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                                               CHAPTER 14

          Lorelai and Rory walked side by side the following day, heading for Luke's diner.

          "It was so unbelievable," said Rory. "Adams lost his daughter last year and it hit him so hard that he spent six months in therapy. The guy literally went insane."

          "If he was anybody else in the world I'd feel sorry for him," said Lorelai.

          "I know. I swear, thank God for those amber alerts."

          "I know what you mean. We came so close to losing her." Rory suddenly stopped walking as they reached the diner. "Honey, what is it?"

          "It's just that… God, what if we had lost her?" Rory's mind began to race. "I would've killed over or something."

          "We all would have," Lorelai comforted.

          "No, not what I mean. I… I…" The browned hair young woman tried to think of the best way to put it. "I'm a mom."

          Lorelai stared at her closely. "All right. Can you say vague?"

          "I'm serious," said Rory. "Yesterday when I found out Rosa was gone everything in the world stopped for me. I felt truly, honest to God worried. Is this how you feel all the time?"

          "Don't make me answer that. It'll make me think or something," Lorelai responded.

          "I'm such a total mom. Can you believe this?"

          "Yeah. Why didn't I get an invite to the baby shower?"

          "Mom," moaned Rory.

          "Honey, I know this is a big deal," said Lorelai. "Hey, I can't even handle the whole grandma thoughts. All that gray hair and knitting and more knitting as your hair gets grayer."

          "Do you really, really hear yourself right now?"

          "All right. Serious time." Rory released a deep breath and Lorelai reached out and squeezed her shoulder. "You're a mom." Rory nodded, unable to respond. "And you got to skip the stretch marks… unfair."

          Rory smiled at her as they finally entered the diner, which was completely empty.

          "Luke!" Lorelai called up the stairs that led to the apartment.

          "Hey." Rory and Lorelai jumped as they turned around to see Luke and Jess coming in, Rosa in Luke's arms.

          "What are you doing?" Lorelai asked him. "You left your door unlocked. Crazy sniper people could have come in here."

          "In Stars Hollow?" Luke reasoned.

          Lorelai shook her head, knowing he was right. "OK, so not the point here."

          "Anyway," Luke went on. "People will be getting here soon." He looked at his niece. "Classic welcome back party. Fun, huh?"

          Rosa smiled sweetly at him. She had been feeling better since the day before, as the pill had completely worn off by the time she, Jess, and Rory had gotten home from the police station.

          Later that afternoon the diner began to fill up with the folks of Stars Hollow, including Richard and Emily. Trays and bowls of food covered the counter and light music from a CD player was being played.

          "Did you hear the full story?" Miss Patty was saying to Taylor. "Some serial killer on the loose kidnapped Rosa and they showed the whole thing on the five o'clock news."

          "Biggest news to ever hit town," said Taylor. "We'll be in the Tabloids before morning. Say, do you think they'll want some pictures of the market? Then there's the ice cream shop."

          "The child's own teacher kidnapped her," Emily said to Richard. "Can you believe it?"

          "I wish I could've gotten my hands on that man," said Richard.

          Lorelai made her way to the crowd and up to Luke where Kirk was babbling on and on to him. Lorelai pulled Luke aside and said, "Fun how these little rumors get around, huh?"

          "A ball," Luke grunted. "I swear if it were up to me that Adams guy would—"

          "Barbequing in his own filth?" Lorelai cut in. "Yeah, trust me. I've made a million different outcomes on that one."

          Rory came up to them then, tugging Jess along. "Hey, anybody seen Rosa anywhere?" Rory asked.

          "Think I saw her go upstairs," Luke replied.

          "I'll get her," Jess said, looking for a reason to escape the Stars Hollow scene.

          Rosa sat on Luke's bed up in the apartment, eating one of the many cookies Sookie had brought over to the party. She heard a light knock on the door then Jess poked his head inside.

          "Hi," Rosa smiled at him.

          "Hey." Jess shut the door as he came in. "Making an escape?"

          "Not really," Rosa replied. "It's fun down there." She sighed as her father joined her on the bed. "I don't know. I think I just got tired."

          "Join the club," Jess sighed. He looked down at her. "You OK?" He took a piece of her long hair and began to twirl it around his finger.

          Rosa nodded. "Mmhmm."

          "I can't even begin to describe how freaked out I was yesterday." Rosa glanced up at him, their brown eyes becoming matched. "It's weird how crazy I am about you, kid."

          "Really weird," Rosa agreed. "I don't even like me that much."

          Jess chuckled faintly at that. "You do know that if you had done that listening thing none of this would have happened, right?"

          "I know," Rosa whispered, looking down at her jean-clad lap. "I'm really sorry."

          "I did warn you, though. What would happen if you went near that field trip," said Jess, making the memory hit Rosa in the head as hard as that wrench did Adams'.

          "But…" Rosa looked up at him again. "You didn't mean that… did you?"

          "Hey, gotta do something here. I can't let you get away with something this thick headed," her father replied.

          Rosa shook her head with determination before leaping off the bed, beginning to run. Jess immediately grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back, dumping her face down over his lap.

          Rosa panicked. "Dad, no," she pleaded.

          "Sorry, kid," said Jess. "Can't let it go." He raised his hand up and prepared to bring it back down. Rosa shut her eyes getting ready to feel fire on her behind. Suddenly she felt her entire body flip over and she was staring up at Jess' handsome face. "Total gotcha moment."

          "Hey!" Rosa exclaimed, unable to hide the relieved smile on her face. "I-I knew you were faking it."

          "Oh, and now you're lying. Maybe you need that spanking after all."

          "No!" Rosa said quickly, causing Jess to laugh. "Hey, that was not funny."

          "Sure, it wasn't," he said sarcastically, lying on the bed on his back.

          Rosa rested on top of his stomach, tucking her longhaired head under his chin. "I can hear your heart," she whispered.

          "Good. You're the only thing that keeps it beating," Jess whispered back. Rosa smiled to herself. "I love you. You know that, right?"

          Rosa nodded. "I love you, too, Daddy."

          Rory suddenly poked her head inside. "Hey. Anybody up for a walk? Kirk is starting to ask me for copies of Rosa's pictures for him to send off to the Chicago Tribune."

          "Oh, yeah," said Jess. "Let's go."

          The trio made their way pass the party downstairs and outside, getting met with a lightly chilled air. Jess led the two girls to the park. Rory and Jess took a seat on a bench while Rosa went to go play on the swing set, both of them keeping as close an eye on her as possible.

          "She's so amazing," Rory smiled at her.

          "I know." Jess turned to Rory. "So are you." He gave her a light kiss on the lips.

          "Hey, careful," Rory said. "You know where this might end up."

          "I love that idea," Jess smiled.

          Rory raised an eyebrow and said, "Go push your daughter." She gestured at Rosa who was having a hard time swinging on the swings.

          "Going," Jess said, getting up.

          "Excuse me, honey." Rory looked up at an elderly man. "I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to say how much you and your pretty daughter over there look alike. You and your husband are lucky."

          "What? You mean Jess and Rosa. They're not—" Rory cut herself off. "You know what? Thanks. We are lucky."

          The man smiled at Rory and walked off.

          Rory said to herself as she turned to watch Rosa and Jess, "I'm a mom."

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