Okay, this is basically D2 through the eyes of Charlie starting at where they meet the new Ducks. It's kind of a 'warp into the mind of an eleven- year-old Charlie Conway' thing. This will EVENTUALLY be a Charlie/Julie fic. I'm not sure how far I will take this, but I'm gonna see how it works out. Please review and tell me what you think!

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-Chapter 1-

/:/:/:/Charlie's POV/:/:/:/

Coach just told us about the new players. The other Ducks and I have been trying to figure out what they'll be like the whole time.

I follow the others out the door; we finally get to see these guys!


My jaw drops...

Before me stands four guys and a pretty blonde girl. I swear, pretty doesn't do her justice. She is wearing a Bangor, Maine jersey and has her hair tied back in a ponytail.

I advert my eyes so I won't stare. Now THAT would be embarrassing.

That freaky Tibble-dude has been talking for a while. I base my reactions towards the new players by what everyone else is doing; I'm not really listening.

No, I'm watching HER. I don't mean to; it's just kind of happening.

I hear a girl's name and I snap to attention. So her name is Julie...

I blink my eyes a few times and try to focus on what the dude is saying. It's pretty tough when the prettiest girl I've ever seen is standing ten feet in front of me...

Man, I'm turning into a sap...this has to stop...

This can NOT be healthy...

After the annoying Hendrix Hockey guy finishes sucking up precious oxygen, the girl, Julie, starts blocking shots into the goal.

Wow...she's really good. I don't think I've EVER seen someone block a shot so fast in my life...

It's safe to say I'm in awe.

Now Tibble-dude is introducing that Asian kid.

Gee, he's not to bad himself...Doin' all those spins and stuff...whoa, I'm dizzy...

I am knocked out of my reverie when this big guy knocks me down. To say I wasn't caught off guard would be a lie. I guess that's what I get for spacing off...

I've decided that I'm going to actually stay in tune with the surrounding universe now.

Ooooh, Goldburg just said something and is skating over here. Wait, some dude just said something to me.

I turn to see one of the new guys saying something. I can't help but stick up for my team and myself. He is the really fast dude who can't stop, so I heard.

Unable to help myself, I begin arguing with him. It seems the rest of the team has taken it upon themselves to start arguing as well. Julie and Goldburg are having some type of Goalie-spat. It seems as if EVERYBODY on the team is in disagreement with one of the new players.

Coach blows the whistle and we all snap to attention; even the new kids. I turn from my spat with the Latino speedster to find out what Coach wants. He is soon interrupted by...

Uh oh, The Annoying One has opened his mouth again. God help us...

The obnoxious man keeps finishing Coach's sentences. As he should be, Coach Bombay is pretty angry. Heck, I'D be angry to. I think Coach is exercising an amazing level of self-control as he calmly asks for the whistle. The Tibble-dude has done it again, finishing Coach's sentences and blowing THE WHISTLE! Only Coach was aloud to blow a whistle at us.

The Tibble-dude reluctantly hands his whistle over to Coach and we all laugh as Coach tells him he can have it back at the end of the school term. Tibble-dude had muttered something about going somewhere to do something or other. Thank the Lord...

I decide to tune back in to what Coach Bombay is saying. He is telling us to scrimmage. I put on my game face and try to concentrate.

...I hate to say it, but they're creaming us pretty bad. The only person who has managed to score is, of course, Adam. What else is new?

Oooh, Fulton is preparing to shoot. Maybe THAT will wipe the smug grin off the face of that dude who knocked me down...

Yep, I was right. That sure did it.

Wow, Fulton sure does know how to make a dramatic shot...it's bouncing off all kinds of stuff...

Oooo...that HAD to hurt...

Fulton's just knocked the annoying Tibble-dude in the head with his hockey puck...that's gonna leave a mark...I can't help but shudder. He went down fast.

Go Fulton! I knew I liked that guy for a reason.

We all run over to see if he's okay. Julie and I lock eyes and she smiles. I smile back and skate off the ice after the rest of the group.

We crowd around his unconscious form as some lady goes to get an ice pack. We wait about five minutes before she comes back.

She presses the blue ice pack and a rag on his head.

I grab a water bottle and lean on Julie's shoulders as I wait for any sign of movement. Maybe this is a good omen...anything resulting in the Tibble- dude's silence and unconscious state MUST be a good sign...

When Julie's feels my weight on her shoulders, she turns up to look at me. I thought for sure she was gonna slap me. But no, she ACTUALLY smiles at me. I grin back and take a drink out of my water bottle.

It takes a few more minutes for the cretin to awaken from the much- preferred unconscious state. What a shame...

As per usual, I ignore what he says. Whatever it was, the lady must have thought it was funny. She laughed and said something. Again, not listening. I'm such a rebel.

In fact, Averman and I are having a lovely conversation of no substance. Even that is better then being attentive.

For some strange reason, I decide to listen for a moment. I find out that the lady is some tutor-lady for us. We don't need a tutor; It's freakin' SUMMER!

When Adam voices my thoughts aloud along with everyone else, I grimace. I'm still leaning on Julie and she doesn't seem to mind. How odd. Not that I'm complaining...

Goldburg then suggests that school be optional.

He is a very bright guy...

I turn to Ken, the Asian Olympic Kid, and nod at him as we tell each other what a great idea that is. It seems everyone agrees on this proposition.

Except the tutor-lady.

The tutor-lady says something about us not being able to play if we don't attend this unwanted schooling.

Dang, that really bites.

We are all dismissed to carry on with our lives. I'm about to follow Julie when I see Averman attempting conversation with the big guy that knocked me down earlier. Yeah, the one who is ten times bigger then the rest of us. The smaller, redheaded boy appears to be talking about the bigger guy's tattoo. The big scary guy says something then barks at poor Averman.

I change my focus back to Julie. She is standing by the water fountain by herself. I, being the gentleman (who is insanely crushing on her) that I am, I start walking over there. It seems like she doesn't really know many people. Then again, with the psychos around us, I don't really blame her that much.

Once I get there, I almost forget what I was going to say. She turns her muddy blue eyes to me with question.

I open my mouth to say something charming, or even REMOTELY intelligent, and again, it leaves me. I close my mouth again and she smiles.

"Is there something you needed?" she asks, almost skeptically.

Me, being the bright guy I am, shake my head dumbly. Gosh, I'm such a dork...I really need to work on this whole 'approach' thing...it's not working for me to well...

She just raises her eyebrows and turns her gaze back to the others. I follow her gaze to see Guy, Fulton, and Jesse drive the zamboni right through the wall...

How dare they do that without ME!

I let out a sigh and shake my head. I guess that's what I get for approaching girls who are OBVIOUSLY not in the mood to be approached.

"Do they do that often?" she asked, completely startling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah." I manage to say. My gaze shifts back to her face and I see an amused smile playing on her lips. She is still watching them try to justify themselves to Coach and tutor-lady, 'Ms. McKay.' "Well, not with the zamboni in particular," I continue. Her smile forms into a grin. "but if you're talking pranks in general, we're the masters."

She laughs lightly. I choose not to describe it to myself because I know I will get all poetic and sappy. I don't think my brain can handle that right now...

"Do you know anyone yet?" I ask after a moment of silence.

"Nope." She replies and finally looks at me.

"Well that bites." I answer. Then, extending my hand, I say, "Hi, I'm Charlie Conway."

"Julie Gaffney." She replies back, shaking my hand politely.

We both turn our gazes back to the scene before us. Jesse, Guy, and Fulton made a run for it. Coach is still standing out on the ice talking to Ms. McKay.

"How much ya wanna bet they are going to kiss before this competition is over?" I playfully ask Julie.

She turns to face me, a wicked smile on her face. "You're on."

I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...