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Those golden eyes...



I gotta keep running.

She was running from... pain... torture... death.

'That bastard, how could he?' The scene passed into her sight again, failing to suppress it, she was overcome with an unspeakable hatred. 'Damn her. Damn him. He knew all along. Why did he have to choose HER. All I am IS a shard detector to him.' She clutched the nearly completed jewel around her neck as she ran to the only thing that could take her away from all of this, the Bone Eater's Well.

She ran through the edge of the campsite long ago, not saying anything to Miroku, Sango, or Shippo. Tears stained her cheeks. So a bit needless to say Sango jumped up to follow her. Miroku and Shippo stayed behind, someone had to keep an eye on their things and
yell at Inuyasha when he came back.

When Sango caught up she recognized the area as being the clearing which held the well that Kagome used to travel back and forth through time. In the early afternoon sky, she could see Kagome was kneeling in front of the well with her hands grasping the side.
Her hair was covering her face since she was bent over, crying uncontrollably.

"Kagome?" Sango took a cautious step forward, not wishing to alarm her.

A muffled noise that sounded like "Sango?" was the only response.

"Wha-what happened? You were running like you saw Sesshomaru."

"Sango I want to go home. I can't take it anymore. How could he do this, he knows how I feel about him."

Sango walked over to the crying figure of her friend and pried her hands away from the escape to her time.
She knelt down and let Kagome rest her head on her shoulder to have a good cry there, instead of letting her sink away from everyone. At least she is here, that foolish hanyou should be here. Actually maybe he shouldn't, she might tear off his ears herself for
making Kagome cry like this.

It took a while till Kagome calmed down enough to stop the pouring of tears. Her shoulders haven't stopped shaking though. "Kagome? Why don't you come back to
the camp and sleep it off?"

"I don't know."

"Come on, I'm sure the monk will let you beat on him for a while."

Kagome lifted her head to see Sango smiling at her, though she could tell there was much worry in her eyes. "Thank you." She made a weak attempt of a smile.

Sango helped Kagome to stand, knowing she couldn't carry her all the way back to camp, called for Kirara.



Miroku looked to the tree line and saw the stubborn hanyou approach. Apparently not aware of what had just happened.

"Where's Kagome?"

"You mean you don't know? She just ran through here a while ago, I think she was headed for the well. Sango went to follow her..."

An ear piercing scream came from nowhere but they knew who it was. They sped off in the direction of the cry.