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Chapter 8: One Directionally Challenged Girl And Four Idiots


Tamao sweatdropped, now she could have sworn that Yoh's house was this way…or was it that way? She looked down the street and then back at the map, funny none of these places looked right…she then looked at the header of the map she was holding, "Kyoto" she stated out loud as her head hung in defeat, wrong city, wrong map, where's the bus stop?


Yoh, Manta, Ryu, and Horo Horo—who received some stares as he stepped out of the bathroom—were all sitting in the living room. Manta had informed Horo of Anna's disappearance and even he wore a 'And the problem is?' look before Manta fully explained her note.

"So Anna's disappeared, do you think that it has anything to do with the tournament?" asked Horo, surveying the group after not getting much of a response from Yoh who had a vacant look on his face.

"Miss Anna could have been kidnapped, I suppose," stated Ryu, sitting on the couch across from Yoh.

"In the past I've been targeted to lure Yoh into a battle," commented Manta, thinking that Ryu might be onto something, "but who would actually be able to get Anna out of the house?" he asked with a cringe at the thought of the endless violence that would accompany that 'lucky' individual.

"Master Yoh, what do you think?" questioned Amidamaru, appearing behind his young friend.

"…If someone did take Anna…" Yoh began, leaning forward and resting his hands on his knees, "then they would have had to have rendered her defenseless or over powered her. Anna's not the type to give up so easily…and there was no sign of a struggle either."

"Yoh's got a point; it doesn't look like anything is out of place, despite the letter that you found," Horo pointed out.

"If Manta is right about Miss Anna's note being some sort of a clue then where do we begin?" Ryu asked, looking to Yoh, "Master Yoh, you know her better than any of us…"


Anna lifted the pillow from her head and stared up at the ceiling. Nope. She was still there. Would any of them be smart enough to figure out her cryptic note? Even if Manta did decipher its hidden meaning, would Yoh be able to find her, and what if he did? Would Hao simply kill him where he stood?

She rolled over, hugging the pillow tightly against her chest. Without her prayer beads she had no hope of contacting anyone. Her eyes widened in recognition…but there was a witness to her kidnapping…and she was in the house!


Tamao stepped off the bus, now holding the right map and seeing street names that actually matched up with those on the map—imagine that? Of course, five minutes later she noticed that she had been holding the map upside down and smacking her forehead with her hand she headed north instead of south. Don't worry Yoh and Anna help was on the way!


"I wish that someone would have been here to see what had happened," stated Manta with a sigh.

"I shouldn't have left Miss Anna alone for so long," commented Ryu, looking down at his hands in his lap.

Yoh looked up, "It's no one's fault. I knew that something was wrong with Anna weeks ago, but she wouldn't tell me anything. She kept saying 'focus on your training' and 'do your best'."

"Master Yoh," whispered Amidamaru, pointing behind them.

"Hmm?" Yoh turned his head to find the spirit of the daughter sitting in the spot that Anna always claimed in front of the television. He blinked in realization, "Ano…did you happen to see Anna before she left?"

The spirit merely nodded her head, sitting on her knees, with her hands in her lap. All four moved closer to her their eyes widening.


Tamao nearly jumped up and down at the sight of Yoh's house up ahead. She had made it! And it only had taken half a day! Hooray! See? She didn't ALWAYS make mistakes…she merely took detours…


Yoh had coaxed Amidamaru to ask the questions and see if he could interpret her answers. Truth was she didn't talk much, and it seemed that Anna was the only one who truly understood her.

"…Did you happen to see if Anna left with anyone?" began Amidamaru politely.

The girl merely nodded her head in response as he continued, "And was it another shaman?" Again she nodded. Great, that narrowed it down a lot. "Was there a struggle?" The girl looked down sadly and nodded, motioning to a fallen bead on the carpet.

Yoh bent down and picked up the small blue bead, "…It's one of Anna's prayer beads…"

Ryu gulped, "Which means that she may be completely defenseless…"

Yoh opened his mouth when a CRASH came from the hallway; all four nearly yelled out in surprise. Horo and Ryu stood up in defense; ready for a fight had the culprit returned. However, all blinked when they saw a young girl, step out from around the corner, carefully trying to stand the coat rack upright, with a bag over her shoulder.

"Yoh!" she cried out happily.

"Tamao?" he said with a blink, watching her blush.

Shaking her head and trying to erase the blush on her cheeks, "I have something important to tell you and Anna…" she looked around the room to find the Itako missing, and with a sigh after searching their eyes, "…I'm too late?" she asked.