Breaking the Mask II
by F4 girl

Jonouchi walks up to the bar and says, "martini."

The bartender raises an eyebrows and asks, 'how old are you?"

Jonouchi hands the bartender a fifty-dollar bill and the bartender gives him a martini.  The blonde drinks it down in one sip and orders yet another drink.  He seems very sad and lost.

Kaiba tries to get to Jonouchi but some drunken girl stops him and says, "hey, handsome.  Dance with me?"

"I need to get to my friend. I'm sorry."  Kaiba says, but the girl won't let him go.

"I said dance with me!"  The girl demands.  Her friends gather around Kaiba, too.  Kaiba tries to get away from the girls but the girls keep holding him.

Jonouchi takes more drinks.  A man walks up to Jonouchi and puts a hand on Jonouchi's bare shoulder.  The blonde boy smiles and starts talking to the man.  Kaiba is getting very anxious.  Watching the other man hitting on Jonouchi is driving Kaiba insane.

Kaiba's heart freezes as he sees the man slip some medicine into Jonouchi's beer.  Kaiba screams on top of his lung, "Jonouchi!  Don't drink that!"

But the music is too noisy and there are too many people.  Jonouchi drinks down the beer and gets up to the dance floor.  Kaiba pushes the girls away and rushes to the blonde.

People on the dance floor are hugging Jonouchi and dancing with him.  Kaiba fights off everyone dancing with Jonouchi and grabs the blonde.  Jonouchi wraps his arms around Kaiba and says, "hello. You're a great dancer."

"Jonouchi!  It's me!"  Kaiba shouts.  Jonouchi is too drunk to realize who Kaiba is.  Kaiba pulls him away and drags out of the club.  Jonouchi falls to the ground.

"Jonouchi!"  Kaiba screams.  He now remembers where he heard of the nightclub before.  There are a lot of kids getting drugs overdose and die in Hellgate.  Rumor has it drug lords are testing their new products on the kids in this nightclub.

The man has poisoned Jonouchi with drugs.  The blonde is ice cold and he is shaking violently.  Kaiba takes off his Trent coat and covers Jonouchi with it.   "Hold on!  Jonouchi!  I'm getting you to the hospital!"  Kaiba shouts.

^__^  ^__^   ^__^   6__6

Jonouchi wakes up in the hospital and moans weakly.  Kaiba says, "the sleepy beauty awake."

"Kaiba?  What are you doing here?"  Jonouchi asks.

"I took you here.  You were dying so fast the ambulance can't get to you; so I called my helicopter to get you here."


"Why thank me?  You must be mad at me right now.  You wanted to die."

Jonouchi laughs, "You're crazy."

"Am I?"  Kaiba sits down on Jonouchi's bed and holds Jonouchi's wrist.  The blonde pulls away but Kaiba tightens his grab.  There is a scar across the blonde's wrist.

Kaiba asks, "How many times you tried to kill yourself? And don't try to give me that silly laugh of yours!"

"Kaiba!  Let me go!  You're hurting me!  I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Stop playing dumb blonde!  You're a street-smart boy! You know the drugs in Hellgate can kill you.  You go in there to die!"

"Why would I want to die?"

"For your sister Serenity?"

Jonouchi is stunned, "how did you know about Serenity?"

"I checked your medical record.  You're Serenity's donor.  If you die, she gets your eyes."

"You spy on me?"

"I merely wanted to help."

Jonouchi lowers his head, "Serenity is everything to me.  We used to be together all the time, like you and Mokuba."

Kaiba nods, "That's why you were sad when you saw me with Mokuba. We remind you of your time with her."

"Serenity is blind.  I wanted her to have my eyes.  I tried to kill but I failed.  I thought if I go to Hellgate, the drug will take care of me."

Kaiba shakes his head, "Your sister will get through her whole life in depression if she sees everything with the eyes of her dead brother.  Did you think of that?  You're so worried, and you never talk to anyone.  All your bottled emotions are driving you insane."

Jonouchi sighs, "I don't want to trouble anyone with my problems.  There is no one who can help me."

"There is always someone who can help.  I get a doctor from Germany to operate on your sister.  She'll see again."

"She can see again?  Really? Thank you!  Thank you so much!"  Jonouchi laughs.  This time, the laugh is bright and beautiful; not fake.

Kaiba never feels so happy and satisfied, "don't hide your problems from me anymore.  Let me help you."

Jonouchi looks at Kaiba and asks, "Why are you being so nice to me?"

Kaiba puts something in Jonouchi's hand.  The blonde looks at it and sees that it's the love charm.  He looks at Kaiba dump founded.

"Remember at the toy store, you joked that I'm your guarding knight?  Well, I really am your knight.  From now on, Even if the sky is falling on you, I'll hold it up."  Kaiba says to Jonouchi.  He warps his arms around the blonde and lay down next to him on the bed.

Jonouchi closes his eyes and sleeps in his knight's arms.