Breaking the Mask
by F4girl

"Mokuba! I'm sorry I missed your play."  Shouts Kaiba as he runs up to his younger brother.

"It's okay.  You're busy.  You have a multimillion company to run."  Mokuba says.

"But it's your first time on stage.  I shouldn't have missed it!"

"I'm a singing monkey, bro!  Your absent is a blessing to me."

"I still can't believe you'll actually be a singing monkey in front of the hundred of audiences."

"I can't believe it either.  But Sakura is too damn cute to say no to.  Stupid things I do for the sake of love."  Mokuba says.  Sakura is Mokuba's classmate and she is in charge of the school play.  Mokuba has a crush on Sakura and agreed to be one of the actors.

Seto chuckles.  Mokuba sees the Kame Game store and says, "hey, isn't that the store of your classmate?"

"Yeah.  Since I'm missed your play.  How about I buy your some toys?"  Kaiba asks.

"Okay, as long as you don't try to buy out everything in the store again."

The two brothers get into the game store.  They are surprise to see a cheerful Jonouchi playing with a bunch of kids in there.  Kaiba's heart jumps a bit at the sight of the good-looking blonde.  He is thankful that Jonouchi isn't in any play committee.

Kaiba will probably dresses like a monkey and dances if Jonouchi asks him.

"Yo, Mokuba.  Put it there."  Jonouchi puts his hand out and Mokuba hits it.

"Getting something for your brother?"  Jonouchi asks the love-strike Kaiba.  Kaiba is too stunned to answer.  Jonouchi takes it that Kaiba is just acting cool.

"Yugi needed to go somewhere so I'm watching the store.  Can I get you anything?"  Jonouchi asks.  The kids that were playing with Jonouchi run up to them.  They all have dinosaur masks on.

"We'll get you!"  The kids roar, pretending they are dinosaurs.  They see Kaiba and stop.

"I think you're scaring them, bro."  Mokuba smiles.

"This is my guarding knight.  Dinosaurs have to get through him before they can get me."  Jonouchi jokes.  The kids start roaring at Kaiba.

As the kids continue roaring to Kaiba, Mokuba asks Jonouchi, "I got a girl I like and I ain't much of a romantic, can you tell me if there is anything I can get her?"

Jonouchi gives Mokuba a key chain with a crystal heart, "the most trendy thing among the girls these days."

"What's it?"  Mokuba asks.

"It's a love charm.  If you give it to someone, it means you like that person.  I know it's corny, but girls go crazy for it."  Jonouchi explains.

"Can I have one?"  Mokuba asks his brother, who is busy fanning off dino-masked kids.

"Sure.  You can have whatever you want."  Kaiba says.

"You're the best, Bro."  Mokuba smiles.

Jonouchi looks at the two of them with a hint of sadness.  Then he laughs out loud and says, "Don't worry about it.  This one is on me.  Now go get that girl of yours.  Good luck.".

Kaiba frowns and asks Jonouchi, "Why do you always laugh like that when you're sad?"

Jonouchi looks at Kaiba, "what are you talking about?"

"Just now.  When you look at us; your eyes were sad.  But then you just covered your feelings from us with that silly laugh.  You do that all the time at school, too."  Kaiba says.

"I'm not sad."

"No use lying to me.  I learn to read people very well from all the dueling I do."  Kaiba looks at Jonouchi intensely.  Jonouchi laughs.

"You're doing it again.  Putting on that silly laughing mask of yours."  Kaiba says.

"Don't worry about me!  You have too much on your mind with that big company of yours already."  Jonouchi laughs even louder, which makes Kaiba frown deeper.  How can he not worry about Jonouchi?  Jonouchi occupies every part of his heart.

Kaiba wants to say something; but new customers come in and Jonouchi goes and greet them.  The blonde waves to Kaiba and says, "see you at school."

^__^  ^__^  ^__^  ^__^

Mokuba and Kaiba get home; and Kaiba just sit there in silence, lost in thoughts.  Mokuba can tell his brother likes Jonouchi and is worrying about the blonde.

"You're think about Jonouchi, right?  Why don't you go and talk to him?" Mokuba asks his brother.

"There is no use in talking to him.  He's just gonna be all closed up."  Kaiba says.

Mokuba gives Kaiba the love charm and tells him,  "give this to Jonouchi.  Let him know how you feel.  He will open up if you show him how much you care."

When Kaiba gets back to the toy store, Jonouchi is already gone.  Yugi tells Kaiba that Jonouchi went to the mall.  Kaiba gets to the mall to look for him.  When Kaiba finally sees the blonde, he can't believe his eyes.

Jonouchi is at a Fetish store, looking into the mirror.  He has on a pair of very tight leather pants that show off every detail of his hips.  He doesn't have any shirt on and he has jewelries that made up of mostly iron chains.

The merely sight of Jonouchi with the provoking outfit turns Kaiba's body on fire.  Kaiba feels a rage of jealousy rises in his body as everyone around Jonouchi turns to look at the attractive blonde.

Jonouchi pays for the clothes and leaves the store.  Kaiba is curious as to where Jonouchi is going, so he follows Jonouchi from behind.  Jonouchi gets to an underground nightclub that says 'Hellgate'.

The name sounds familiar to Kaiba, but he can't remember where Kaiba had heard of it before.  He goes into the nightclub to see what Jonouchi is doing in there.