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-Chapter 3-


That's really cool...

We are walking up to this HUGE building, clad in our lovely red, white, and blue outfits. I hear a voice over an intercom thing talking loudly. Not that I can hear it over the clamoring voices around me anyway.

Julie and I share another smile as we make our way to...wherever it is that we're going. Not quite sure. Wasn't listening...

Am I sensing a trend?

We walk through the doors and right into yet another crowd. There are people everywhere, teams from across the WORLD!

I still find it hard to believe that we, the Ducks, are at an INTERNATIONAL competition! Just last year, we royally stunk. We were HORRIBLE! The ESSENCE of bad hockey playing.

And here we are now, among the most talented kids our age from around the WORLD!

If someone had told me that in one year I would be where I am now, I would have laughed in their face...

If someone would have told me last year I would have a CONSISTANT coach who would NOT have a heart-attack as a result of too much exposure to us, I would have laughed in their face...

I would have done a lot of laughing, in fact.

Of course, then after laughing for a while I would send them to the nice people in the white coats where they could sit in a white padded room and hug themselves all day...

I am shaken out of my thoughts when Julie nudges my shoulder. I turn to her and she points to Coach.

He is telling us to look around and talk amongst ourselves while he gets us registered. Whoo-hoo. Sounds like a party...

My gaze floats over to Julie again. She's simply standing there, looking around.

I follow her example and begin to look around too.

The place is...well, big. Crowds are pushing past us, so most of us are trying to stay as close as humanly possible. We wouldn't want to get separated...

Excitement began to build up as I saw various teams from around the world mill around. I still can hardly believe I'm here...Me. Charlie Conway. The Ducks are really here...I don't think it can be said enough to where I truly believe it. While the logical side says we are, the part of me that's still stuck in District Five can't grasp the truth.

"When do we play?" I ask Fulton, almost absently.

"You mean you don't have the entire schedule for the duration of our stay memorized?" the larger boy asks me jokingly.

"Ha ha," I say, a crooked grin crossed with a frown on my face. "Very funny."

"I thought so," he says to me.

My eyebrows rise as I cross my arms, turning my attention to our Coach. What are we doing anyway? Do we just stand here and look important until they tell us what to do?


"Having fun yet, Julie?" I ask her, figuring it was the most productive thing I could do at the moment.

"Oh, loads of fun," she replies, a half smile on her face as she lets out a sigh. "Any clue what we're doing here?"

"Nope," I answer, looking at Coach again. "Not in the slightest. It looks like he's checking us in or something...I can't really tell though."

"Team USA! Listen up!" Coach yells, blowing his whistle at us as we jolt to attention. It felt weird not answering to 'Ducks.'

It felt REALLY weird.

Leading us away, he explains that we'll be staying in dorms for our stay, and that he hopes we learn to get comfortable with each other because there will be no switching dorms.

"When's our first game, Coach?" I ask him, deciding that he likely knows what he's talking about. He is, after all, our coach.

"Tonight, Charlie. Our first game is tonight, so prepare yourselves! Your bags are in your rooms, so go ahead and unpack; we still have several hours of preparation, and practice will be in four hours. Have fun, kids," he says as we stop at the rooms. He starts to leave.

"Hey Coach?" I say, causing him to stop in his tracks.

"Yes Charlie?" he asks me.

"Where are you going?"

He seems to pause and look at me. I don't understand why he isn't answering; it seems like a simple enough question to me.

"I'm not staying with you guys. They have a separate place for me to stay, but I didn't think you would mind. It will be more fun for you kids if I'm not looming around." He seemed to shift with slight discomfort while I blinked at him.

"Okay, whatever." I'm not sure why, but he looks a little guilty. Like he's trying to talk himself into something. Not that it's a huge deal or anything; he just seems to be less 'with' the team. It's going to be weird not having him with us.

"Come on Charlie, you're rooming with Guy, Adam, and me!" Jesse calls out, tugging on my shirtsleeve.

"What, you mean Guy isn't rooming with Connie?" Averman cracks, unable to resist as Connie whaps him on the shoulder. I have to hide a smile; I don't want to get hit too.

"Hello? Coming?" Jesse asks me, waving a hand in front of my face as I nod and follow him.

I can't help but give a backwards glance at Julie; she looks disoriented again, and I wish there was something I could do. At least she has Connie to talk too.

We walk into the room to see our bags laid out nicely by the beds.

"Dude, there's only three beds in here," Guy says, stating the obvious.

"Hey, no offense guys, but I ain't sleeping in the same bed as none of you. Don't take it personally, but I ain't like that," Jesse declares with finality, holding up his hands and plopping down on one of the beds. "And this bed is mine."

I can only blink as Adam and Guy bolt for the other two beds; Guy on the top bunk and Adam on the bottom. Jesse had the single bed on the opposite wall.

"Gee, guys, thanks. I see how it is," I say, feigning hurt as I pick up my bag. "Kick me to the curb, why don't ya? Where is the appreciation, I ask!" I snootily stick my nose up in the air in mock superiority, seeing their faces crack into grins. "Fine. I never liked you guys anyway!"

Stalking out of the room with 'anger,' though we all know it was in good fun, I peek in the open doors of the other rooms. Fulton and Portman are blaring music loudly from their room.

It's safe to say I won't be staying with them.

I see all the new guys rooming together, and I don't feel up to imposing (besides, they won't have room either), so I settle for Averman and Goldberg's room. At least I don't have to room with the guy who I argued with at that first practice. Luis, isn't it? Yeah. It's not that I dislike him...it would just be awkward.

"Hey guys, mind if I room with you?"

Goldberg and Averman look up from unpacking their snacks and goodies. Great. This is going to be fun.

"Sure, come on in Charlie!" Goldberg says with a smile, motioning in the room.

I toss my bag onto the floor and look around the room. The rooms aren't that bad...Just a little gray and...well...ugly.

"Who has what bed?" I ask when no one offers up the information.

"Goldberg's got the one against the wall and I have top bunk. You're on bottom," Averman says, motioning to the bunk bed before pulling out some random articles of clothing and stuffing them in a drawer.

Yes. This will be loads of fun.

"Okay, thanks Averman," I say, pulling my bad next to my bed and laying out on it. It's a good thing I'm rooming with friends; I still felt sorry for Julie having room with a practical stranger.

"You guys excited?" I ask with a grin.

Both Goldberg and Averman grin back.

"You bet your socks, we are! We're gonna show them!" Averman cheers, holding up one of his shoes into the air.

I laugh, feeling at ease as I mentally, as well as physically, relax for the game. We just might be able to do this. This might actually work.