thought she was going to beat us."

"Yes, that's right. You're still alive as well Yoh…" Ryu gasped as a thought dawned on him, "Is Miss Anna dying?!"

Manta and Yoh both nearly fell over backwards at the thought.

"You know what they say, when someone is dying they suddenly become nice to those around them," Ryu explained to the two.

"…But Anna? Dying? I…just don't think so…" Manta stated with a nervous laugh and a sweatdrop forming, looking to Yoh for support.

"No. It's not that Ryu…I think Anna had a vision or something…she was trying to tell me but you guys broke her door down," he replied, now listening to his music.

Both Ryu and Manta sweatdropped, going to back to their task of fixing Anna's door before she was done with her breakfast.


Anna looked up from her plate to find the spirit of the daughter (who had lived in the house that she now lived in) watching her.

"So you were worried about me as well?" she questioned, seeing the spirit nod, "That was very kind of you."

She watched the spirit's motions, for she hardly ever spoke…

"…I'm not really sure what is wrong. I just have these feelings is all, and I feel as if something is going to happen to…" she trailed off.

She looked up to find Amidamaru floating in front of her with a puzzled look on his face. "Anna, what do you feel is going to happen?"

Anna looked put out and tried to hide her worry, "Don't you have training to do with Yoh?" she asked, acting displeased.

"Yoh is worried about you. I can sense it. If you feel that something is going to happen to him shouldn't he know?"

Anna stood up and pushed in her chair with a bit of force. "Everything is not always about Yoh and what is going to happen to him. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps something would happen to m…" she trailed off quickly, picking up her plate and scooping the remains of her breakfast into the trashcan before setting the plate in the sink.

Amidamaru was at a loss for words. He knew that she worried about him becoming Shaman King; however, the thought had not occurred to him that perhaps the thing troubling her was not about Yoh at all.

"Anna…I…" he tried to explain.

"Mind your own business. This has nothing to do with you," she replied as she walked out of the kitchen toward the hallway closet to get her shoes.


Yoh heard the closet door open and shut just as quickly over his music, as he stood up and walked into the hallway to find Anna slipping on her shoes and wrapping her scarf around her head.

"Going somewhere Anna?" he asked, with a smile as he leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yes. I have some errands to run," she replied, as she wrapped her scarf just the right way.

"Hey, what were you going to tell me earlier?"

"It was nothing," she replied as she fixed her spirit beads around her neck to her liking while she looked in the mirror.

Yoh watched her reflection and could tell that she was hiding something.

"Anna, I know you may not care or anything, but I'm here for you if you want to talk."

She watched his figure in the mirror as he walked away. She sighed and grabbed her purse before walking out the front door and down the steps.


Little did she know that her visions were already taking effect…


That's it for now. Fairly short I know, but I just wanted to see how many reviews I could get and if anyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! I apologize for any punctuation problems, doesn't always do well on that aspect. ^.^ Ja Ne