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Jess was adjusting to being a single dad. Then he and Rosa took a little trip to Stars Hollow, giving Rosa the chance to meet Rory, Luke, and Lorelai. Sookie's son, Davey, too. Sparks flew between Rory and Jess but flames flew between Luke and Lorelai. Wanna find out more? Go read Play Ball and Forever After then.


Rosa walked along the new couch, which stood in the living room of hers and Jess's new apartment. She attempted to keep her balance, doing a pretty good job of it.

Jess came out of his bedroom then, carrying yet another large packing box. The new apartment he and Rosa had gotten was a nice one, plenty of space, but the unpacking part wasn't too much fun. Jess looked up to see what she was doing.

"Hey, you wanna get down, shortie?" he asked her.

"Not really," the small brown haired child replied.

"Down, girl," Jess said as if she were a puppy. Rosa simply sat down on top of the couch, looking at her dad. "Hey, have you seen that third box of books we had?" Jess sat down the box he held. "I can't find it anywhere around here."

"I sold it," Rosa smiled.

Jess gave her a look. "You what?"

"Mmhmm," Rosa nodded. "I'm never reading again. I'm gonna stay home from school and play sports..." She added with a low, scary voice that made her sounded adorable. "Forever."

"Oh," Jess said, catching on to her child like humor. "You do and I'll burn your butt so bad."

"Gotta catch me first," Rosa said with a smile.

"Catch you?" Jess repeated then smirked. "You wanna make it that easy?" He started to approach her.

Rosa squealed and leapt down from the couch. Jess, a smirk on his face, began to chase her, the two of them running circles around the couch. Rosa jumped into the nearby arm chair, allowing Jess to wrap an arm around her waist and lead her to the couch. He sat down with her in his lap and quickly began to tickle her small stomach.

Rosa released a huge scream of laughter. "OK, stop."

"What are you going to say?" Jess nudged, his fingers continuing to tickle her.

Rosa kept laughing. "Books rule, sports drool."

Jess finally released her. "That's my girl," he said.

Rosa looked up at him with a smile. "Unfair," she stated.

"Deal, shortie," her father said, playing with her hair, which never seemed to stop growing.

"Am I interrupting?" Jess and Rosa turned to their front doorway to see Rory standing their.

"Rory." Rosa smiled and went over to her.

"Hey, sweetie." Rory gave knelt down and gave her a large hug. "You guys still moving in?"

Rosa nodded, "Uh huh." She whispered, "Daddy's being a reading goof."

"Heard that," Jess said simply.

Rosa gave him a huge, sweet smile before going back to the living room.

Rory took a seat next to Jess on the couch and gave his cheek a light kiss. "So how's everything going?" she asked.

"Pretty good," Jess shrugged. "So far I haven't lost the kid in this sea of junk."

Rosa popped up from behind the couch. "I like the sea. I like to go under it with Nemo. He's a really nice fish."

Jess and Rory exchanged a look. "Yeah, good for you, kid," said Jess, humoring her. "Now don't you go find that new Lion King trivia thing-y Lorelai gave you?"

"OK," Rosa agreed with a shrug. She went into her room, her long, brown ponytail bouncing behind her.

"So...?" Jess snuggled up closer to Rory.

"So...?" she smiled at him.

"So.... you wanna do something dirty?"

"Jess," Rory chided, slapping his arm. "Your daughter is in the other room."

"So? It's not like I don't let her watch the Discovery channel." He leaned in to kiss her.

"Jess!" Rory giggled, attempting to push him away. "Stop that."

"Why?" Jess moaned, finally succeeding in kissing her.

Rory let their tongues exchange for a while before pushing him away again. "OK. You have to stop it. Not the reason I came over here."

"You mean there's a better reason?" Jess asked, stroking her hair.

"Well, not as much fun," Rory smiled mischievously, also moving her fingers through his hair. "I just wanted to see if you were ready for tomorrow."

"If you are, I am," Jess sighed. "This is kind of lame you know. The two of us working at the same school."

"Hey, it's not lame... it's cute. Plus I'm not a teacher. Unlike you, I'm just a guidance counselor."

"This'll be fun, though." Jess pulled her closer to him and began whispering in her ear. "You and me, working in the same school, that close."

"Sounds like a dream." Rory rested her head on his shoulder.

"Let's not do that thing where we wake up," Jess whispered.

Rosa walked out then but stopped at the scene of Jess and Rory cuddled up on the couch. Rosa hung back, smiling at them. It looked like such a fairy tale; her own special fairy tale.

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